declarations of conformity or certificates

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At GRIZZLY we have been producing bags and backpacks since 1996 (today we have production facilities in Russia and China). We pass certification and draw up all the necessary documents for implementation. In the article we tell you whether certificates and declarations of conformity are always needed, how to obtain them and what to look for.

Is certification of bags and backpacks required?

At the Russian factory, we manufacture products in accordance with GOST 28631-2005. In Chinese — in accordance with Directive 2001/95 / EC of the European Parliament.

It is possible to produce and transport such goods without certificates. But in order to trade bags and backpacks in your own store, Wildberry or other marketplaces need certification. It doesn’t matter if the products are made in Russia, China or anywhere else.

Certificates or declarations of conformity

GRIZZLY products are leather goods. To confirm the safety of such backpacks and bags, you need to draw up declarations of conformity.

  • Children’s briefcases (school and preschool), pencil cases, shoe bags must comply with the technical regulation of the Customs Union 007/2011 «On the safety of products for children and adolescents.»

  • Backpacks and bags for adults must comply with the technical regulation of the Customs Union 017/2011 «On the safety of light industry products.»

If you work with textile products, certificates and declarations are not needed. It is enough to issue a rejection letter.

How to get a declaration of conformity

The purpose of certification is to confirm the safety of products for children and adults. To do this, samples of bags and backpacks are tested in an accredited laboratory. Check:

  • dye safety;
  • abrasion resistance;
  • seam strength, etc.

Based on the protocols of laboratory tests, the applicant has the right to independently issue declarations of conformity.

When certifying a batch of GRIZZLY backpacks in 2021, the entire procedure took about three weeks from the moment the samples were submitted to the laboratory.

Responsibility for trading without certificates

If a backpack or bag is subject to certification, and you sell them without a declaration of conformity, you are violating the law. Depending on how such a violation is qualified, the fine ranges from 10,000 to a million rubles (including confiscation of goods). Fined not only for the lack of certificates. They are also punished for the submission of false information and incorrect execution of declarations.

If the batch is small, it is cheaper and easier to buy goods from the manufacturer with all the accompanying documents. The GRIZZLY catalog contains a huge range of bags and backpacks for children and adults, school, urban and not only. We update our collections every year. We provide accompanying documents for all goods. Including declarations of conformity.

You can get certified on your own: spend time, money and take responsibility for all possible risks. Or you can buy goods for which certificates have already been issued and do things that are really important for business development. The decision is up to you.