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Women’s crossbody bag — what is this? Quite possibly, many of us will be confused — such a sonorous name. Something new? Something long forgotten old? Crossbody… What is it? Something very familiar, for sure… Or not?

We are all familiar with this design of a women’s bag for a very long time! It was the crossbody that adorned the fragile shoulders of our mothers and even grandmothers on the most festive days! At the end of the era of total equality and fraternity, which they unsuccessfully tried to build for 70 years, having an original Chanel crossbody in your wardrobe was the (often unrealizable) dream of every self-respecting fashionista.

Cross-body bag - the legendary quintessence of femininity-01

The design of the crossbody bag was invented by Coco Chanel a little over 65 years ago. A long time ago, in fact, but the design of the women’s cross body (almost literally «crossing the body») and now, as then, is incredibly popular. Just think, it has not lost its relevance for more than half a century in a row!

Not bad, right?

Comfortable and practical crossbody that can be thrown over the shoulder is the perfect versatile option.

Delicate and graceful, feminine and not boring, elegant — she won the hearts of beauties around the globe in just a few years after her appearance. Let’s take a look at all the features of this little one and look at modern interpretations of the classic model, shall we?

Why the 2.55 Chanel (modern crossbody bag) has gained crazy global popularity

55 of the twentieth century, the start of a women’s cross-body bag in high society — what is this period? What is this time?

True female beauty in the year 55 of the twentieth century — what is it? We look: the ladies are no longer flirtatious coquettes, who boast with all their might of their inability to cope with difficulties and their honed ability to faint after every excitement. Such excessive refinement was completely cut out with a surgical scalpel by time. Nevertheless, the woman finally remembered that she was not a soldier in tarpaulin boots, footcloths and riding breeches. A woman of the 50s strives to be beautiful and graceful … But! At the same time, she is active, purposeful and understands that it is on her fragile shoulders that the globe rests. Her own destiny is in her hands.

Doesn’t it remind you of anything?

Mobility, sophistication, sophistication, but at the same time, maximum comfort and ergonomics are essential — these are the main points to all the details of the ideal female image of the middle of the 20th century, and, of course, of the 2020s of the 21st century.

All this cultural evolution, in fact, was the foundation for the creation of a new women’s bag on a thin chain strap, which was later called a cross body.

Women’s crossbody today — what kind of bag is it

The very first classic crossbody bag was a small rectangle with Chanel’s iconic quilted diamond-shaped outer. The first women’s crossbody bag featured a long chain. It is a chain, and always with a burgundy-colored velvet lining.

Women’s first crossbody bag from Chanel — what is it? Without a doubt, the perfect combination of absolute elegance, sophistication, luxury, but at the same time, mobile ergonomics, which was so lacking in women’s accessories at that time. And what kind of crossbody bags can we find in online stores today?

  • Crossbody classic.
  • Women’s cross-body with an additional small handle and a large one in the form of a chain.
  • Crossbody is a clutch with a smooth surface and a detachable elegant chain.
  • A symbiosis of the classic postman and crossbody (by the way, a very popular trend of the 2020-2021 season).
  • Oversized women’s crossbody briefcase with a small handle and a long chain with a special insert for carrying on the shoulder.

If we compare the classic crossbody from Chanel and its modern upgrades, it is impossible to say which one will be more popular. It all depends on the costume and image.

And by the way, this is another argument in favor of the fact that there are never too many bags!

Cross-body bag - the legendary quintessence of femininity-02

The color palette of women’s crossbody season 2020-2021

So, modern crossbody — what kind of bag is it? Most often, it is a square or rectangle with a long handle that can be thrown over the shoulder or even worn diagonally on the hip. Let’s say the handle rests on the right shoulder, which means the handbag is located in the region of the left thigh.

And before, as a rule, it was either black or dark brown. Classics — in general, only strict “black”.

Unlike the first classic models, modern crossbody can be of almost any shape and any shade. And it will not be bad manners.

  • Season 2020-2021 is mint, pistachio, lemon, all shades of watermelon and melon pulp.
  • Softness is the anthem of modern trends.

And, by the way, a standard chain can easily be replaced by an ordinary belt made of leather or any other material. By the way, again, unlike the first classic model, a modern cross body can be either leatherand a bag made of analogue materials. And you can also buy a modern cross-body women’s bag, even from such not quite familiar materials as textiles or polymer weaving.

And, of course, the classic black crossbody with diamond-shaped quilted upholstery and a long, refined chain, as well as burgundy-colored velvet lining, remains as popular as it was in the days of our grandmothers’ youth. What is this interesting pattern? Let’s answer this question in the next subsection.

Cross-body bag - the legendary quintessence of femininity-03

The magic of shape, texture and pigments is the color of happiness and success

Cross body — what is this bag that has been holding its avant-garde position on the world catwalks for so long? Yes, today the classic design is complemented by a variety of elements, the quilted rhombus turns into a square, or even disappears altogether. But! A long chain or strap remains in its rightful place, in fact, like the usual dimensions.

  • Women’s crossbody is a universal soldier. This bag is incredibly mobile, roomy for its seemingly modest dimensions, but at the same time subtly elegant.
  • Women’s crossbody bag — what is it? Convenient and ergonomic model! You can easily hang it on one shoulder, throw it over yourself with a “cross” (actually, this is where the naming came from, right?) … And a thin chain can also be wound around your wrist and wrapped around an elegant rectangle (if this is a classic model), like a clutch.
  • Crossbody can be safely combined with almost any style … Although, perhaps, strict business and sports are not included in this list. And so … Cross-body women’s bag can easily be combined with a sundress for a romantic evening, a black mini dress .., and even with sports skirts and sneakers that are popular today. But in the latter case, it is better not to give preference to the classics (chain and quilted rhombus), but to something more modern (leather belt, smooth surface, rounded shape).

Well, and the most important part of the answer to the question: women’s crossbody — what is it? Such a women’s bag is an indispensable attribute of a successful business lady who was able to find a place for everything in her life! Love, work, friends, family… And if something is not on this list yet, then it will definitely appear in the very near future. Of course, if you need it.

How to buy a bag that will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws

In fact, it is difficult to find a girl or woman who would be indifferent to truly beautiful, functional and elegant accessories. In particular, to women’s bags!

But how to find exactly the option that is right for you?

We understand that today on sale you can find an incredibly huge variety of various up-grade versions of the classic cross body!

  • On the sharp shoulders of tall and slender girls, a crossbody of a rounded or semicircular shape will look incredibly beautiful. Perhaps with a belt a little thicker than the classic composition implies.
  • Classic crossbody options look perfect on a thin, slender figure of girls of medium height, especially women’s bags similar to the 2.55 Chanel model. And such young ladies can easily afford rectangular women’s bags with sharp corners.
  • Short girls should pay attention to small bags, perhaps analogues of the classic or its upgrades, but in a reasonable range of variability.
  • Curvaceous girls can pay attention to large women’s crossbody bags. But here you should avoid pronounced rectangles and too thin belts or chains.

That, perhaps, is all that we wanted to say about such an incredibly beautiful version of women’s accessories as a crossbody bag.

Yes, this model has an incredible past… But something tells us that its future is no less interesting!

What do you think?


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