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A bag, a mini-handbag, a reticule, a bag, a shopper, a banana, a backpack — in 2020, all this is in fashion! That is, indeed, all this and many, many more different models and designs!

Girls, such an eclectic and conformist (in the good sense of the word) fashion, perhaps, has never been before! Sneakers and a dress, a semi-sports backpack and a ruffled top, a classic bag and jeans — today you can demonstrate your unusualness through clothes and women’s bags anytime, anywhere and anywhere!

But, nevertheless, there are taboos that it is better not to cross with your pretty legs. And we’ll talk about them too.

Are you wondering which women’s handbags are the most fashionable in 2020? What can we expect in 2021? What women’s bag to buy for the summer? What will be the fashionable women’s bags for autumn in 2020?

4 most fashionable bags in 2020 and one little secret about female age-01

Schoolgirls and adult ladies — what are the differences in priorities if you want to buy a fashionable women’s bag? And in general, are they, these same age norms in 2020?

You are interested?

Then sit back and let’s get started!

Youth and maturity — why choosing the design of bags by age is no longer relevant

Even some 30 years ago, ladies after 35 were “unfit” to wear skirts above the knees and “school” backpacks. And more recently, at 45, women indiscriminately did short haircuts and switched to unrealistically boring naphthalene classics. And, of course, the insipid typical reticule is an obligatory accompaniment… And at 16 it was somehow wrong to wear a spacious classic jacket or a pencil skirt… After all, wearing all this with a school bag with a backpack and sneakers was impudent mauvais ton.

But stop! And cheers! Rigid rules, without the slightest twinge of conscience, modern fashion threw out the window!

  • Is it possible to wear a leather (or eco-leather) backpack at both 60 and 16?


  • What to wear it with?

With anything but evening dresses.

  • What fashionable women’s bags are worth buying for every day in 2020 for sports or semi-sports shoes?

Yes, anything from classics to shoppers!

  • Is it worth it to buy a fashionable bag in 2020, matching it in color to women’s shoes?

Not! True, it’s still better to have a silk scarf with you (the main trend of women’s fashion in summer 2020) or a matching keychain.

  • Are there any unequivocal taboos for women’s fashionable bow 2020?

Yes there is. Don’t wear the same bag day after day. Like the same hairstyle or the same pair of shoes. Even if we are talking about the most beloved women’s fashion bag, which you received into your undivided possession recently. Still, in 2020 it is better to buy at least 3 pairs of fashionable shoes and 3 fashionable bags as an accompaniment.

In 2020, the most fashionable female look is deliberately casual eclecticism. But the selection of a fashionable women’s bag, etc. only at first glance seems chaotic. The most difficult hairstyle is the loose style. And what is the most difficult female look to create in 2020? Of course, bright, but unconsciously cozy eclecticism.

4 most fashionable bags in 2020 and one little secret about female age-02

Leather, suede or ecopolymer — what material bags should you buy and wear in 2020

So, what is the most important women’s accessory worth buying in 2020 for autumn, winter and even spring 2021? Leather, suede leather or ecopolymers? This season, the most natural or naturalistic models of women’s bags are at the peak of popularity. That is why if you want to buy a truly fashionable women’s bag, choose the closest to natural.

Fashionable women’s bags in 2020 are classic black, silver, beige shades, mahogany shade, strawberry cream, plum, burgundy. And if you have the opportunity to buy fashionable and very popular women’s handbags in mojito color or green freshly cut grass, by no means miss it.

And yes, the last one. If we look at modern polymeric materials, that is, at substitutes for leather or suede, then, as they say, it is immediately possible to determine by eye that this is not real leather or suede will not work for everyone. Therefore, here, rather, choices should be made not according to visual preferences, but according to price. If you can afford to buy a few different leather or suede bags today, great! Well, if not, no big deal! Indeed, even from the point of view of operational strength, analogue materials today are not particularly inferior to the so-called natural.

Women’s banana bag — 3rd year in first place

What bag to buy in 2020 so that it remains fashionable for a female look in 2021 and for several more years to come? Of course, banana! Made popular in the 1990s as the perfect way to store personal belongings and money, it can now accentuate almost any casual look.

  • What women’s fashion bags best emphasize the waist? Of course, a banana!
  • What women’s bag is better to buy for storing money and business cards? Banana!
  • What fashionable women’s bags of 2020 should you buy for jogging? You know the answer!

At the peak of popularity, women’s fashionable banana bags made of artificial leather in powdery shades. Such options are suitable for evening promenades, and for work, and for shopping. Naturally, you should not wear a banana bag to the Philharmonic, but in all other cases — just perfect!

The shopper bag can and should be the most elegant

Shopping bag — this is, as a rule, a large rectangular or, less often, square, trapezoid and other forms of a women’s bag, which is most often taken to work or to a store. For a trip to a cafe or evening walks, it is too bulky, but for daily wear it is the very thing.

Often shoppers buy girls and women who are tired of the so-called teenage backpack style.

  • What is the most spacious women’s fashion bag? Of course, modern shopper!
  • Which bag is better to buy for teachers and lecturers? Shopper with hard walls! Sheets of A4 format will be transferred from point A to point B absolutely and not wrinkled at all.
  • What fashionable women’s bag to buy so that you can easily take food and some things to work if you live far away? You know the answer again!

A shopper bag is the perfect fashionable, versatile women’s option to keep everything close at hand. And most importantly, the design of the vast majority of modern fashionable women’s shoppers gives the image of classic elegance. Especially, again, if we are talking about the design of a fashionable women’s shopper bag with hard walls.

4 most fashionable bags in 2020 and one little secret about female age-03

What shape of a women’s bag is in fashion — with a thin shoulder strap or classic with a mini-handle

If we are talking about classic models of women’s bags, which we can safely say: they are fashionable in 2020, then here, which one to buy, you should choose from 2 conditional categories:

We have combined them into one block for a reason, because such options are ideal for the same style. And which one to choose in 2020 for you?

  • A long thin handle over the shoulder is a great option for girls of medium and tall height, slender, with the so-called teenage figures.
  • Classic women’s bags with small handles like briefcases or with slightly larger handles to carry them in the crook of the elbow are suitable for short ladies.

That, in fact, is all. It is up to you to decide which classic bag to buy in 2020 with a long or short handle. Fashion trends do not give preference to one or the other option. Which one to choose depends solely on your taste and body type.

Prada nylon bag, shopping bag and dozens of other timeless models — how to choose a bag that will always be with you

New is well forgotten old, remember? In fact, fashionable vintage women’s bags or new ones, but sewn according to old sets of patterns, have firmly taken the avant-garde position both on the world catwalks and in the mass market. And of course, they are in no hurry to give up their positions.

Just a few months ago, the legendary prada nylon bag, which can be seen in the most hit Hollywood films of the nineties, became popular again. And a couple of seasons ago, the entire world Fashion remembered ordinary shopping bags. By the way, a very environmentally friendly and practical model that is still relevant.

Quality bags, even if they are not made of leather or genuine suede, can both go into fashion and become unpopular again. And since the idea that, they say, there are no many bags, we take it as an axiom, I would like to say the following: if you want to buy a women’s bag that is fashionable this season 2020 or, but in your opinion, not yet relevant, do not deny yourself! It doesn’t matter if you are 60 or 16, 18 or 80 — everything is possible for a woman! Especially if you really want to.


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