Dimensions and dimensions of hand luggage on Aeroflot aircraft — allowed weight and minimum baggage parameters

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From this article you will learn:

  • What Aeroflot has changed this year
  • Class of Service Guidelines
  • What can be carried in excess of the norm without surcharges
  • How to bring gadgets into the cabin according to the new rules of Aeroflot
  • How to transport liquids
  • How to fly with a wheelchair
  • How to carry baby transport, booster and meals
  • How to carry musical instruments in hand luggage
  • Does Aeroflot allow you to carry food
  • Transportation of sports equipment
  • How to carry purchases from Duty Free
  • Rules for transporting animals
  • Weight of baggage on Aeroflot aircraft
  • How much baggage is allowed on an Aeroflot plane

Having listened to passengers’ complaints about ineffective control over the amount of baggage carried in the cabin, Aeroflot changed the size of hand luggage and the rules for carrying things, and also tightened control over their execution. So that the journey does not start with force majeure, it is better to find out in advance which bags and suitcases meet the new requirements of the air carrier.

Dimensions of hand luggage Aeroflot

What Aeroflot has changed this year

Checked parameters of transported items — weight, dimensions and quantity. They can be checked for compliance at the airport more than once. The suitcases of all passengers, without exception, are subject to inspection. Hand luggage includes:

  • • handbags, cases, backpacks, clutches and bags for documents;
  • • purchases from Duty Free;
  • • flowers;
  • • outerwear or a packed business suit.

The company approved a new size for things carried into the cabin of the aircraft, increasing the number of length, width and height by 5 cm. Now suitcases are checked by measuring 55x40x25 cm.

Class of Service Guidelines

The dimensions of passengers’ belongings in the cabin are limited — 120 cm, and the allowed weight of luggage on an Aeroflot aircraft is 10 kg. You cannot carry a portable personal computer, a camera and a camera separately, an umbrella will also need to be packed in a certain place.


Baggage dimensions for this class are 55x40x25, maximum weight is 10 kg.


It assumes the standard dimensions of hand luggage, as in the economy.


For this category, the weight limit has been increased to 15 kg, but the dimensions are the same: 55x40x25.

Hand luggage Aeroflot dimensions

What can be carried in excess of the norm without surcharges

In addition to the main seat, it is possible to take on board:

  1. A small backpack, travel bag or business briefcase. Accessories of the required size can be found on the website of the Brialdi online store. There is a wide range of products made of genuine leather. This is a high-quality material that will not allow the bag to get dirty and deteriorate during transportation and a long journey. Also on the site you will find accessories that meet the standards of hand luggage.
  2. Canned food for a child in the original packaging, which will be needed during the flight; the cabin baggage allowance on the Aeroflot aircraft does not apply to him.
  3. Crutches, folding baby strollers, while their weight should not exceed 7 kg, and dimensions — 42x50x20, this also applies to wheelchairs and canes.
  4. A bassinet, carrier or restraint that is fitted to a passenger seat for an infant up to 2 years of age.
  5. Packaged goods from Duty Free with a total side length of no more than 115 cm.
  6. Outerwear and suitcase.
  7. Medicines and dietary products during air travel.
  8. Bouquet

Conditions for the carriage of certain items in the aircraft cabin instead of hand luggage

Special requirements are provided for bulky items that can be carried on an airliner:

  • • A musical instrument must have sides no larger than 135 cm.
  • • Guitar – the passenger is obliged to notify the carrier about this cargo no later than one and a half days before the flight.
  • • Racket for tennis. In order not to violate the Air Code, sports equipment is carefully packaged.
  • • If a passenger is carrying sports equipment or tools, other carry-on baggage, except for the list approved additionally in excess of the allowance, cannot be carried.

What did the main changes in the parameters for hand luggage on Aeroflot aircraft affect?

In addition to stricter compliance testing rules, innovations have extended to the following provisions:

  1. The total length of the sides has increased to 120 cm, the new dimensions are 55x40x25. The difference of 5 cm allows you to carry a standard men’s travel bag or suitcase with a depth of 25 cm.
  2. A laptop, tablet, phone, book, umbrella and camera must be packed.
  3. It became possible to take with you a guitar of any size and musical instruments, the height, width and depth of which in total is not more than 135 cm.

Aeroflot luggage size

How to bring gadgets into the cabin according to the new rules of Aeroflot

Prior to the change in transportation conditions, it was allowed to transport equipment in hands or in special cases without weighing. After the amendments have been made, the dimensions of hand luggage and the maximum weight of baggage on an Aeroflot aircraft are calculated together with the specified equipment. To take a laptop on board, you need to put it in a bag or backpack.

Will they be allowed to carry more things for an additional fee

You can’t take a significant amount of items for a surcharge. This is due to the limited space in the aircraft cabin and the convenience of all passengers.

How to measure the dimensions of hand luggage

The airport security staff recounts the items to be carried in the cabin. A tag is attached to each bag or suitcase. Further, the accessories are weighed on the scales and measured in the frame to check the compliance with the dimensions of the established norms.

Suitcases can be checked at check-in, at passport control and at the exit to the liner. The dimensions of luggage and hand luggage on an Aeroflot aircraft are strictly regulated.

Aeroflot hand luggage weight

How to transport liquids

In addition to lemonade, juices and water, liquid substances include:

  • • Gels, aerosol deodorants, hair and body care products.
  • • Decorative cosmetics for eyelashes.
  • • Honey, jam.
  • • Soups, soft curd cheeses (Mozzarella, Ricotta, Mascarpone)

They are packaged in 100 ml hydrocaps. The package must be tightly closed and be ready to present it for inspection.

Will you be allowed to carry clothes in a case on the plane?

Without additional payment, a passenger can carry a suit or dress in a soft travel bag in the cabin, in addition to the main piece of luggage.

How to fly with a wheelchair

Be sure to notify the air carrier after you buy a ticket that you will take a stroller. So you will not encounter difficulties when placing it in the cabin or in the luggage compartment of the liner. If the device folds to the specified dimensions and fits in the cabin of the aircraft, the flight attendant will carry it from the ship’s ladder to the inside. If this is not possible, the chair will be transported in the cargo hold at no additional charge. A person will be able to use the stroller only before boarding.

How to carry baby transport, booster and meals

For a comfortable trip, it is important to choose the size and weight of a suitcase for hand luggage, because Aeroflot strictly monitors compliance with regulations. Products are allowed only those that are necessary for the child. It is better not to prepare mashed potatoes and curds in advance and do not mix them in advance; there will be no questions from the security service if they are packed.

Fixing devices must be of permitted dimensions, and if the product has a certificate, it will be allowed to be installed on a seat for transporting a baby. The main thing is that the weight of the chair should not exceed 7 kg. A baby stroller up to 23 kg can be checked in as baggage, if the transport is folded to a size of 42x50x20 and does not exceed 7 kg, they will be allowed into the cabin with it.

Aeroflot baggage weight

How to carry musical instruments in hand luggage

There are three rules to remember:

  • • compliance with the dimensions (no more than 135x50x30);
  • • placement on the passenger seat;
  • • transportation as a main seat and not in addition to it.

Please notify the airline in advance that you are planning to transport a guitar, as the number of seats on board is limited.

Does Aeroflot allow you to carry food

Food does not belong to the categories prohibited in flight. You can carry any solid food without restrictions: crackers, sweets, snacks, apples and muffins. For liquid broths, yoghurts and purees, an exception is made only for babies. All food that the child will need during the flight, accompanying persons can take without restrictions.

How is the weight of luggage per child calculated?

Adults are allowed as many things as kg of hand luggage in Aeroflot is supposed to be for children. For babies under 2 years old, the cargo that can be taken on board is not calculated.

Allowed baggage weight on an Aeroflot plane

Transportation of sports equipment

All sports equipment within the approved dimensions is transported free of charge. When its dimensions and weight exceed the limits, an additional fee must be paid for it. In addition, the transportation of especially large and heavy items must be agreed in advance with the airline. Excess weight — 23 kg, size — more than 203 cm on three sides.

How to carry purchases from Duty Free

For goods from this store, a simple rule applies: one bag per person with dimensions not exceeding 115 cm. There are no more restrictions. Most importantly, do not open the package before arrival and exit from the airport.

Rules for transporting animals

  1. Summarizing the conditions for the transportation of pets, it should be noted:
  2. The animal will need a special carrying bag of the established size.
  3. The flight must be coordinated with the airline in advance, and you will receive an unambiguous refusal if you decide to transport rodents, spiders, snakes, fish and brachycephalic dogs.
  4. Be prepared to present your veterinary passport and pass the inspection at the airport.
  5. The flight of a pet is paid separately, with the exception of a guide dog with a blind owner who has supporting documents.

Can I take medicines on the plane

Take care of the prescription from the doctor for the medications needed during the flight. Syringes must be checked in as baggage, and liquid medicines must be carried according to the rules for transporting liquids, packing them in a bag.

What is prohibited to carry

  • • Liquid, soft and creamy substances without appropriate packaging.
  • • Sharp, cutting objects.
  • • Fireworks, firecrackers, gas cylinders, flammable substances.
  • • Alcoholic drinks.
  • • Weapons, including toys.
  • • Rechargeable lithium batteries.

Weight of baggage on Aeroflot aircraft

The airline has adopted a system for accounting for cargo, in which it is considered piece by piece, and in the cargo compartment a certain number of places are allocated for the things of each passenger. The maximum dimensions of a suitcase that can be carried out according to the standards without surcharges are 158 cm by the sum of the lengths, heights, widths and depths.

How much baggage can a passenger check in without extra charge

The amount of cargo allowed to be carried depends on the fare paid by the traveler and will not change if you decide to pay extra for an upgrade at the airport.

Table of norms


Number of seats

Weight in kilograms










Aeroflot suitcase weight

How much baggage is allowed on an Aeroflot plane

Depending on the class of service, each seat is entitled to either 23 or 32 kg. The maximum free weight of cargo in the Business category is 64 kg, the minimum in the Economy category is 23 kg.

How much baggage is checked in per child

For children under two years old, one place can be held with three parameters up to 115 cm and not more than 10 kg. Baggage for a child with a ticket over 2 years old is calculated as for an adult passenger.

Is it possible to calculate the total weight and dimensions

When you are not flying alone, use the joint cargo options for things. Aeroflot summarizes the indicators of volume, length and width. For two, your suitcases can weigh 46 kg and not exceed 316 cm.

How much do I need to pay extra for excess baggage

You can carry weight from 23 to 32 kg per seat free of charge. It depends on the category of the ticket. If there are more things, the surcharge will be 2500 rubles. for the second and 7500 r. for subsequent flights on Aeroflot domestic flights. For excess weight up to 32 kg, a fee of 2500 rubles is taken, up to 50 kg — 5000 rubles.

Surcharge table


Excess (weight or number of seats)

Tariffs for domestic flights in rubles

Prices for international flights in rubles.

One place


2500 3,000-7,000

two places

Third and beyond 7 500 8 000-14 000

23 kg

up to 32 kg 2500 7,000–8,000

23 kg

from 32 to 50 kg 5000 8 000 — 14 000

Hand luggage parameters Aeroflot

How to carry equipment for skiers and snowboarders

Free of charge to the main places it is allowed to carry a set of ski equipment in a case weighing up to 23 kg of any size. Previously, transportation is carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations of transportation.

How to check in a bike

Transport will be included in the free limit, even if it exceeds the dimensions of 158 cm in three dimensions. The main thing is that it passes by weight, otherwise payment cannot be avoided.

How much is the flight for equipment divers and surfers

General guidelines apply for free baggage and oversize surcharges. The only exception is the ability to transfer equipment weighing up to 23 kg along with items on certain flights to the Maldives, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hand luggage parameters on an Aeroflot plane

How to carry fishing tackle and sticks

There are no special exceptions to this list, so everything will be transported free of charge within the limits. If there are a lot of other bags, bring clubs with a surcharge.

Should I donate musical instruments?

It is most convenient and safest to put them on the next seat in the cabin, but when this is not possible, they put it in luggage. Please note that the company is only partially responsible for possible damage. Given the allowable weight of hand luggage on an Aeroflot plane, it is better to take fragile and valuable items with you.

No surcharge is required if the size standards are not exceeded, when the weight fluctuates in the range of 32-50 kg or the size is more than 203 cm in three dimensions, an agreement is required one and a half days before the flight.

Is the baby carriage paid?

No payment is required if the vehicle weighs no more than 23 kg. You can take your child to the gangway in it, having previously informed the airport staff about this and attaching a special tag to it.

Aeroflot hand luggage dimensions and weight

List of things that will not be taken on a plane

The following are prohibited for transportation:

  • • E-Sigs.
  • • Lighters both on gasoline and gas.
  • • Weapons, shells and cartridges. They are transported separately from items in the luggage compartment.
  • • Alcohol, stronger than 70 degrees or more than 5 liters.
  • • Rechargeable batteries.
  • • Substances with chemical properties of increased danger.
  • • Elements forming a magnetic field.

Can I bring weapons

There is no categorical prohibition for its transportation. Special rules have been approved for certain categories of baggage allowance on the Aeroflot official website, so passengers need to be prepared for additional checks and time-consuming check-in and pick-up of their property at the airport.


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