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  1. Five facts about ZENDEN shoes
  2. Assortment of ZENDEN stores in Moscow
  3. Where can I buy ZENDEN shoes

The name of the company ZENDEN is known, perhaps, to every adult Muscovite. The reasons are simple: the company’s shoe stores operate throughout the city, the choice of products is wide, both European and domestic brands are represented. And most importantly — here you can always choose good shoes at quite affordable prices. It is quite understandable why the name of the company has gained fame and won the trust of customers.

Five facts about ZENDEN shoes

This year the company celebrated its 20th anniversary since its founding. At first, the plans were not so grandiose — the supply of European shoes of various brands to Russia. However, the project quickly attracted attention and began to develop. In 2002, the company already opens its own factory and begins to produce shoes under the ZENDEN brand.

Today, the company has several dozen stores in Moscow. And more than two hundred — in other Russian cities. The first ZENDEN store was opened in 2005 in Veliky Novgorod.

The founder of the brand, businessman Andrey Pavlov, named it after the Dutch football player. The idea for a new project came to mind when he was watching a match on TV.

The development of our own collections is not based solely on fashion trends. The company’s specialists study the tastes and style preferences of people living in different parts of Russia.

Most recently, the company launched its own line of sports shoes, Dixer. The collection arrived in stores not so long ago, but has already received a lot of good reviews.

Assortment of ZENDEN stores in Moscow

Zenden can be called a family brand. In stores and on the official website you will find a good selection of men’s, women’s and children’s lines. In the latter, you can choose seasonal shoes for boys and girls of different ages. In adult collections, both classics and youth models for different seasons are presented.

In addition to their own products, branded stores have a large selection of European brands of shoes. These are well-known brands — Rieker, Keddo, Thomas Munz and others.

Where can I buy ZENDEN shoes

The first and rather familiar option for shopping is branded stores-salons. They are easy to find in any district of Moscow. Choosing locations for its stores, the company made sure that from any corner of the metropolis it was possible to get to the store quickly enough. Pluses and that any pair of footwear can be considered, tried on, try to walk. And, of course, consult with the seller for any questions.

The online store of the official Zenden website is the second option for purchasing. It is especially good if you don’t have much time. You can safely choose shoes at home, after work, and order courier delivery the next day.

Please note: the site presents a dimensional grid of models. And just like in a regular store, you can ask a consultant a question. When choosing, do not forget to correlate your usual, known size with those indicated in the table. Different manufacturers may have different sizes, and this is quite normal. You can measure the length of the foot and correlate with the indicators of the table.

And the last thing: no matter where you made the purchase — in a regular store or via the Internet, an exchange or return is possible. Detailed conditions are on the official website. In addition, the company provides a thirty-day warranty on all products.



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