10 fashion solutions — what to wear sneakers with

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  1. Jeans and trousers
  2. Dresses and skirts
  3. Women’s sneakers and coats
  4. Accessories

To be surprised at strange combinations in someone’s image is at least short-sighted. It’s just that a person has his own sense of style and soon, perhaps, it will manifest itself in one of the latest fashion trends. What, say, were worn with sneakers a couple of decades ago?

An image in which such a detail was present was clearly considered sporty, adjusted for coquetry or youth fashion. It was considered good taste to wear only white or light-colored sneakers with ordinary clothes.

The list of «allowed» combinations was limited, the rest was considered bad taste. But the moment has come: today, lovers of Nikes, Adidas and other wonderful sneakers can do almost everything! As long as it looks appropriate in the context of your style. Are you still wondering what to wear with your favorite sneakers?

Jeans and trousers

Jeans with sneakers — this certainly will not surprise anyone. The same classic that can only be improved and adapted to the present. Which, in general, is happening. Whether you’re wearing skinny or skinny jeans, sneakers are a no-brainer to wear with them.

Cropped or rolled jeans have become just a modern variation of the classics familiar to everyone. The top can be anything — a shirt, a T-shirt, a loose blouse, a sweater.

As for the color scheme, jeans are the most friendly to sneakers. A beautiful summer option is blue or pale blue jeans with white shoes, but this is just one of the possibilities. Bright sneakers go well with both light and dark clothes. Choose any combination, the main thing is not to overdo it with the number of colors in the image.

Glitter is a great alternative to white if you decide to dress up. Since glitter shoes are a noticeable detail, then make sure that other accessories do not become an accent, or choose them to match.

Pants and sneakers are also a fairly simple and in most cases successful combination. You may hear that these things are originally from different styles, but such opinions are dictated by the fashion laws of bygone days. Today there are simply no such restrictions. They wear chinos or pipes, bananas and even flares with sneakers. Even strict trousers with arrows in such a “neighborhood” are often a good choice.

Thus, our favorite sneakers are slowly taking their place next to classic-style clothes and shoes. Some models quite organically fit even into a business image, bringing a slight touch of negligence into it and thereby making it memorable. Neutral colors are most often chosen for such bows, but options are always possible.

Tight trousers or leggings can be complemented with an elongated shirt, sweater or cardigan. If you want a more feminine and sophisticated ensemble — try on sneakers or wedge sneakers.

Beautiful women’s sneakers can be a great bright accent in an initially neutral everyday look. This is especially true in the cold season, when there are not enough rich colors and you want to spice up your everyday outfit with something.

Dresses and skirts

Modern fashion has completely and completely removed the taboo on this bold combination. Sneakers with skirts and dresses have been considered one of the brightest embodiments of fashionable street style for several seasons. You can be in a mini or long sundress, puffy frills or a tight classic skirt. In the latter case, you should choose plain shoes; white or black sneakers are indispensable here. Again, this is just a recommendation in case you are unsure of the choice. The rest — focus on your own instinct.

With flying outfits made of thin fabrics, light, not too voluminous sneakers or even sneakers create an excellent pair. What you need if you want to combine in one incarnation the feeling of youth, freshness and mischief.

Avoid the “traffic light effect”: if you have colorful, bright sneakers, it is better to choose a solid color dress. Or vice versa — focus on clothes, and choose soft shoes. By the way, this applies to any outfit, not just skirts and dresses.

The combination of a miniskirt with sneakers is a favorite option for happy owners of slender legs. A simple, but at the same time charming bow for any informal situation. A spectacular addition can be a denim or leather jacket, a voluminous sweater or a beautiful shirt.

Women’s sneakers and coats

Another interesting answer is what to wear with sneakers for a modern woman. Interesting, first of all, in that the opinion on this matter has changed to the exact opposite in recent years. Not so long ago, fashion experts openly informed us that such combinations are a manifestation of bad taste, and that’s it. What do we see today? Sneakers and coats are one of the most popular city street trends during the cold season. And, apparently, the length and style of outerwear are not critical.

Insulated «inflated» models of sneakers take pride of place in the wardrobe of girls who do not want to part with their favorite shoes and cold winter. The combination rules here are the same as with regular sneakers. It would hardly be appropriate to wear such shoes with light summer clothes, but if you keep in mind the Russian winter, it is also completely impractical.


Jewelry, handbags, belts are important in any look, right? Especially if you want to somehow diversify, make informal everyday outfit more interesting in combination with sneakers. So, for example, a small handbag a la Chanel, on a chain or belt, harmonizes well with black or any plain classic sneakers.

For colored sneakers or sneakers, you can take a voluminous hobo-type bag. And, of course, the best solution for a cute youth bow with sneakers would be a backpack. Often, those who prefer sneakers also love bagpacks, so any such combination looks natural.

If we talk about jewelry, do not forget to consider their compatibility with all the details of the ensemble. It is difficult to combine sneakers and expensive evening jewelry in one look. With everything that does not fall into this category, you can experiment, relying on your own taste. What would you like today: to look discreet, but stylish — or bright and creative? All in your hands.



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