Fashionable women’s and men’s clutches 2019 for every day

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From this article you will learn:

  • Features of a clutch for a man
  • What should be a clutch: how did the first types of men’s accessories appear
  • What are the types, models and sizes of clutches — types for men and women
  • What clutches are in fashion now — popular models of 2019
  • The most fashionable colors for clutches in 2019
  • Materials of fashionable women’s handbags and men’s clutches: photo images for every day
  • How and with what to wear clutches
  • How to choose a men’s clutch: general rules
  • Where to buy a men’s accessory made of genuine leather: BRIALDI
  • Benefits of genuine leather
  • Clutches made of artificial material
  • Stylish images

This season there are many offers of accessories for men. It is the guys, as statistics have shown, who need a handbag, briefcase or backpack in order to carry things in them. But what if you don’t want to take a massive product, but you only need to take your wallet and phone with you? In the article we will talk about men’s and women’s clutches, show photos and give details about the fashion trends of 2019.

Fashionable clutches

Features of a bag for a man

The current collections for this season offer shapes and models that are suitable for both evening decor and everyday wear. They differ from those worn by girls in the following indicators:

  1. Spaciousness. The product should contain securities and documents, keys with a key fob, as well as a wallet, handkerchief, telephone and other gadgets. Not all containers can accommodate this without problems.
  2. Ease of wearing. Due to the different configurations of handles, straps and holders, this accessory is very suitable for those who do not want to take their hands.
  3. Safety. The closing and opening system is reliable. It is made either with a zipper or with rivets, but is in front of the owner, and not like a backpack — at the back. In addition, there are hidden pockets inside that conveniently organize the space.
  4. Stylish design. The material is leather, only it looks expensive, but not pretentious, but strict and elegant. The option can be in black, brown and deep blue, but the main thing is that it does not catch the eye, but rather complements the image.
  5. Versatility and a wide range. Most models are suitable for everyday wear and for work. But there are products of a narrow profile, for example, for sports. Thanks to a large selection, it will not be difficult for you to find the right option in a sporty style.
  6. Various price categories. The price depends on the brand and quality. If you can still save money on the first one, then the last one is not recommended. You will find high-quality models made of genuine leather on the website of the Brialdi online store.

photo clutches

What should be a clutch: how did the first types of men’s accessories appear

The predecessor is a wallet, which has the shape of a rectangle and a clasp in the form of a clip. Translation of the word «clutch» — «compress, clasp», clamping device. This is due to its direct function. Initially, they were used only for carrying money, and the first coins date back to the 7th century BC. Even then they did not have a gender difference, they belonged to both men and women.

With the development of fashion, eminent designers included small handbags in their collections. They became very popular when the famous Coco Chanel was at the peak of her fame. She always decorated her outfits with small purses or minaudières.

And in the fifties, the popular fashion designer, Christian Dior, himself appeared before the public with a clutch bag of his own making. So officially the accessory entered men’s fashion.

Then, at the beginning of the 21st century, a real boom began for this piece of clothing. Since then, the leather thing often flaunts on the belt or in the hands of the guys. And always pays special attention to the natural material in the manufacture.

Women's clutch photo

What are the types, models and sizes of clutches — types for men and women

Basically, they differ in the shape of the container, the configuration of the handle and the closing mechanism. Female and male varieties do not actually differ from each other in structure, only in decor, color and materials used. For girls, the use of textiles is still considered the norm, especially if it is thickly embroidered with sequins or embroidery. In the strong half, the fabric is considered suitable only for a sporty style.

Distinguished by configuration:

  • • A rectangle stitched on both sides (or only on one side, in which case it opens like a book). The most common, seasoned, concise and very comfortable. It resembles a massive wallet, but not only money is placed in it, but also keys, a smartphone.
  • • Having a small handle in the form of a loop from a narrow strip of leather. Frees hands, fastens on one wrist and with a slight movement again fits into the palm of your hand.
  • • Wider form of a diplomat, that is, a briefcase with an overlapping top. It looks very advantageous for those who work with papers and prefer to wear a suit to the office and to meetings.
  • • The back handle is a flat, convex element. You can put your palm into it, leaving the main accessory on the back.
  • • Non-standard configurations. They are not common and only among those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

What clutches are in fashion now — popular models of 2019

Among the wide range you can find many products that are different in their appearance, price category, and most importantly — for their intended purpose. Consider all available options.


An ordinary money clip or a narrow purse is not intended for coins or, even more so, for keys. They usually fold across to fit in a jacket pocket. Now such accessories are recognized not only to be practical, but also stylish. If the goal is to transfer the contents from the car to the destination, then it will be very convenient and beautiful to carry such a clutch in your hands. The undoubted advantage is spaciousness. Here at the same time there can be — paper money and coins, a driver’s license and documents for a car, a bunch of business cards and cards.

Fashion clutches 2019

Zip bag

The most popular model. Optimally fits the image of a young guy, a student, and a respectable man. It is large in relation to the wallet, so a lot can fit there. This is a full-fledged men’s reticule with one or two layers of fasteners, internal pockets. It usually has a rectangular shape and holds a passport, gadgets, a key holder, and a wallet.

Fashionable clutches 2019 photo for women

Purse for documents and money

We are going to increase the size and expand the free space inside. This is an analogue of previous models, it can also be made with a zipper or a fastener. But it contains much more. It can be taken even on long trips as a handy bag for all sorts of little things. At the same time, the ergonomics inside allows you to arrange objects so that they do not rub against each other, but fit perfectly. The appearance is very stylish and suitable for business people.

Beautiful clutches


They strongly fall out of the presented series, because they have a completely different purpose. Their practicality lies in the fact that even with vigorous movements and completely free hands, they will not interfere. Unlike sports-style backpacks, these are more compact and therefore comfortable models. With them you can ride a bike, participate in a hike or just spend a workout in the fresh air. The bag itself is attached to elastic or solid straps, can be placed behind the back.

Clutch how to wear

For phone

This is not quite a cover, but it performs the same functions — it protects against falls, from moisture, and also from robbers. But at the same time, the appearance corresponds to a small accessory and has a strap for holding or a zipper. Sometimes it can combine a wallet, wallet, but the shape should remain the same small.

Clutches 2019 fashion trends photo

With combination lock

In appearance, they can be any of the above types, but more often they are made in a very strict form, have black or brown colors, and such products belong exclusively to status and wealthy people. The main difference is the presence of a clasp with a code that protects against theft.

Clutch sizes

Over shoulder

They are very convenient, because they do not occupy the hands, but at the same time they are much easier and faster to remove than, for example, a bag on the belt. Here the size can be much larger, but in order for it to fall into the “clutch” category, you should not take too large, they will not be in harmony with the suit. They are more suitable for everyday wear, combined with clothes in summer, and with coats and jackets in winter.

Stylish clutches

The most fashionable colors for clutches in 2019: photos of women’s and men’s trends

It is easiest for girls to choose, they look at the shade of the dress and other things and buy a novelty for the already established assortment of their wardrobe. Under such a large request for halftones, designers offer a large color palette.

For guys, there are not many options, for them there are rarely saturated colors — they are found mainly in sports models. Deeper, more mature and strict colors are more popular, as they are optimally suited to any suit, and go well with leather shoes. You can find men’s clutches:

  • • dark blue;
  • • brown;
  • • black.

The print rarely appears. Rather, it will be a change in texture, due to which a small pattern is applied. Pictures also rarely adorn an accessory for men. Only the logo will stand out.

Types of clutches

Materials of fashionable women’s handbags and men’s clutches: photo images for every day

We have already noted that girls often take products from non-natural samples — synthetic fabric, leatherette. While the guy must have natural skin. It is stylish, practical and durable. Most fashion houses work with the delicate skin of a young calf. Another animal used for dressing is the crocodile. But reptile skins are not cheap, but they will show everyone the status of the owner.

Even more extravagant and expensive models are made of python. The pattern is very aggressive, suitable for self-confident representatives of the stronger sex.

Fashion clutches 2019 photo women's trends

How and with what to wear clutches

Here you have a lot of options. They will look with:

  • • A classic suit or trousers with a shirt. Can be combined with a belt, focus on a tie.
  • • A casual outfit. Here it is better to look at the options on the belt, and you can also safely experiment with colors.
  • • Sports suit — special bags for sports are suitable.
  • • Everyday bow — take a purse or purse.

Focus on the same pricing policy. An expensive accessory will look bad against the background of a cheap wardrobe. It should be an addition to the image, and not a primary focus.

Fashionable clutches 2019 photo

How to choose a men’s clutch: general rules

  • • Focus on the brand, price and quality of the product. All seams must be well taped, the product cannot stain your hands, even if your palms sweat.
  • • Choose leather — it is stronger and more reliable than other materials, but check its authenticity, because you can easily be offered an artificial substitute.
  • • When trying on, put on the accessory immediately with the things that you will wear. Check out the sizes.
  • • Try to fit all the necessary items inside. Be sure to check all the locks, the presence of pockets that make the interior space ergonomic.

Where to buy a men’s accessory made of genuine leather: BRIALDI

This is an online store with a wide range of exclusive models. It is exclusively hand-tailored, and not stamped bags of the same type. The brand offers quality, exclusive fashion details, only genuine calf leather, hundreds of stylish offerings and affordable prices. Women can choose a 2019 fashionable clutch for their lover, husband, son, father or colleague. Such a gift will be not only pleasant, but also very practical.

Inside the space is very ergonomic. There are lines of different shapes — hard and soft, rectangular and slightly elongated, with handles and over the shoulder.

Photo gallery

Women's clutch bagsBeautiful clutch photo

What clutches are in fashion 2019Stylish men's clutch

Benefits of genuine leather


  • • Aesthetic appearance.
  • • Wear resistance and service life.
  • • Moisture resistance. The contents and lining will not get wet even with heavy rain in autumn and spring.
  • • Plasticity. Due to the property of stretching and returning to its original position, many items are placed in handbags.
  • • The disadvantage is considered — a higher cost, but if you buy a thing for many years, then it’s worth it.

Clutches made of artificial material

Eco-leather is sometimes created very high quality, but the service life will be much shorter. It is made as follows: a polymer coating is applied to the fabric lining. This allows you to make any pattern and texture. So you can make a fake crocodile skin, which will be very cheap.

Stylish images

Let’s see photos of how you can create a men’s bow with a small accessory.

Clutch bags photoClutch 2019 Fashion

Video review

We talked about the most beautiful clutches for men, how to choose and wear them correctly, and also showed photos, picked up images to wear. Look stylish with the Brialdi online store, here you will find fashionable quality models at an attractive price.


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