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  1. Women’s moccasins — shoes with an unusual history
  2. Women’s moccasins as a detail of the image

Winter has come — and we rejoice in it. But a few months will pass, and we will already want to wear light, comfortable shoes. For example, favorite moccasins. These stylish soft shoes are top of the list of many women’s favorite summer shoes. It’s simple: such shoes easily become a universal solution for any look. It looks good on young girls and adult ladies, goes well with almost any outfit and suits all body types. And most importantly, it is so comfortable!

Women’s moccasins — shoes with an unusual history

If there is a shoe that seems to have been created specifically for enjoying life, it is moccasins. Wherever you are, it seems that soft slippers are on your feet. It is all the more surprising to learn that the first such shoes, the “ancestors” of modern ones, were not sewn at all for recreation. The North American Indians needed comfortable shoes for hunting and unexpected skirmishes with enemies. By the way, that’s why moccasins were originally sewn without a hard sole — to ensure a soft, silent tread.

And even though we don’t have to hunt today, there are enough other stressful situations. Suppose you have to spend the whole day on your feet and get to a thousand places before evening. And modern moccasins in this case become, again, the most suitable shoes. Needless to say, the Indians thought of everything perfectly.

Often different types of shoes are called so, although they are quite easy to distinguish in appearance. Classic women’s moccasins are soft flat shoes, leather or suede. An obligatory detail is the outer seam, which runs in a semicircle along the upper part of the shoe. Also, on the top, in many models, a lace is threaded, the ends of which are tied with a bow. Fringe and ethnic decor can decorate both women’s and men’s models.

The sole is often with small spikes. This distinctive feature has been inherited by modern moccasins from the time when they were the favorite shoes of motorists, more than half a century ago. It was for convenient interaction with the pedal of the car that the rubberized “studded” sole was developed. Such a practical feature is now used by designers simply as a recognizable part of the style.

Women’s moccasins as a detail of the image

The question of what to wear with such shoes does not arise at all because it is difficult to create an ensemble with them. On the contrary, there are many possible combinations, and it is not surprising at first to get confused from such an abundance of possibilities. First of all, it should be based on the fact that these are everyday shoes. As an evening option, it is completely inappropriate. It is also not recommended to wear it with strict business attire. But here options are possible if we are talking about classic monophonic models. For example, black moccasins can look good with straight trousers or a pencil skirt.

In most cases, they become an ideal option for everyday, informal shoes. It is considered correct to wear them barefoot, but if you still need socks, they should be the same color as the trousers.

Win-win combinations with moccasins can be created by wearing cropped trousers or jeans. Beautiful bright models in the warm season are especially popular. When choosing them, try to use contrast. For example, red moccasins will look very impressive with white trousers or light blue jeans. The same can be said about other popular summer colors — pink, blue, green. Black moccasins will be appropriate if you «balance» them with something else of the same color — for example, a black T-shirt.

On hot days, women’s moccasins made of fabric are good. They are worn with skirts, shorts, light thin dresses, knee-length and floor-length. If you wear short shorts or a skirt, pair them with a beautiful summer shirt — checkered or plain. You can complement the outfit with a massive bracelet, a wooden or ceramic pendant, a suede bag or a backpack. An airy summer sundress or a long, light skirt also goes well with leather or fabric moccasins.

For cool weather, there are special models — closed and insulated inside. Brown moccasins made of natural suede always look stylish and at the same time cozy. Jeans, a shirt or jumper, an elongated cardigan will suit them. You can wear a windbreaker or denim jacket — but not a warm oversized jacket.

Which moccasins to choose — yellow, red, pink? Or classic — brown, beige? As you choose, these wonderful shoes can be part of a bright, catchy ensemble — or discreetly elegant. Both, if desired, can be served profitably, stylishly and unusually.



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