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Oh, this eternal irreplaceable and unchanging clutch! Yeah, okay, who’s exaggerating? We are not even going to sin like that! You must admit, be that as it may, but the women’s evening clutch, which celebrated its centennial anniversary several years ago, as it was an indispensable ladies’ attribute of the evening and sometimes daytime look, has remained so. And, let me tell you, he is not going to give up his positions at all. Even under the unrealistically strong pressure of modern (let’s be honest) more comfortable and practical women’s bags.

It’s true? Are you reading this article about women’s evening bags for a reason? Do you also want to buy a miniature leather jewelry bag for a special occasion or just for pleasant outings on the evening promenades? Or maybe a more functional, but no less feminine modern version with an original or traditional handle? Yes? Not?

Well, then let’s look at the women’s evening clutch together? Which clutch is better to buy for every day, and which — for a holiday. Mini bag — how to choose? The most fashionable colors of a leather evening women’s clutch and much more! Begin?

The most popular models of women’s clutches — from everyday to evening

The first women’s clutches are elegant bags with very expensive inlay, more like wonderful chests than an evening addition to the look. Over time, they became leather in the vast majority, but also used them exclusively as an accompaniment to an evening ladies’ dress. What today?

All fashionable clutch bags for women can be divided into several categories:

  • evening classic clutch — inlay, leather, decoration, worn only in the hand;
  • voluminous cosmetic bags — leather, nylon, etc., embroidery, embossing, inlay, a handle is possible;
  • clutch chests — solid base, leather, embossing, jewelry or monochrome, women’s evening model;
  • clutch covers, often with a chain handle — the perfect accompaniment to a business look;
  • clutch bags — evening and everyday reticules, the design of which has absorbed all the advantages of an evening clutch and an ordinary functional small women’s bag.

And the question is, which category of women’s evening clutches are the most fashionable at the moment? Modern venerable critics and fashionable sharks could not single out any one evening leather or other clutch. Here it would be more accurate to say this: each option is appropriate in its specific situation.

  • Envelopes and clutch bags — for the office or audience.
  • Chests and classics — for evening promenades.
  • Volumetric clutches are a universal option.

Therefore, rather, there is no question of which model to choose for yourself. Here the question is different: how many different designs can you or want to collect in your women’s evening bag collection?

Leather clutch bag — mythical flaws

Girls, are there those among you who have not yet decided to buy a single new clutch this year? Yes? And perhaps there are those who have wanted for several years, but did not find the opportunity to buy such evening women’s bags? There is? And why? Are you unhappy with the design or financial issue? Let’s look honestly and objectively at all the pluses and minuses of leather and other modern clutches.

  • No handle — inconvenient. There really is no handle in the classics. Modern women’s evening clutch bags or voluminous ones are most often equipped with a removable or non-removable handle. It can be either a chain, or an exotic handle that wraps around the wrist or partially frees the hand.
  • Incapacious. Yes it’s true. But the evening clutch, as it were, is not intended for kilograms of cosmetics, a bottle of water and a couple of sandwiches. This is a bag for going out with minimal luggage. Moreover, voluminous and capsule women’s evening clutches, by the way, can turn out to be much more spacious than it was originally thought.
  • A women’s leather clutch is a dull bag for boring retrogrades, while inlaid chests or capsules are uncomfortable and non-ergonomic. Well, we don’t even want to comment on the first thesis. The fact is that today vintage models are almost an absolute synonym for perfect taste. And in 2020, retrograde, at least in the world of the fashion industry, is in no way associated with something dull. But about the non-ergonomic chests — yes. There is such a thing. But, sorry, where have you seen perfectly comfortable sandals or shoes with thin heels? Or maybe someone feels comfortable, for example, in a fashionable leather women’s evening corset under an elegant dress? That’s the same. Beauty, unfortunately, even today requires certain limitations in comfort. And inlaid designer women’s evening clutches are really beautiful. Highly!
  • Expensive. Yes, before the clutch was a women’s bag only for the wealthiest. It was made from very expensive materials, like snakeskin or something like that. And gems. Necessarily precious stones and gold thread for evening decoration on leather walls. But today you can find women’s evening leather clutches available to everyone. And they are no less elegant.

In general, the idea is clear. A clutch is a women’s bag for those chosen ones who know how to feel fashion and unobtrusively emphasize their femininity and attractiveness. Not for the richest or the freest. And most importantly: only you decide whether it is yours or not. And not fashion, people or circumstances around.

Do you want to look irresistible? Focus on the strengths, not the weaknesses.

Women’s leather clutch — what to wear

Do you want to look unique? Let’s then figure out what is better to wear women’s evening clutches, and with what outfits these bags should be avoided. Shall we start?

  • Leather jackets, raincoats, coats — leather or eco-leather voluminous and clutch-capsules. For perfect classics — envelopes. This is not an evening dress, so a minimum of jewelry.
  • Office suits in neutral smart — almost any model. TABOO — rhinestones, bright embroidery, inlay.
  • Romantic or Provence — leather or perforated clutches, evening light bags made of eco-materials.
  • Evening style — almost all models. No taboo categories.
  • Jeans, casual — perfectly voluminous models, capsules, clutch bags on a chain.

Yes, almost forgot. An unequivocal and irreversible taboo is sports style. Starting from women’s sports dresses under leather sneakers, ending with T-shirts, leggings and more. Especially do not experiment with plush tracksuits and women’s leather evening clutches. Why? Honestly? Looks vulgar.

Trendy colors for women’s bags according to Pantone

Girls! We have considered the most fashionable evening clutches. We talked about what is appropriate to wear miniature leather bags without a handle and a lot of other useful and interesting things in the world of female grace and radiance. It’s time to pay attention to the most relevant colors according to the authoritative Pantone*.

  • Pantone* is the institution of color. The specialists of this research center analyze dozens of sites on the Web and absolutely all podium trends, deriving patterns. The most powerful shades of the season in popularity are not the choice of any one female blogger or the invention of self-proclaimed experts. This is the result of meticulous work of extras. It’s your choice and the decision of millions more women’s groups and communities, evening collections and so on and so forth.
  • Shades of natural blue, from classic to deep. And purple. Just imagine how interesting a women’s leather clutch would look in such colors!
  • Gray snow with rain and military olive. Rather for everyday leather bags than for evening dressy ones.
  • Peach and almond oil. A great option for voluminous women’s leather evening clutches.

Amber, sandy, peach and other similar overflows remain popular in the next season. Women’s leather clutches in these colors will look amazing as an independent evening addition, without intrusive ruffles and rhinestones.

Successful Women Who Prefer Clutches Over Other Bags

We have laid out all the fashionable moments in the choice of women’s evening leather clutches and other bags as detailed as possible. Now, as a bonus, let’s talk about the stars. You should not copy someone’s style, but take a closer look, why not?

  • Kate Middleton and Lady Dee — very often at social events and exits of the royal people can be seen with leather evening mini-bags. And with the help of a miniature clutch, Princess Diana covered the neckline from intrusive paparazzi when leaving the car.
  • Unforgettable and unique cutie Olivia Wilde is simply delighted with miniature black clutches, the design of which combines metal and leather elements. And in her hands you can often see evening fabric women’s clutches in interesting shades.
  • Cara Delevingne, in her light manner, often prefers leather or fabric bright women’s clutches of incredible shades and colors. Also a good evening look.
  • But in the bows of Jennifer Lopez, you can spot incredibly shiny bright evening clutches, which are more like a decorative ornament than women’s functional accessories.
  • On the contrary, jovial but restrained in her choice of costumes, Jennifer Aniston prefers calmer shades and smooth textures in evening dresses.

Girls, that’s all. You can follow the images of the stars in more detail in other branches of our conversations. In the meantime, we remind you again: the most natural valeological palettes and textures that repeat the colors of hay, green grasses, sunset, sky, sand, yellow foliage, healthy blush and tan remain popular. And one more thing: there are practically no taboos, feel your needs and do not be afraid to experiment with evening looks and their additions.


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