Fashionable men’s leather shoulder bags 2019

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From this article you will learn:

  • Briefcase as an integral part of the modern image
  • What types of accessories are the most popular
  • What bags for men are fashionable in 2019
  • List of the best and most sought after bags for men
  • Fashionable men’s leather belt bags
  • Features of choice
  • Important Tips

Among the variety of accessories there are truly valuable finds. Let’s analyze the fashion trends of men’s bags in 2019 and give a rating of stylish business and belt products for men from the best manufacturer

Briefcase as an integral part of the modern image

To assess the viability and status of the interlocutor, attention is drawn to such relevant attributes as a belt, watch, shoes and a bag. If an expensive trouser suit is combined with an old sloppy briefcase with holes, then you can say goodbye to a good impression.

There should be several models in the wardrobe that are combined with different things and fit the occasion:

  • • for work
  • •for work;
  • • for romantic meetings;
  • • for fitness and sports;
  • • for everyday affairs.

It is advisable not to mix images and choose the right accent.

Fashionable men's bags 2019

What types of accessories are the most popular

We offer you a rating of fashionable men’s bags in 2019 with photos of all product options — over the shoulder, on the belt and others. We will talk about the features of each variety.

Postman bags or classic messengers

The variant is popular because of its roomy size, but at the same time compact appearance. Not only A4 papers can fit there, but also a miniature netbook, tablet or other voluminous gadget.

The name comes from the shape, which resembles the working ammunition of a postman. They also had a long belt, which most often crossed the body diagonally.

Men's bags 2019 fashion trends

Tablets are an analogue of the first ones, but smaller in size, they are thinner and not so big. But they also remain roomy, and most importantly — ergonomic

Fashionable men's shoulder bags 2019

Casual model

Casual is a middle style between office and casual, so it is used both just when going out, and when going to work, in the case when there is no strict dress code.

Such accessories are comfortable and stylish, they have different parameters, they go well with leather shoes, but they will also look fashionable with light moccasins in summer. Modern collections focus on leather products. An example is the Brialdi catalog.

Fashionable men's shoulder bags

Over shoulder

Mostly they are mounted on the back, but can be worn in the hands. Designed for active young people who love cycling and also tend to carry a lot of things with them every day. Main advantages:

  1. capacity;
  2. ergonomics;
  3. wearing comfort;
  4. style, modern design;
  5. the ability to combine the material of manufacture;
  6. Has two layers of zippers for security.

Fashion bags for men


This is not a briefcase or case, but a soft bag with longer handles. Worn in the palms or on the elbow. Despite the softness of the design, there is no rigid body, the product keeps its shape well, since for a solid product, strong, and therefore hard leather is used, which retains its original parameters well.

Such an accessory gives status to its owner. It is worth taking with you to important meetings and business lunches.

The best men's bags

Good quality sports men’s shoulder bags

For sports, as well as small hikes, voluminous leather or textile products are suitable, which are characterized by increased strength, have a solid bottom and frame, as well as strong handles. Sometimes there is a long strap, it is needed in order to place the accessory on the back.

They are very suitable for carrying shoes, equipment, as well as a change of clothes, but thanks to the material of manufacture and construction, they do not lose their appearance for many years.

Fashionable sports bags for men

For laptops

In the modern world, the actual question is how to take your personal computer with you, but at the same time look stylish. Under this category of people who always carry their PC with them, designers have identified a special niche. These are practical quadrangular capacious products that have a laptop holder inside, separate pockets for the charger and other gadgets, and a long strap outside. They are made either from textiles or from leather.

Good men's leather bags

The main features that have become popular:

  • • Spaciousness. Not only a wallet, a pair of gloves and a smartphone should fit, but also a book, a business card holder and a lot of little things.
  • • Ergonomics. A bag without internal division of space is not the most convenient variety, because all the contents are mixed, and this mess does not correspond to the strictness and orderliness of men’s thoughts.
  • • Status. Regardless of what is in your hands — a diplomat or a sports backpack, it must show that its owner has not only a sense of style, taste, but also sufficient funds to buy a branded item.
  • • Compatibility with clothes. The choice should be guided by the capabilities of your wardrobe.

  • Fashionable belt bags for menFashionable men's bags 2019

    List of the best and most requested bags for men

    Consider the models of the most purchased and frequently seen bags on the streets and on the catwalks. At the same time, they can be made in different styles — casual, sport, business. Choose the right option for you.

    Men’s clutches

    Small accessories of a rectangular shape, characterized by brevity and rigor, small size. They are made mainly from natural and artificial leather. They contain only a minimum of useful things that should always be with you — the keys to the house and car, smartphone, wallet, documents. They usually close with a zipper or have a small strap to wear on the wrist. You can find good options in the Brialdi online store.

    Rating of men's bags

    Fashion backpacks

    They are popular and produced in large quantities, because all men have a request for them. Goods can be divided into student, everyday, urban and tourist. But they are all:

    • • Roomy.
    • • Comfortable to wear on the back, leave hands free.
    • • Suitable for a large target audience.
    • • Do not have a strict seasonality, can be worn in winter, autumn and summer.
    • • Usually found in an affordable price range — from textile to leather branded.

    Fashionable men's leather bags

    The rating of the best men’s travel bags is opened by products made of genuine leather

    Such accessories have a number of advantages:

    • • Great strength — it is not so easy to tear this material both from the outside and from the inside.
    • • Capacity — you can always find different volumes of the main tank.
    • • Durability — quality products will serve you up to 10 years with proper use.
    • • Appearance — stylish and seasoned, without catchy elements, but with a claim to luxury.

    At the same time, the price for them may not be higher than for a suitcase on wheels of a small size.

    In the Brialdi online store you will find a wide selection of travel bags:

    • • for business trips;
    • • for short trips;
    • • for lawyers (Manchester);
    • • multipurpose models (Magellan, Bering, Hudson).

    • Fashion men's bags 2019 for men


    Solid accessories usually have a rectangular shape, they are not closed with a zipper, but with a stronger and more massive lock, which is the most beneficial in terms of security. There should be a small handle on top; you can wear such an accessory exclusively in your hands. The important thing is that the papers inside will not be wrinkled, but will be in perfect order.

    Fashionable men's shoulder bags 2019 photo


    They have been known for a long time, but have not lost their relevance. They replace the less comfortable old-style suitcase, but retain a vintage feel. They always have a rigid shape, impressive volume and rather big weight. Despite the status and interesting non-standard form, in normal everyday conditions, it turns out to be not very convenient.

    Rating of men's bags made of genuine leather

    Fashionable men’s leather belt bags — who opens the rating of good companies

    A wide range of handbags loved by young people is represented by the well-known Brialdi brand. Products of this brand have durability, unique design. What makes this model unique:

    • • Ability to combine with an active lifestyle.
    • • You can complement your image with a stylish accent.
    • • Practical location — convenient to get accessories out of it.
    • • Large selection of bananas (another name) in shape and material.

    • The best men's bags made of genuine leather


    Reminds a diplomat, but less voluminous. It is even rather flat, but remains the same in height and width to fit a sheet of A4 paper. Most often made from leather. They have short handles and are carried only in the hand, there is no strap included. Very elegant, not bulky, but at the same time they perform their functions well. Great for commuting to work and school.

    Fashionable men's document bags

    A little bag

    They are also called purses. The classic shape is a vertically elongated rectangle. They can be closed both with a zipper and with a latch — a more practical and safer option. youth men's bags

    Urban backpacks

    The shoulder position is very comfortable. We have already talked about such models, but this is a separate category — for wearing in the city. Spaciousness is not important here, style and an interesting configuration, the presence of a print come first. There can be both classic leather models and more extravagant ones with unusual color and geometry.

    Fashionable men's shoulder bags 2019

    Large men’s bags

    They have a large volume, are worn on the shoulder, and can have various shapes. They are called universal, especially in a strict, seasoned style. This is because they are roomy enough to be worn everyday and even taken on small trips, but not too bulky to look out of place, for example, with a suit.

    Fashionable men's bags photo


    This is a shapeless bag with no dividers inside. It can be worn on the shoulder or in the hand, but is not combined with many bows. You need to be careful when creating an image, and also not to overload the product with filling.


    Products for men are supplied with leather handles and inserts. They usually go shopping with them. Made of dense fabric, they can be complemented with a print. The drawing is more mature.

    Features of choice

    Pay attention to the following characteristics.


    The classic is a rectangle, while it can be located both horizontally (diplomat, briefcase, clutch) and vertically (backpack, purse). This form is the most common and convenient, as standardized papers, a tablet or a laptop are placed in it.

    The size

    This refers not only to external parameters, but also to internal spaciousness. Think about what things and how much you will need to carry with you daily. Now leave some more space (you can’t completely fill the main part, otherwise it will look sloppy) — this is the volume you need.

    Remember that for requests for large items, there are special categories of garments — backpacks for tourism, sports and trips. You can’t carry them with you every day.

    The most fashionable men's bags


    Leather is becoming popular this season. This is an environmentally friendly sheathing, which has many advantages:

    • • wear resistance;
    • • strength to loads;
    • • stylish appearance;
    • • solidity;
    • • the presence of patterns and textures, if not a calf is used, but a crocodile or python;
    • • no shedding and loss of color;
    • • status.

    Most brand collections support genuine leather.


    Classics — black, brown and blue. These shades are the most sought after in the men’s wardrobe. A palette that is not commonly used is pastel.


    Pay attention to how the handles are attached to the base and how the lock works. If it is a zipper, then it is sewn in or external, how well it opens and closes. If there is a rivet, all metal elements should be inspected so that there are no signs of mechanical stress on them. There are also models with a combination lock.

    Check the location of all internal and external pockets, space dividers, so that everything is placed ergonomically so that things do not get confused or interfere with each other.


    Important Tips

    1. Always be mindful of your style of dress. If there are only sports things there, then the choice of a freer option, not very official, will be relevant.
    2. The price category should correspond to the cost of the rest of the bow.
    3. When choosing a material, be guided by the operating conditions. If there may be precipitation, stop on the skin.
    4. Buy several options in different styles. They will come in handy for different occasions.

    In the article, we examined the most fashionable youth men’s bags and backpacks, showed their photos. To choose a high-quality and stylish accessory for a man, visit the Brialdi website.


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