A truly practical city backpack as it should be

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From practice, we know that an everyday backpack for trips around the city should be light, small, but roomy. It should be convenient with him in the store and public transport. At the same time, the wallet, phone and other valuables must be reliably protected from fraudsters.

We have taken these features into account in the production of backpacks of the RX, RXL, RQ and RQL series. Let’s talk about them in more detail.


Backpack format

The usual situation: first we buy ourselves a backpack for some specific tasks, and then we use it everywhere. It seems that for trips around the city, both school and sports models are suitable. Yes, they can be used, but not always convenient.

Backpacks with two compartments, which we bought for our studies, are usually heavy. In addition, large things will not fit in them. Waterproof travel backpacks made of raincoat fabric, as a rule, are not combined with everyday clothes.

The urban backpacks of the RX, RXL, RQ and RQL series have one spacious compartment with a volume of about 17 liters. Large items are placed inside: a warm sweater, a light autumn jacket, an umbrella, etc. At the same time, there are pockets for accessories, including for a laptop — you put small things in their places and there is complete order inside.

It is a pleasure to ride with such backpacks around the city. They are compact and lightweight — weighing only 700 grams. If you wear them behind your shoulders all day, by the evening you will be less tired.


An important detail is a pocket on the back side.

A hidden pocket on the back is designed for valuables: phone, wallet, etc. When the backpack is over your shoulders, it is impossible to sneak into your pocket unnoticed. But we get quick access to things as soon as we take off the backpack.

The option is indispensable if you constantly have to travel by public transport, go shopping during rush hour and visit other crowded places.

Note that the pocket is adjacent directly to the back. When the phone rings, you feel the vibration and do not miss an important call.


Transformation from backpack to bag

The current trend is to use a backpack instead of a bag. Hands remain free and it is very convenient. That’s just walking in public places with a backpack over your shoulders is not very comfortable. We are constantly clinging to something. When we turn around, we will certainly push someone from those around us with a backpack. Often, against this background, there are disputes and quarrels with people who are nearby.

The rule of good manners is to take off your backpack when you go to a store, bus or other crowded place. In order to make it comfortable not only for those around us, but also for ourselves, we made comfortable handles in GRIZZLY urban backpacks.

Models in the RX, RXL, RQ and RQL series can have one extra wide handle (RX-114-2), two handles (RXL-126-3) or a shoulder strap (RX-021-1). When we walk down the street, we carry a backpack over our shoulders — our hands remain free. We go public transport, take off the backpack and hold it by a convenient handle — we don’t interfere with others.


Of course, you can ride around the city with any backpack. But if you want a model that is light, compact, comfortable, and valuables are well protected, take a closer look at the models of the RX, RXL, RQ and RQL series.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.