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A pantsuit has ruled the fashion ball for several seasons in a row. And all because designers come up with new forms, and stylists come up with ways to combine. If you have not yet found the perfect trouser suit in every sense or are in doubt about buying it, they say, it will gather dust in the closet, check out at least five arguments in favor of a stylish deuce.

1. It’s fashionable.

A pantsuit in the spirit of the latest trends is a loose jacket and wide trousers with tucks in a bit of a gangster style. But if this style of trousers does not suit you, choose a flared or universal length 7/8.

Give preference to natural fabrics — this summer, fashionistas will be in high esteem with washed linen in a faded check or strip, and, of course, bright twos made of smooth suiting fabric are still in the top.

Trouser suits Beribegi

In the photo: Beribegi suits art. 1423 violet costume and art. 1425 crimson

2. It’s functional.

The scenery of our everyday life sometimes changes faster than the end of the working day — you finish the report and after an hour you need to run to the bar for your friend’s birthday. One has only to replace the office blouse with a leather crop top (if the trousers have a high waistline), and everyday shoes with bright patent leather pumps, and the evening look is ready! If you are going for a walk with your family — pick up comfortable shoes, for example clogs on a jute wedge, put on a cotton long sleeve and take a small shape-resistant backpack with you — nothing should distract you!

The pantsuit has ceased to be associated only with the classics: it has long found a common language with white sneakers and hoodies. American women were the first to walk like this, hurrying to the office and on other matters. They came to work and changed into boats, the last action eventually became optional, and the whole world got a new direction — sportswear.

Jazy Williams pantsuits

In the photo: Jazy Williams suits art. 0102 pink sugar cotton and art. 0105 red

3. It’s «constructive.»

The right pantsuit is a profitable financial investment in your wardrobe. It will work 100%, because by purchasing only two things, you automatically create many images with them. A trouser jacket is assembled and disassembled like a designer. Any suit jacket pairs with denim, so pair your favorite jeans with a plain white t-shirt or denim shirt. The blazer is also the perfect outerwear for the evening: throw it over a satin slip dress or top with a pleated midi skirt.

Suit pants (from the bright summer two) will dilute office sets and come in handy for relaxed walks and shopping, you just need to add a denim jacket and comfortable slip-ons to them.

4. Additional program.

The two-piece suit gets fresh and dynamic with trendy embellishments and accessories.

To add elegance to the look and soften the severity of a double-breasted jacket, a sophisticated pin brooch will help. A master class on combining brooches with clothes can be taken from the English Duchess Kate. The brooch is her favorite piece of jewelry.

If you wear a jacket with a top or on a naked body, tie a micro neckerchief with a bright print and put on a fanny pack over the jacket.

The shortened length of the trousers allows you to experiment with unusual shoes like ankle boots with lacing and an open toe, velvet brogues, metal pumps. Or demonstrate socks with lurex thread and other decor, peeking out from under laconic shoes.

Special attention deserves such an addition as a vest. A three-piece suit can be worn on a naked body or combined with romantic blouses and cozy turtlenecks.

Jazy Williams pantsuits

In the photo: Jazy Williams trouser suits art. 0104 green and art. 0106 fuchsia

5. This is what you need!

A pantsuit will become a favorite set in the wardrobe also because it shows your figure in a favorable light — slimming! But provided that it is correctly selected.

What to consider when choosing a jacket? A prerequisite is the coincidence of the line of the shoulders with yours. The jacket should sit correctly on the figure, without forming creases either at the waist or on the chest. The jacket should not end at the widest point of the thigh, as it will focus on your forms.

What is important when choosing trousers? For aesthetic appearance and ease of movement, they should not have folds. It is also necessary to strictly match the arrow and the inner seam on the trousers with the line of the leg.

Be trendy!



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