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Personal style consultant Yana Sobyanina spoke specifically for the online magazine «Shipyards» about how not to cross the visual line.

Have you ever thought about how to dress feminine, attractive, but not vulgar? This question has been relevant for many years: it is one of the most frequently asked. Personally, for me, vulgarity, first of all, manifests itself in human behavior. But our appearance is also a means of communication, and we can also “talk” on it.

I offer you some relevant stylistic tricks that will help you look attractive and not cross that very line of vulgarity. For those who are not used to reading to the end, I give a summary of what I will reveal in the paragraphs below — all these techniques are based on contrasts: masculine with feminine and even girlish, gentle with rough, sporty with glamorous, tight-fitting with voluminous. For the curious, I write in more detail.

Down dressing

If you put on all the best at once and seem perfectly dressed to yourself in the mirror, try taking one thing from the image and replacing it. For example, on casual latex trousers or a tight-fitting skirt on jeans or a crop top embroidered with beads on a regular T-shirt. Or a shirt.

Thus, you will lower the degree of concentration of the outfit with something simpler and at the same time complicate the image stylistically.

Fashion or vulgarity: how to find your edge


Imagine how you put on a super-feminine dress with a cutout, or maybe even two, and standing on stilettos you feel that this is too much for you. But what if I suggest that you put on an oversized jacket over the dress (even just take it from the nearest men’s wardrobe) and put on coarse lace-up boots instead of the usual pumps? It’s a completely different matter. You are still a girl in a revealing dress, but at the same time you stand firmly on your feet and put on a man’s shoulder


The pandemic has taught us to remain comfortable in any incomprehensible situation. How about wearing sneakers or crosses instead of stilettos under your favorite miniskirt? And you will be more comfortable, and your legs will look attractive in a sporty way.


If you want to show a figure, it is enough to focus on one “part of the body”. A tight-fitting skirt can be complemented with a voluminous sweater, if you put on a turtleneck, you can afford an A-silhouette bottom.

Fashion or vulgarity: how to find your edge
In programs about dressing up heroes, they often talk about rules, like this: if you put on a cleavage, then your legs should be covered, or there should be only one cleavage. At the same time, in street style and on the red carpet, we see how these rules are violated, and the images still look luxurious and do not raise unnecessary questions and doubts.
The points above are intended to inspire you, look at your usual images from a different angle, and if you feel harmonious in the most revealing images, you should not hold yourself back. Let this be the very DNA of your style.


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