Casual style for men (46 photos): fashion trends for business, smart, style features for men over 40

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Casual style for men is very popular. Today, many men choose this fashion trend, because clothes in this style are comfortable and make you look just amazing. To create a lot of actual bows, you need to choose things according to the principle of compatibility with each other.

Style Features

Casual style in clothes is ideal for active men. The name itself is translated from English as «everyday». This means that things that correspond to this fashionable direction are suitable for every day. It should be borne in mind that this style has a lot in common with the city.

This trend in fashion allows each representative of the stronger sex to emphasize individual characteristics. When creating such a composition, it is quite possible to combine things that at first glance are incompatible.

An excellent option would be a combination of a shirt and sneakers or jeans and a jacket. Despite some paradoxicality of such bows, they look very attractive.

Casual style is great for different categories of men. However, it should be borne in mind that when creating such bows, there are certain restrictions. These include the following:

  • elements of a military uniform;
  • national costumes or ethnic prints;
  • clothes that are intended for sports activities;
  • things for official events;
  • elements that are in style related to other fashion trends.

Casual elements

To get a stylish everyday look, you should wear things that correspond to the principles of this style. There are certain items that must be present in the wardrobe.

Top part

The key details of this style include jackets and blazers. It is also difficult to imagine a man’s wardrobe without a cardigan. For warm weather, linen and cotton jackets are suitable, while in the cool season it is better to wear wool and tweed. A two-button jacket should not be fully buttoned. In this case, one button must remain open.

Also in the wardrobe should be a straight jumper with a triangular neckline and a polo shirt. These versatile pieces go great with a variety of trousers and accessories. Sweatshirts and T-shirts will organically fit into informal compositions. They should be combined with a leather jacket.

A characteristic feature of the style are shirts with rolled up sleeves. Such clothes allow you to emphasize the informality of the composition.

Attention! When creating such compositions, it is forbidden to wear classic suits and vests. Also, do not wear silk shirts or suspenders.

Bottom part

To create such a bow, you should not choose a pronounced classic. Therefore, it is forbidden to wear trousers with even arrows and clear lines. To get a harmonious bow, you should choose chinos or jeans. Khaki models will also be an excellent solution.

In the summer, cropped chinos are perfect. Straight shorts are also an excellent solution, but they should not have unnecessary details.


To create a casual look, you should choose shoes that are close in style to the classics. In this case, sneakers or work boots will not look too appropriate.

The best solutions include monks, brogues, deserts. You can also wear top siders or loafers. To create an informal composition, you should pick up sneakers or moccasins. As for materials, soft leather, textiles will be an excellent option. No less successful solution will be suede.


A casual-style composition is perfectly emphasized by a thin leather belt. It is quite possible to wear a watch — they should be something between a classic and a sports model. For the cold season, you can pick up a voluminous scarf. In the summer you can not do without discreet sunglasses.

Also from the accessories it is worth choosing a knitted bag. A leather model will look no less successful. If necessary, a thin or knitted product is suitable for a tie. This part can be supplemented with a clamp.

It should be borne in mind that bracelets and cufflinks do not fit well into such a composition. It is also not recommended to wear rings and chains of impressive size.

Materials and colors

Regardless of the type and purpose of the image, it is recommended to choose natural materials without synthetic impurities. In the cold season, it is worth using tweed, woolen, cashmere items. For summer, it is better to choose materials such as cotton and linen.

Fabrics must be soft and durable. You should definitely choose products that are of high quality and resistance to pollution.

When choosing colors, you should give preference to calm shades, as they are practical and versatile. It is important that pastel and rich colors do not seem too boring and gray. Therefore, you can include details decorated with patterns or prints in the composition.

Stylists recommend abandoning business elements in the image. Therefore, black and white color schemes will not look very appropriate. If the trousers are made in one shade, they can be safely supplemented with a checkered or striped shirt. A t-shirt with a print is also suitable.

For men 40 years old

When choosing clothes for men 40 years old, it is worth considering certain features:

  • focus solely on your personal preferences;
  • use bright color accents to create an image;
  • complement the composition with quality accessories.

For men over 50

To look flawless at this age, you need to think through each of your bows to the smallest detail. For men over 50, you need to focus on the following rules:

  • the basis of the wardrobe can be individually tailored and most comfortable things;
  • you can afford fairly loose clothing — instead of a classic jacket, it is quite acceptable to wear a blazer;
  • it is worth mixing colors and textures;
  • a leather jacket will look very stylish;
  • when choosing shoes, you should give preference to non-standard solutions — sneakers and sneakers can be safely combined with trousers and blazers.

Men of this age should prefer muted shades. Bright colors will not look very attractive.

Fashionable style directions

Casual style has several relevant trends. This allows each man to choose the most suitable option.

Business casual

Business casual style combines business and casual styles. It fits perfectly into office compositions if the organization does not have a too strict dress code. The basis of the style are polo shirts and jackets.

They can be worn with classic jeans. No less successful addition will be straight trousers. As for shoes, beige, brown, black products will be ideal. They can be made from suede or soft leather.

Smart casual

This direction is also called «pure casual». The main characteristics of the style include elegance and a little negligence. The smart casual style is characterized by rather bold color combinations and a minimum of strict details.

Urban casual

When creating such a composition, it is quite possible to abandon stereotypes and go beyond the usual bow. Urban casual welcomes bold enough experiments. Unusual elements will look especially stylish — scarves, neckerchiefs, original hats.

Fans of this style will suit quite bright colors and interesting prints. It is quite acceptable to wear multi-colored socks decorated with interesting patterns. You can also do without them at all.

Stylish compositions

To create an actual bow in casual style, you can use the ready-made recommendations of stylists:

  • A great combination would be a shirt, loose chinos and a jacket. The shirt can be made in blue or white colors. The pink model will look no less successful. To bring a touch of individuality to the bow, you can choose a product decorated with a print. A navy blue blazer will complete your ensemble. Pants should be made in neutral colors — for example, gray. Shoes may have a dark brown tint.
  • A combination of jeans and a laconic white shirt will be a good solution. Complete the ensemble with a dark jacket. Instead of this piece of clothing, it is quite possible to wear a vest with a tie or a cardigan. From shoes, deserts will be the best solution.
  • For cool weather, choose trousers made of tweed or corduroy. Woolen models will look no less successful. A turtleneck will complement such a bow. It is also quite possible to wear a cardigan and a polo shirt.
  • A dress shirt, tie, jeans and a V-neck jersey jumper will help to make the composition more cozy. Top with a knitted cardigan.
  • For younger men, wear a shirt, trainers, cardigan and chinos. Such a bow is an ideal solution for active representatives of the stronger sex.

Casual style is affordable and surprisingly comfortable. To create an impeccable bow with the help of such clothes, you should carefully consider it to the smallest detail. If in doubt, you can use the ready-made recommendations of stylists.


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