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2014 — women’s backpacks are back in fashion!

2015 — women’s casual urban backpack is a must-choose for girls who know how to feel the style …

2016, 2017 — backpacks do not lose popularity!

2018, 2019, 2020 — backpacks are back in fashion!..

Choosing an urban backpack for women - color, style and material-01

Choose practical, comfortable, roomy women’s urban backpacks — a reasonable solution for both a small town and a huge metropolis! Dense and soft, huge and very small, and even almost toy, leather and linen, made of eco-leather and suede substitute — if you want to choose and buy an everyday city backpack, start right away! Yes, for more than five years they have been one of the most fashionable and practical accessories. And no, they are unlikely to bother us in the near future.

How to choose a women’s urban backpack made of non-natural or genuine leather? Which one to buy — big or small? What to choose trendy colors and textures? How to choose a durable urban backpack for girls? Modern trends — embroidery, embossing, metal accessories and much more… Today we will talk about women’s backpacks, which in everyday Casual style have almost replaced classic bags and are not going to give way to them again. At least for the next few seasons. Shall we start?

How to choose a women’s urban backpack — we check for quality

Girls, if you want to choose an urban women’s backpack, then, of course, pay your precious attention to everyday models of the best quality. At least that’s how it seems to us. Nobody wants a second load in the form of a water bottle, a lunch box, perhaps a change of clothes, textbooks or notebooks, a cosmetic bag … And anything else led to a break in the straps or the handle. Correctly? And you will have to carry a lot of things with you, it’s not just that we want to choose a fashionable women’s backpack, and not some kind of clutch or cute reticule. And in such large cities as Kyiv, or in any other smaller settlements of Ukraine, there has long been a trend «I carry everything with me.» This habit not only saves our budget, but also saves our health from fast food and harmful soda. That is why our new urban backpack must be not only beautiful, but also durable.

Okay, let’s digress. Let’s rather check for lice, or rather, for strength. Before choosing a women’s backpack, you should carefully look at the photo and description. What should be of concern?

  • Too low price**.
  • Poor quality fittings.
  • Poorly crafted seams.
  • No branding in description***.

*** The last line is almost the most important! If we really want to choose the highest quality urban women’s accessory, we don’t need to look at options without branding at all!

** Even if we are not talking about a leather women’s backpack, but about choosing an option from analog materials, the price is still too low — this is a clear reason to be wary.


Give preference to those models in the description of which textiles are called lining material. This option is considered the most wear-resistant and easier to wash, turned inside out, even in an ordinary washing machine. Naturally, in a special mode.

Choosing an urban backpack for women - color, style and material-02

Buy a leather city backpack — the most fashionable colors of your bow

Girls, do you want to choose a high-quality urban women’s backpack, but at the same time you doubt whether it is worth looking at unusual bright colors like burgundy, yellow, canary, etc.? Do you think that you do not have the right shoes or matching accessories to emphasize the harmony of the image? Well, let! Today it is no longer necessary to match a bag, backpack or any other main ladies accessory to match the tone of clothes or shoes. Of course, bright blue sneakers, a crimson coat and, for example, a glossy white backpack will look much better than the same blue sneakers, a crimson coat and a canary-colored backpack. You also need to be able to wear a rainbow beautifully … But there are no such tough taboos that until recently put pressure on us.

The most fashionable colors in 2020 for urban women’s backpacks — which ones to choose?

Mint greens, summer mojitos, sunny yellow… At the same time, classic browns, blacks and grays still remain popular, though more for the fall-winter style. And of course, if we are talking about a strict business style. At the same time, beige women’s backpacks remain popular, noble burgundy and classic Red are also not going to leave the list of priorities.

In general, what can you advise on which fashionable urban women’s backpack is better to choose in 2020? If you have any favorite color, feel free to buy! Even if there is nothing in the wardrobe at the moment that this backpack could be worn with. And here are two options: either the new dress will replenish the order of clothes in the near future, or the backpack will be a bright spot that will help make your image unique.

Shapes and sizes of women’s urban backpacks

Is a modern backpack a shapeless bag or an intelligent and neat small chest? In fact, (we are talking about which urban women’s backpack to choose for everyday looks, right?) A woman’s wardrobe should have at least three options for urban backpacks:

  1. light light for evening walks;
  2. big weighty for a solid day trip or even business trips (eg documents, lunch box, cosmetic bag);
  3. medium-sized leather or genuine leather urban women’s backpack with a minimum amount of accessories and decorations.

In general, it will be absolutely perfect if this set is also complemented by a backpack bag. Such models will not even be particularly discordant with a strict office style. They can easily be combined with a classic business suit.

Choosing an urban backpack for women - color, style and material-03

What shape to choose a women’s urban backpack? In 2020, the most relevant shape for such women’s accessories is a cone and a trapezoid. Then come the classic squares and rectangles. The string of leaders closes with rounded or semicircular shapes, which are more reminiscent of a ladies’ reticule and/or cosmetic bag than a classic women’s backpack. In fact, you can choose any form that you like.


In a women’s handbag can fit anything and in any quantity! But still, if you want to choose and buy exactly what will serve you much longer than 1 season or even 1 year, try to measure your needs. That is, if your luggage usually consists of «a sofa, a suitcase, a bag, a picture, a basket, a cardboard box and a small dog,» it is better to buy the largest one available. Moreover, backpacks-bags are becoming popular again.

A backpack and a banana bag in the same color are the most fashionable trends in autumn 2020

The new is the well-forgotten old. And the new popular is something that is sure to be time-tested and practical. So, the autumn-winter 2020-2021 season is the perfect time to try for yourself how convenient it is to compose a classic banana bag and women’s urban backpack. And how good it all looks if you choose this tandem in one tone, and even better — in an identical color.

After all, why is it that not every girl decides to choose a women’s city backpack so far? On the one hand, yes, it is very convenient. Hands are free, one shoulder is not outweighed, good for posture, after all. But on the other hand, always carrying a backpack with you is not very convenient.

Do you want to choose and buy an urban women’s comfortable and fashionable backpack? Then immediately pick up a classic banana belt for him! It is very comfortable, and besides, it looks just great! Phone, money, maybe even a small bottle of water is always at hand. And some things are bigger, the same books or lunch, or a change of clothes, or a set of cosmetics .., whatever, conveniently and compactly fits into a backpack.

So, girls and boys, let’s take stock, shall we? The urban women’s backpack has been in the forefront of fashionable and practical urban bags for the sixth year. In 2020 and 2021, you should choose models of either powdery shades, or bright, juicy iridescent ones. But at the same time, classic black, brown, Red or bardo remains invariably in demand.

In terms of shape, it is better to choose an urban women’s backpack in the form of a trapezoid or a cone. And the last thing: the combination of an ordinary city backpack and a banana bag, which you should choose either to match or match the color of the main accessory, is not only beautiful, but also incredibly convenient! So go ahead, don’t put off a pleasant purchase there later!


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