choose a fabric according to the ratio «price-quality»

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Buyers often have doubts whether to choose a backpack made of nylon or oxford, cordura or polyester, neoprene or some other material. To make it easier for you to decide, we will review the popular fabrics from which everyday, sports and school bags are sewn. We will tell you what we most often use in the production of GRIZZLY backpacks and why we consider this option the best in terms of price and quality.

What fabrics are backpacks usually made of?

The chemical industry is rapidly developing, so portfolios made from natural materials are significantly inferior to products made from artificial fibers. The latter are cheaper to manufacture, and better in terms of performance. They are more durable, wear-resistant, frost-resistant and moisture-proof.

In the article, we will consider the most popular artificial fabrics for backpacks:

  • nylon;

  • Oxford;

  • polyester;

  • cordura.

Among all the characteristics, we highlight the linear density of the fibers, which is measured in Denier (den or D). It affects the strength, wear resistance and water resistance. The larger the number, the higher the density. For sports, everyday and school bags, a good indicator would be 900-1200D. For tourist, trekking and other special models, this figure should be higher.

Please note that the characteristics depend not only on the type of fibers, but also on their composition. So, for example, the properties of nylon or polyester may differ in the presence of various additives in the composition.

Nylon backpacks: material features

Nylon products are sometimes labeled according to the general group of synthetic compounds — polyamide. Nylon briefcases have many advantages:

  • Very light The fabric is like silk.

  • Durable and wear resistant — even heavy things can be carried inside.

  • frost-resistant — there will be no creases on the surface if you actively use the briefcase in extremely frosty weather.

  • practical to care for — even difficult pollution is easily washed off.

  • The fibers lend themselves well to dyeing — You can easily find backpacks in a variety of colors.

Of course, nylon has its drawbacks:

  • Allergenicity — there is a possibility of dermatitis on contact with sensitive skin and exacerbations of asthma in people who suffer from it.

  • Air tightness — if the backpack has a solid nylon back, your back will inevitably sweat.

  • Tendency to build up static electricity — the surface attracts small particles, which makes it dusty and visually dirty.

Polyester backpacks: advantages and disadvantages

The characteristics of polyester are very similar to nylon. However, the price for it is much lower, so the material has become more popular. Let’s highlight a number of advantages:

  • Strength — according to this indicator, polyester is slightly inferior to nylon, despite this, the briefcases remain very durable, and most importantly — wear-resistant.

  • UV resistance — dyes practically do not fade in the sun. The fabric is suitable even for outdoor backpacks.

  • Collapse and shrinkage resistance — even printed models can be washed in the washing machine. Thanks to thicker and denser fibers, the products do not deform and retain their shape.

  • Recyclability — polyester retains its properties even after recycling. This further reduces its cost without sacrificing quality.

We highlight two main disadvantages:

  • Allergenicity — prolonged direct contact with sensitive skin may cause redness and rash.

  • Air tightness — when using briefcases with a solid back, the back begins to sweat. It is better to choose models with a ventilated back.

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What is the difference between oxford backpacks

Some sellers can talk for a long time about the merits of oxford. In fact, Oxford is not a special material, but a type of fiber weaving. The basis can be threads made of nylon, polyester and more.

The fibers of this fabric are intertwined not one at a time, but in groups. Relief squares are obtained on the surface, like wicker baskets. Shirts and jackets with this texture were very popular among Oxford University students. This is where the name came from.

Oxford fabric gets the characteristics and performance properties of the material from which it is made. Additional benefits — increased strength and moisture resistance. They are provided by a denser weaving of threads.

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What is cordura fabric for backpacks

Like oxford, cordura is often perceived as a separate material. Yes, there is an especially durable certified nylon under the brand name Cordura. It was once developed for army ammunition. Nowadays, Cordura has become a household name and is represented by a variety of materials.

Before being certified by Cordura, a fabric must pass many durability tests. The brand’s products belong to the premium segment — its price is higher than the market one. Most often, professional camping equipment is made from Cordura.


Which material is still better for backpacks: GRIZZLY experience

We use polyester in most GRIZZLY briefcases and bags. Its characteristics may differ depending on the chemical composition, so we select fabric suppliers according to strict internal rules. Of course, we do not pass Cordura certification — we test the material in Russian laboratories. We check:

  • Safety: according to the permissible content of chemical elements, the absence of formaldehyde and not only.

  • Color fastness in dry and wet friction.

  • Breaking load.

  • Toxicity index in water and in air.

Practice has shown that such polyester is better than many analogues. To provide additional protection against moisture, we treat the surface with dirt and water-repellent impregnation. Perhaps one of the main advantages for buyers is that such materials are relatively inexpensive.


For more than 20 years, we have been improving the technology for the production of GRIZZLY backpacks. Only a careful approach to the choice of polyester makes briefcases and bags inexpensive and very reliable. And this is a small part of the total production. Look into catalogread online reviews about our products and draw your own conclusions.

Sincerely, the GRIZZLY team.