Fashionable women’s bags of 2019.

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Women’s handbag is a truly iconic accessory, without which it is simply impossible to do without. In the wardrobe of any fashionista, there is always a handbag suitable for a variety of situations and complementing the images of its owner. What bag should you choose in 2019?
Let’s start with color. The color of the handbag this season can be the most diverse. Preference should be given to black, beige, red, blue, chocolate and bright, saturated shades. Favorite accessory can be round, triangular, have the shape of a bag and a micro bag. An important factor in choosing a fashion bag is seasonality. Here are the top trends for 2019.

Fashion bags spring-summer 2019.

This season, classic strict briefcases made of plain materials, rectangular handbags, folder bags, suitcases and suitcase-shaped bags have come into fashion. The classic model is not only elegant, but also incredibly practical. It is suitable for business meetings, for study and just as a favorite everyday accessory. The current color this season is blue, chocolate, green, red and white.


In the photo: Marc Jacobs bags (art. M0014322 698 blush multicolor) and Innue (art. 301 red)

Another hit of this season is a small handbag held on the wrist with a thin strap. Designers even recommend carrying some models with a handle on the shoulder, if it is not too long. The color of the bag can be varied. This model looks more advantageous in brilliant colors. It can be plain, but effectively decorated with rhinestones, stones and decorative inserts.

The main task of the handbag in the summer of 2019 is practicality and comfort. The tote bag does the job perfectly. It can have both the largest and smallest size, the size of the wallet.

For several seasons, designers have been sewing cylinder bags with animal prints and safari-style patterns and African and Asian motifs that are now fashionable.

If that year the leopard was the brightest and most fashionable print, today reptiles are replacing it. Handbags made of this material symbolize luxury and wealth.


In the photo: Lucia Lombardi bags (art. 963 dark green croc) and Ripani (art. 9202 SO 00006 beige croc).

Fashion bags fall-winter 2019.

Among the novelties of the autumn-winter season there will be bags made of fur. The model can be made entirely of fur or decorate its individual parts in the form of stripes, inserts, fringes. The color scheme is multifaceted — it can be both bright, saturated colors, and calm colors that complement the main image of the owner of the handbag.


Pictured: Danse Lente bag (ref. DS0015 blue sheep) and Innue backpack (ref. 235 gray metallic fur).

Belt bags are presented on the designer catwalks. This accessory is made in bright colors, decorated with stones, rhinestones and chains.
The main focus of this season is a wide belt. It is important to note that the bag can be of any size. The main distinguishing feature of this model is a wide, massive strap, decorated with embroidery, logo, embossing or rivets.


In the photo: M★BRC bags (art. S151 cream) and Furla (art. 1007913 white).

Another spectacular novelty of the autumn-winter season is a bag with a predatory pattern or animal print. Moreover, leopard colors fade into the background, and another new trend confidently replaced them — the color of the zebra.

And completes the new design vision — a harmonious ratio of practicality and comfort 1 + 1. The large practical bag comes with a small bag for small items. It attaches to a large «parent» bag, but it can be created by a completely different designer, which adds to its attractiveness even more.

Despite the cold season, the trendy colors of bags will be turquoise, pink, yellow, scarlet and other rich shades. The classic cage, patchwork mosaic, a combination of two colors — color and counter-color — are also relevant.

We hope that this article and the wide range of our online store will help you always look amazing and stylish!



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