A casual women’s backpack can completely replace a handbag: how to choose such a model

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Usually girls take a lot of things with them, but it’s far from always possible to put them in a purse. You can, of course, buy a huge bulky and heavy bag, but it’s easier to take a roomy neat backpack. Using the models RXL-120-1, RXL-122-4, RXL-123-7 and RXL-126-3 as an example, we tell you what a city backpack should be like so that it can replace a women’s handbag.


Casual urban backpack GRIZZLY RXL-122-4.

Pay attention to the weight and size of the backpack

It is important that things are placed inside that you may need in everyday life:

  • passport, phone, wallet;
  • sports uniform and shift;
  • lunchbox, thermos and umbrella;
  • light raincoat or warm jacket;
  • laptop with A4 documents, etc.

As you can see, depending on the situation, filling options may be different. Therefore, in an everyday city backpack there should be one spacious compartment. Thus, inside you can put any, even voluminous, things.

It seems that the larger the volume, the better. But every extra liter is extra weight that you need to carry around with you every day.

In the manufacture of GRIZZLY backpacks of the RXL series, we tried to find a golden mean between volume and weight. The models listed above weigh from 325 to 495 g — no heavier than an ordinary handbag. But they hold from 8 to 15.5 liters. They have one spacious compartment, and for convenience there is a pocket for small things: phone, wallet, documents, etc.


Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-120-1.

What should be the design of urban backpacks

Someone chooses bright things, and someone prefers pastel colors. Let’s not argue about tastes. But when choosing everyday accessories, you need to start not only from your own preferences, but also take into account the specifics of using backpacks. For example, at work, too catchy design may be inappropriate. Too light quickly gets dirty if you take it to the gym or for a walk with children.

GRIZZLY designers take into account all these nuances. The appearance of everyday women’s backpacks was made classic — in soothing colors. It goes well with almost any style of clothing and is appropriate in any situation. To create bright accents, fashionable prints were made. Backpacks are both classic and modern.


Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-123-7.

What affects the comfort of everyday models

It is inconvenient to constantly carry a handbag in your hands, and it always strives to slip off your shoulder. A good urban backpack is securely held behind the shoulders — hands remain free. In addition to the standard straps, GRIZZLY specialists have provided a convenient handle in the backpack. The RXL-126-3 model has two handles, as in a classic handbag. When entering a store or public transport, instead of straps, you take hold of the handles and do not bother anyone.

If the ergonomics of the backpack are not thought out enough, and you put something heavy inside, your shoulders, back and lower back quickly get tired.

Our experts have tried to find the optimal balance between comfort and ergonomics. The GRIZZLY RXL urban backpacks feature a reinforced back and soft, adjustable shoulder straps. The load is distributed more evenly, you get less tired, and when walking for a long time, the straps do not cut into your shoulders. At the same time, there is no frame and plastic inserts, which usually make the structure heavier. Weight remains minimal. The presented models can be carried with you at least every day.


Casual city backpack GRIZZLY RXL-126-3.

Don’t Forget About Quality

It is important that in trying to make the urban backpack as light as possible, quality is not compromised.

In the production of lightweight urban backpacks, GRIZZLY uses the same materials as for all other models: durable dense polyester and reliable, pre-tested fittings. All the most loaded areas are reinforced with double seams.

Additionally, the material is treated with water and dirt-repellent impregnation. Backpacks retain their attractive appearance for a long time even with daily use. When stains appear, they are usually easy to remove with a regular damp cloth.

Now you know why urban women’s backpacks are becoming more and more popular. They are really more convenient and practical. It remains only to choose the model that best suits you.