All about backpacks for the city — how to choose and choose an urban women’s and men’s accessory

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From this article you will learn:

  • A bit of history
  • What types of products are there
  • What to look for when choosing
  • How to make a choice depending on the physique
  • Size and format
  • Men’s backpack and its varieties
  • Advantages of men’s backpacks
  • Peculiarities
  • Functionality
  • Choosing a women’s backpack
  • Suit combination
  • Styles

It is not so difficult to figure out which model will suit you, the main thing is to understand for what purposes you will use the product. In this article, you will learn almost everything about backpacks and their varieties.

All about backpacks

A bit of history

If we talk about the prototype of a modern accessory, then it is a leather bag, the base of which was a wooden frame. The design was worn on the back. The find was discovered in the Alps around 3300 BC.

What types of products are there

For any traveler or lover of an active lifestyle, such an item as a backpack is an indispensable element. There are several groups into which all existing varieties of knapsacks can be divided:

  • • hiking;
  • • walking;
  • • urban;
  • • for cyclists.

How to choose a backpack


In this case, there is no hard back, their volume does not exceed the average. They are not used to carry large loads.


As the name implies, in this version there is a frame responsible for evenly distributing the load. On a long trip, such a product is indispensable.


An even more massive design with an external frame. It is impossible to imagine a serious expedition without such a model. With its use, you can carry huge loads over long distances.

Choosing a backpack


Usually they have a large volume, a reliable belt and strong straps. For lovers of hiking, a great option, as the products are multifunctional.


They are made from special lightweight materials and are usually used for short trips. The main task of such a satchel is to make your trip as comfortable as possible. There is a load limit, so be careful not to overload yourself.


Such options are needed for daily use in a metropolis. The product helps to carry everything you need for work or study. You can see this type of backpack in the photo.

Types of backpacks


This is an analogue of the tourist view, but more simplified. There are a lot of pockets, convenient ties and other necessary accessories. On sale you can find a variety of colors. When figuring out how to choose the right backpack of this type, pay special attention to the specific activity that you are doing.

Assault and ski

These are expensive products with a large volume. They have in their presence a lot of useful additions, there is everything you need for extreme travel. Often these models have a rigid frame. Assault options are more often of a lightweight type and fit as tightly as possible to the body.


These are light products in volume up to 15 liters. Needed to store spare parts, equipment and water. In the back area there is a special frame mesh, it allows you to achieve good ventilation.

Which backpack to choose

What to look for when choosing

Evaluating a particular product, you need to approach responsibly to the study of all its functional features.


For tourist models, waterproof fabric is suitable, they can also have a special rain cover.

For an urban product, leather material is ideal, since it will not get dirty during a long walk or trip.

There are the following types:

  1. Leather is practical, comfortable and stylish.
  2. Ripstop is a type of nylon. It is steady against mechanical influences, does not pass water.
  3. Polyester — this fabric is characterized by fine weaving, it is difficult to stain or tear.
  4. Nylon coated with polyurethane — completely impervious to moisture, easy to clean and very strong.
  5. There are also models made of cotton or waxed fabric, but they are far from suitable for everyone, since they are impractical in operation.

Which backpacks are best

The size

If you are choosing an option for the city, pay special attention to how much things you need to put there. You should feel comfortable with it, so choose a larger size. For hiking trips, large-shaped products are suitable, since on a long trip, you will need the maximum number of accessories, and all of them should fit in a bag.


It is better to choose accessories made of lavsan threads, they are not subject to decay and are very durable. It is problematic to determine the type by touch, so it remains to trust the manufacturer.

Backpack selection


It is important that the tape is perfectly flat without distortion. Transverse stiffness plays a special role. The element cannot be twisted. It is better that the width is about 30 mm — this is for the side and power lines. For the belt — 40 mm.


For additional decoration, manufacturers use various types of fasteners:

  • • lightning — usually used in urban options.
  • • latches — they are equipped with travel bags.
  • • laces — universal, used for both urban and hiking and sports models.

The ideal option is a model with zipper protection from moisture. Be sure to evaluate how the locks work, whether it is convenient to unfasten them. There are three types of lightning:

  • • waterproof;
  • • plastic;
  • • metal.

How to choose a city backpack

Design: number of compartments

Urban models are not equipped with a large number of sections and pockets, a different matter with tourist ones. There should be multiple departments to accommodate as many camping supplies as possible, and each should be quickly and easily accessible.

Casual style products have only one compartment and several internal sections for small items: phone, money. This option is convenient if you are going to work or a business meeting. To carry documents and gadgets, a larger backpack is suitable.

The form

This parameter is determined solely by purpose. It is important that the bag is not wider than the shoulders. That is why modern options are most often tall and narrow.

suspension system

This includes the waistband and shoulder straps. Such a design is usually made adjustable in accordance with your requirements and figure. It is better not to buy a model in which you will not be able to adjust the length of the belts on your own.

How to choose the right backpack


It is important that they are soft enough and breathable. The presence of a chest strap is also important, it significantly increases comfort. Check if there are clamps with which you can easily change the length.


Ventilation is indispensable. It can be made in the form of pillows made of special fabric or gutters. A flat back is a sure sign that your back will sweat.

There are two main types of back:

  • • Anatomical — curved, takes the form of the human spine. There are special holes for air to pass through.
  • • Easel — a metal frame is used. This type is used in hiking options.


The most correct is the so-called zaposhivochny. It is important that it works on a shift. Make sure that any power additions are sewn onto the reinforcements and not onto the seam itself.

Choosing an urban backpack


It is necessary so that during a long journey, personal belongings are always at hand and it is easier to get them out of the bag. After all, to unfasten the valve, you will need a little time.

Also, such an element is often used in models for the city. For example, the men’s backpack BRIALDI Broome, which can be purchased in the Brialdi online store, is made of genuine leather, has one main compartment and is equipped with additional small pockets. It will fit A4 size papers. Perfectly will be suitable both for walks around the city, and for business meetings.


They simplify the process of adjusting the volume of the backpack. These elements are necessary, as they allow you to quickly pull it off, and there it becomes more convenient to wear it.


Without numerous pocket departments, it is problematic to present an accessory. Often pockets are of the following types:

  • • for a laptop;
  • • top;
  • • side;
  • • frontal;
  • • bottom;
  • • on a strap.

Compartments, which are necessary for storing important things, should always be easily accessible.

In backpacks for the city there are a small number of pockets, in hiking ones, on the contrary, there are many sections to make it more convenient to place equipment.

Which brand of backpacks to choose

Breast tightening

A very useful element for tourism, as it does not allow the straps to scatter and slide. Without it, there is a risk of injury. It performs the following functions:

  • • prevents the straps from slipping off the shoulders;
  • • distributes the weight of the load evenly.

Stabilizing adjustable waist straps

If the backpack is chosen correctly, then the weight will be distributed only to the strongest muscle groups. Such straps do not allow the design to hang out. Try to keep them tight, but not too tight.


To make it rigid, a metal frame is placed in the backpack, which is usually used in models for tourism. It provides a stable form and does not allow it to change. Such a frame will greatly facilitate the journey and will not let you get tired. In urban versions, such a frame is used infrequently.

How to choose a men's backpack

Crossed stripes

Needed to ensure good mobility and flexibility, and also help to cope with the transfer of large loads when hiking.

Attachment points

They are necessary as there are many items that are best carried outside as they can spill and contaminate the backpack.

rain cover

Many modern tourist models have a rain cover. However, in urban areas such an element is rarely used.

Thinking about which men’s and women’s backpack to choose? Visit the catalog of the Brialdi online store, there is a wide selection of products made of genuine leather. The company sells bags:

How to choose the right backpack

How to make a choice depending on the physique

Always choose a product according to the height and width of the torso, remembering this simple rule, you will not have problems.

Correct volume

It depends on how long you plan to travel. For an outing for several days, an option of up to 40 liters is enough. The longer you are on the road, the greater the volume.

Mandatory fitting

It is important that the product fits well on the back. Don’t be afraid to evaluate different offers. This is especially true for girls, when it is important to take into account all their anatomical features.

Correctly set up

It is easier if all the available elements can be customized. Tighten the straps and adjust the straps. It will be difficult for a beginner to deal with everything at once, so ask a consultant or a friend to help.

Choosing the best urban backpack for women and men is not an easy task. Without careful fitting and studying all the features of a particular model is indispensable. To make the chosen option ideal, you should make sure that it has everything you need.

Which backpack to choose for the city

Size and format

There is no universal accessory. To begin with, understand for what purposes you need a product and choose accordingly. After the purchase, give yourself time to get used to and draw a conclusion.

Men’s backpack and its varieties

After answering questions related to the destination, and having decided on the list of things that will be in it, it will become easier for you to make a choice. Understanding how to choose the right size for a men’s urban backpack, the first thing to do is to evaluate your requests. You can find ideal products made of genuine leather in the Brialdi online store, the catalog contains products for men of the following models:

Advantages of men’s backpacks

  1. Comfortable — a special orthopedic back and adjustable shoulder straps distribute the weight on the back.
  2. Wide functionality — can be used not only to carry the necessary items, but also as a sports bag.
  3. A pleasant look — any man with such an accessory creates an image of an active person.
  4. High service life — made of genuine leather and are distinguished by quality and durability.

Which backpack is better to choose


When choosing a backpack, the main thing is to evaluate the convenience, appearance and functionality of the product. The size and design is determined according to the purpose of use.


An accessory may contain the following elements:

  • • Section for a laptop.
  • • Seals — without them there is no reliable protection of gadgets while driving. Each compartment must be equipped with a lock, thus, isolation of objects from each other will be achieved.
  • • Dedicated phone compartment.
  • • Pocket on the side where you can put a water bottle.
  • • Straps that self-adjust to the desired size.

The main parameter is a pleasant appearance. Style and the right color scheme play a role. You can always evaluate which models are relevant in a given period, it is enough to take a walk through a busy area of ​​the city.

Any woman selects the elements that she plans to wear with her in combination with her wardrobe. They like neutral colors so that the familiar image does not change. The product will look appropriate if you select models of such a size that is combined with height and figure.

You can’t do without a sufficient number of secret compartments for valuables. You also need compartments for cosmetics and other little things, and any girl always has enough of them.

Types of backpacks photoWhat are the best backpacks

Choosing a women's backpackHow to choose a backpack for the city

Suit combination

It will be problematic to combine the usual model of the product with a jacket. It looks ridiculous, so use a specially selected accessory. But finding the perfect one can be tricky.

Understanding how and which company is better to choose a good backpack for the city, you first need to make sure that the options presented are of excellent quality. Read reviews, ask consultants, visually evaluate each seam. Only in this way can you make the right choice, which you will not regret after a few weeks.


There should be no problems with the selection of a standing option specifically for your image. If we talk about the color scheme, then it is extensive and has no restrictions. Otherwise, it remains only to focus on the size of the product and its functional characteristics.

How to choose a good backpack


Obviously, a regular business briefcase or bag is not as convenient to use, which is why backpacks have become popular. Using it, your hands will not get tired, they are always free, your back does not strain. Everything you need fits easily inside. An ideal option not only for a hike, but also for ordinary city life.

It makes no sense to understand the question of which backpacks are the best. After all, the golden mean will never be found. Read on for advice and make the right choice.


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