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When did the backpack cease to be associated with us only with school and hiking in the mountains? Apparently, when he began to often appear as a fashion accessory at the shows of famous designers, and also became an integral attribute of the style of street fashionistas and famous bloggers. Large and small, made of natural and artificial materials, plain and with prints, fringe, rhinestones, sequins and even brand logos, backpacks entered our lives and occupied their niche along with bags. After all, comfort is a trend that has been taking first place for several years in a row. And what could be more comfortable than free hands? Moreover, a huge assortment makes it possible to choose the right model for any image and style.

If it’s quite easy to imagine a backpack with jeans, shorts and dresses for sneakers and sneakers, then with heels questions arise: is it possible to combine a backpack and heels at all?

The answer is unequivocal: yes. The backpack can be freely worn with any heels, the main thing is to choose the right style.
Shoes with wide heels give us ample opportunities in choosing a backpack. It can be either a classic leather or a backpack with various prints. You can experiment with the size. Feel free to let your imagination run wild.
For a business style, a backpack-bag is ideal. If necessary, this accessory can be easily turned into a regular bag. If heeled shoes are an integral part of your business style, you can complement it with a backpack of just such a style.

How about an evening look? In tandem with a little black dress, a small backpack made of natural or eco-leather is ideal. You can safely choose models decorated with rhinestones and sparkles. Because usually even a small backpack at first glance can be more spacious than a crossbody bag or clutch.

In general, a classic leather backpack is one of the basic wardrobe items. It can be combined with both business and casual style. It doesn’t matter whether you choose flats, heels or sneakers, such a thing will definitely complement your look and generally make your look modern.
So, if you love comfort and still want to look stylish and attractive, don’t be afraid to pair your backpack with different outfits. Analyze your wardrobe and buy exactly the model that will suit various bows. Over time, when you feel all the benefits of backpacks, you definitely cannot imagine your life without them.


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