Country style in clothes: a break from the bustle of the city

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The bustle of the city and the monotonous course of days eventually cause fatigue and apathy among the inhabitants of megacities. Food, household items, fashionable clothes — much of this contains an artificial base or is impregnated with chemical fillers. Therefore, the desire of a modern person to plunge into a simple and natural environment looks completely normal. A practical and unsophisticated rustic style in clothes just successfully copes with this task, evoking memories of field daisies, carefree childhood, grandmother’s pies and home comfort. With regularly updated collections of fashion houses, clothing with rural motifs is gaining steadily increasing popularity.

The influence of folk motifs on fashion trends

The style of clothing, which preaches the principles of simplicity and practicality, is characterized by a breadth of views and fidelity to long-standing traditions. The spirit of native spaces is inherent in every person at the genetic level. Hence his irresistible desire for natural and pure things.

Country style is by no means a specialized fashion trend. It includes many currents associated with national customs and folklore features of various peoples. The multifaceted concept of rural fashion extends to such well-known styles as country, rustic, Provence, ethnic, Russian and many others.

The provincial style is not born artificially within the walls of fashion houses and on the catwalks of fashion shows. Its development is dictated by life itself, often depending on natural conditions and local color features.

Folklore directions of rural style

Country — hello from the Wild West

Stylish clothes hit the world catwalks in the distant seventies of the last century. The outfits, reminiscent of the everyday wardrobe of cowboys, Indians, gold diggers, farmers, are characterized by simple shapes, straight cut and functional purpose.

Typical wardrobe items are plaid shirts, blouses with puffed puffed sleeves like lanterns, wide pleated skirts, denim trousers and shorts. Country also widely uses clothes made of genuine leather and suede — trousers, vests, jackets.

Shoes are practical and comfortable. Feet are comfortable in light boots with high lacing and a small stable heel. Flat sandals, soft leather moccasins and characteristic cowboy boots are also suitable.

English country style

Unlike the free and laid-back spirit of the American countryside, European country is more restrained and concise. The basic wardrobe of the indigenous population of foggy Albion was formed under the influence of a damp and cold climate. Layered clothing and a round hat provide good wind protection. Vests, jackets, long coats with multiple pockets are practical and versatile things, devoid of secondary details. They are equally intended for men and women.

For sewing shoes, leather of good dressing or dense woven textiles are used. Simple and rational shoes, boots warm well and dry quickly.

Provence — exquisite lightness

The characteristic features of the French style are femininity and sophistication. These features are well conveyed through soft natural fabrics, knitwear, woven lace, skillful embroidery, and pastel colors.

The most common clothes for girls are dresses and sundresses. Thin fabrics and simple cuts are the main components of a feminine style. As a rule, these are models with a detachable flared skirt, a loose bodice, often with a high waistline. From above they put on a cardigan, jacket or hand-knitted jacket.

The best decorations for clothes are colored embroidery, braid, ruffles, frills, flounces. The shoes are soft and light, with comfortable wide heels or low heels. Unlike country music, which is more suitable for weekdays, Provence is clothing for a festive and romantic mood.

Russian village style

The fashionable direction is characterized by an organic combination of modern trends and folklore traditions. This finds expression in the creation of trendy products designed for everyday wear. In general, the Russian country style in the wardrobe is made up of ordinary things, which are additionally decorated with folk motifs.

Typical summer clothes for women: a long sundress with floral embroidery, a loose cotton blouse or a wide painted skirt. Spacious cut and high waist — a real find of style for overweight people. A straw hat with a wide ribbon and flowers, a narrow belt woven from leather strips, multi-tiered beads, wooden bracelets and earrings give a special highlight to the image.

Shawls, stoles, scarves, painted with Khokhloma or Posad patterns, turn any dress into a luxurious outfit. Sheepskin coats, fur coats, coats or vests trimmed with fur trim reliably save from winter cold.

How to create a trendy rustic look? (A photo)

Today, the presence of things with a provincial touch speaks of the romantic nature and hidden sexuality of the image. The general features of the style reflect its typical characteristics.

  • Fabrics. Today, like many years ago, only natural materials are used in tailoring. It can be chintz, batiste, linen, wool, flannel, tweed, denim. Woven knitwear products are also welcome, providing special coziness and comfort.

  • Style. In women’s clothing, emphasis is placed on the waist, which can sometimes be located above the traditional line. Today, the floor length requirement is not mandatory. Shorter models with a deep neckline and a fitted bodice are much more common.

  • Colors and prints. Closeness to nature forms the choice of a palette of neutral warm shades. Relevant green, brown, beige, gray, blue colors. The drawings contain folklore patterns, floral ornaments, geometric lines in the form of a cage and polka dots.

  • Accessories. Ornaments of simple, uncomplicated forms are made of wood, textiles, leather, and metal. An excellent addition to the outfit is fringe, embroidery, lace, patterned braid, hemstitch.

The finished image should have a solid balanced look. For example, in a rustic-style bow, bright makeup or an evening dress decorated with sequins and sequins will look ridiculous. The principle of creating an actual image is simplicity and naturalness.

Rustic wedding dress

Family celebrations are inconceivable without national traditions. Wedding ceremonies with elements of rural motifs are very popular and sought-after events today. City residents here get a lot of vivid impressions and can fully experience the harmonious unity with nature.

Wedding dresses are distinguished by simplicity of lines, they are not overloaded with unnecessary details. There is no pretentious splendor and unnatural brilliance in the bride’s attire. A light dress with a regular cut with a wreath of natural flowers creates a gentle and chaste look.

Festive evenings are best spent outdoors. This will allow everyone present to enjoy the beauties of the surrounding nature and simple human joys.


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