Easy, comfortable, charming — your favorite summer sneakers

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  1. Popular summer patterns and colors
  2. What can you wear with summer sneakers

In terms of simplicity, convenience and democracy, not every shoe can compete with them. From an inconspicuous sporting attribute, they turned into a favorite by many, but what is there — a cult thing already. You probably already understand what we are talking about? Of course, about sneakers.

Women’s sneakers today are becoming part of such images that, say, fifteen years ago, it was not so easy to imagine. Now these comfortable shoes are worn all year round — there are both demi-season and winter insulated models. But in the summer, beautiful fashionistas have the most opportunities to create truly unique bows.

Popular summer patterns and colors

Modern manufacturers give us today a lot of opportunities to choose from: there are plenty of leather, suede, textile models on sale. For summer, of course, fabric sneakers are the most preferred option.

Classic low top sneakers will probably never lose popularity. They are worn barefoot and with sporty short socks. In summer, white and solid color models, bright and muted pastel colors are especially in demand. Young girls also love fun cute colors — stripes, polka dots, floral prints.

A stylish and eye-catching option is overpriced sneakers. Look great on slim tall girls. Not all models are suitable for hot days, but light textile «converses» fit perfectly into the summer style.

The combination of freedom and chic — models on the platform or on the heel. They are chosen by those who know how to dress up, remaining in their favorite style trend. Bright colors, contrasting color combinations and unusual decor make these models especially interesting.

What can you wear with summer sneakers

Today, women’s sneakers have become so familiar everyday shoes that they are not immediately associated with sports style. There are an incredible number of possible combinations, and if you love this style, there is little to limit you. A classic and always winning combination is obtained with denim. Blue or blue jeans with white shoes just look chic. You can add a white or colored shirt.

The same great effect is provided if you wear denim shorts.

There are no less interesting combinations with dresses. You can choose a short light dress of loose fit.

Or wear a long light skirt with a summer jacket, denim jacket, sleeveless jacket. Both high and classic women’s converse in such an ensemble will look good. A simple way to look romantic, young, graceful, mysterious — just the way you want this summer.



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