Basic and fashionable women’s summer shoes 2019.

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Fashionable shoes are the main accessory in the image of a modern woman. The right combination of a common bow and shoes makes the image harmonious and stylish. Previously, fashion designers created practical basic models, in strict colors. Now they surprise us with bright colors, different leather textures, decor and painting, without losing their main task — practicality and convenience. Consider the main fashion trends for women’s summer shoes in 2019, and also list the basic models.

Fashion trends 2019.
One of the main elements of summer shoes 2019 is straps. We can meet them on boots, boats, sandals. Belts can be of various lengths, widths and textures.


Pictured: Wonders sandals (ref. A7904 bronze gold silver) and Vitacci sandals (ref. 51522 green).

For practical urban style, shoes with stable heels are suitable. Stylish sandals and shoes with massive, wide heels will not only complement the look, but also create additional comfort for everyday wear.


In the photo: Vitacci sandals (art. 95029 deep blue) and Wonders (art. F6902 sand).

At the peak of popularity, shoes with a floral print. Such a model will emphasize the femininity and unique style of its owner. This summer, you can safely choose shoes with a reptile print. Bright or pastel colors, degraded or ombre — the choice of color is yours.


In the photo: Inuovo sandals (art. 6205 beige python) and Vitacci (art. 96062 white flowers).

Lace-up shoes are gaining popularity. It can be boots, ankle boots, sandals. The lacing looks spectacular in combination with a high heel and a pointed toe. The current trend of summer is shoes decorated with bows, ruffles, tassels and frills. Such a detail will perfectly decorate sandals, shoes, slip-ons and ballet flats.

Basic models for the summer:

First model These are sandals with a stable heel. The height of such a heel should not exceed 5-8 centimeters, because the main task of such shoes is maximum comfort for everyday wear.


In the photo: sandals Wonders (art. F6902 black) and Vitacci (art. 67844 gloss black).

Second model These are flat sandals. They are not only versatile, but also incredibly practical.


In the photo: ECCO sandals (art. 248283 50904 beige silver) and Norma J.Baker sandals (art. J0485 multicolor).

The third model is ballet flats. They do not lose their relevance. Designers are trying to create bright, interesting models that will emphasize the individuality and style of a modern woman.


In the photo: ballerinas Liu Jo (art. 21220 chamois coral) and Francesco V. (art. D141 BLUE).

Fourth model — loafers. They are also the base model at low speed. Perfect for jeans, shorts, suits and dresses.


Pictured: Wonders (ref. C5020 blue chamois) and Wonders (ref. A7220 nude) loafers.

Fifth model — shoes. Pumps are incredibly versatile. They are combined with a variety of outfits and complement the image.


In the photo: Marino Fabiani shoes (art. T1020 multicolor) and Wonders (art. I6880 beige).

And the sixth model — sneakers, sneakers. They have become for us a full-fledged accessory of this season. They look great with jeans, suits, skirts and dresses.


Pictured: Jazy Williams (ref. MQ 01 white) and Agile by Rucoline (ref. S9319 rose).

It is shoes that can emphasize your unique style. Try, create, change with us!



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