Correspondence table for European, American, Russian shoe sizes — learning to use

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  1. How to determine your shoe size
  2. European and American sizes
  3. What else needs to be done in order not to make a mistake in the selection of shoes

To master, finally, online shopping is a mandatory task for any modern person. So many people around are already shopping online more often than in regular stores. Why? Yes, just a lot of effort and time is saved due to the fact that you find the desired product in a few clicks. And yet, many do not trust online shopping, especially when it comes to shoes. They can be understood: if you make a mistake with the size, you will have to return the purchase. The hassle and disappointment, in the end, is greater than the ultimate benefit. But why is there confusion about sizes?

The fact is that European, American and Russian sizes represent different values. Someone does not know about it, someone forgets — and, as a result, chooses not at all what is needed. You just need to figure out once with the ratio of Russian and European networks in order to use the services of online stores without difficulty.

How to determine your shoe size

Let’s say you found chic shoes on one of the Internet sites, and you are about to place an order. But to correlate the size with his usual, Russian, does not work. And the values ​​in the product description are the ones you have never used before. For example, the 8th shoe size — what is it?

The instruction for such situations is one, quite simple: measure your foot and calculate the correspondence according to a special table. You don’t need any special tools for this: only a sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. Let’s get started!

— We put the foot in the sock on the paper and carefully circle it with a pencil. The ideal option is to have someone help you make the outline so that the foot does not move when you crouch or bend over. Important: the pencil must be held straight so as not to add extra millimeters.

— In the same way, on another sheet, we circle the second leg.

— We measure the length of the foot of each of the contours with a ruler: from the heel to the big toe in a straight line.

— Some of the results will turn out more — and be guided by them, using the size correspondence table.

European and American sizes

Why are European values ​​always slightly larger than Russian ones? The difference is 10-15 millimeters. The basis for European measurements is the length of the insole, which is slightly longer than the length of the foot.

American and British manufacturers indicate the size range in inches. Knowing the Russian size, the American one can be calculated independently (1 inch is 2.54 cm), or you can use an online calculator or table. An important detail: the “zero” US size is 3.67 inches. This is the approximate length of the foot of a newborn baby. The English dimensional grid differs only in that the zero value in it is slightly larger, it is 4 inches.

In addition, American manufacturers may indicate one more parameter on the boxes — the completeness of the shoes. To make a successful purchase, it is better to deal with this in advance.

It will take another very simple action, namely the measurement of the width of the foot. You already have the outline of your foot on paper — it needs to be enclosed in a rectangle, as in the picture. Measure its width. Since you already know the American shoe size, the fullness can now be calculated from a separate table.

What else needs to be done in order not to make a mistake in the selection of shoes

Insurance does not hurt, even if you have measured everything correctly and determined your size correctly. You can send the measurement results (length and width of the foot) to the manager of the online store or the seller, if, for example, you buy shoes on aliexpress. Ask to check if you have determined the size correctly.

The so-called «small sizes» and «large sizes» are the result of the fact that the size ranges of different manufacturers do not always coincide. The differences seem insignificant, but the shoes, in the end, do not fit. Therefore, if possible, it is worth consulting with the site’s specialists every time you choose a new brand for yourself.

If the site has customer reviews, take a few minutes to review them. In reviews, they usually write about the quality of shoes, the level of service of the store, and, which is very important, whether the actual sizes correspond to those indicated in the product description.

Of course, there is always a certain percentage of risk when buying in an online store. Therefore, it is important to look in advance and the conditions for a possible return of shoes. But if you get used to online shopping, you will no longer want to return to regular shopping. To make it work, you just need a little time and a proven online store with a good assortment.



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