Do I need to take off my backpack in public transport — rules of conduct

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In Russia, there are no uniform rules that determine whether you need to take off your backpack in public transport or not. The main requirement is that “hand luggage” should not interfere with others. In practice, in buses, subways, trains, there is a lot of controversy about this. Let’s figure out why conflicts appear, how to avoid them and ensure comfort for all passengers.

Why don’t you take off your backpack?

By definition, a backpack is a type of bag worn over the shoulder with straps. If a person has bought such an accessory, it is important for him that his hands are free. The reasons why passengers do not take off their backpacks in public transport can be different:

  • Busy hands. In one hand, a person can hold a package, a handbag, an umbrella, or anything else. The second should be free to hold on to the handrail. If you do not hold on, you can fall — get injured or injure others.
  • The content is very heavy. Putting on and taking off a heavy backpack is physically difficult. It is not always possible to do this without outside help. Especially if you have a voluminous tourist model.
  • There are chronic diseases. There are many diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.) in which it is difficult to hold even a small weight in your hands for a long time — painful sensations appear.

As you can see, if a person got on a bus or subway car and did not take off his backpack from his shoulders, this is not necessarily boorish and ignorant.

Why does a backpack interfere with other passengers?

It happens that a person simply does not understand that he somehow creates discomfort for others. Bright representatives of this category of people are schoolchildren. If the parents have not explained to the child the rules of behavior in public transport, fellow travelers can talk about the inconvenience and possible consequences.

  • If you stand across the bus aisle with a backpack on your shoulders, you will block the way for other passengers. Perhaps someone will hesitate, not be able to get out in time and miss their stop. Other people will squeeze into the narrow passage. First, it is discomfort for them and for you. Secondly, over time, the straps will tear from such exploitation.
  • In cramped conditions, one of the passengers can catch on the zipper sliders or the key chain of the backpack — the outerwear will tear. In this case, a conflict cannot be avoided, especially if the thing was expensive.
  • If you put a backpack on the floor or on the ground, then put it on your shoulders and go into public transport, you will certainly stain those around you.
  • When you walk down the aisle in a crowded subway or bus, the backpack is at the level of the face of the passengers who are sitting. There is a great risk of hooking and injuring them.

How not to disturb others if you are with a backpack

If there are few people in public transport, and you are sure that you will not disturb anyone, you can leave a backpack on your shoulders. During rush hour, it is better to take it off before entering the bus and carry it by the loop or strap in your hands.

If things are heavy, take the bus to a place where you can put your bags. For example, to a special shelf for hand luggage or to double seats that stand back to back (most often such places are located in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe wheels).

Choose a seat on the bus where you can stand with your back to the window and not disturb anyone. Usually such places are located at the back and opposite the middle door.

If there are a lot of people on the bus and there are several stops to go, get in last and stay at the door. Get off at the bus stop, let people pass and get back on. Yes, the trip will not be the most comfortable, but you can leave the backpack on, and you will not interfere with others.

Perhaps the most versatile way to carry a backpack on public transport is to put it on in front. So you practically do not create discomfort to other passengers. And most importantly — the accessory is always in your mind. Fraudsters will not be able to unfasten it or cut it in search of a wallet.

What to do if someone got on the bus and didn’t take off their backpack

The worst solution is to immediately start swearing. Ask the person nicely first. Most likely, he will immediately take off his backpack. If not, the passenger may have good reasons for doing so. Advise him to go somewhere where he can put his things and will not interfere with anyone.

If you have a stubborn principled person in front of you, you can use a folk trick: say that one of the compartments of the backpack is open, perhaps scammers unfastened it and stole something. Usually after this, the backpack is immediately removed from the shoulders.

By the way, wearing things in the back, out of sight, is really unsafe. Such passengers become easy prey for pickpockets.

Treat others with understanding and try to take off your backpack in public transport.