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  1. What is the best backpack for a first grader?
  2. Children’s orthopedic backpack — what is it?
  3. Compartments and pockets
  4. The appearance of a backpack for a first grader

School years remain a memory for adults only for a while. You won’t have time to look back, when the time comes to collect your own children in the first class. Troubles sometimes take the whole of August — there is so much to do! Where does school fees start? Of course, with the choice of a backpack.

What is the best backpack for a first grader?

Parents who are preparing the future first-grader for the first time are the most difficult. Firstly, the assortment of modern stores strikes the imagination: try it, make the only right decision among all this diversity. You can also look at the rating of school backpacks on the Web and completely lose your head when you see the cost of the first positions. Secondly, there are many knowledgeable and experienced people around who give advice. Which of them should be adopted, and which should not be trusted?

In fact, when choosing any school goods — in particular, the same backpack for a first grader, it is worth reading the reviews of other parents. Nevertheless, those selection criteria that are mentioned most often are the most important. Knowing them, it will be easier to navigate and buy exactly what is best for your child. Here is a summary of the most common tips and tricks:

— An orthopedic backpack for a first-grader is a prerequisite for choosing.

— The backpack should be light enough to weigh no more than two and a half kilograms together with school supplies.

— Colors and design are not as important as the presence of reflective elements — this is a matter of child’s safety.

— The more pockets and compartments, internal and external, the more comfortable the backpack.

And now let’s try to deal with each of these fair statements separately.

Children’s orthopedic backpack — what is it?

Strictly speaking, any comfortable school backpack that meets sanitary standards can be called orthopedic. So, calmly: you do not have to look for some specialized stores and buy something completely unusual at a fabulous price. We go to a regular store with a large selection of backpacks and look at the following characteristics: back, straps, volume and weight.

The last criterion is usually the most difficult. After all, as we have already said, together with all the contents (textbooks, notebooks, albums, lunchboxes, pencil cases, etc.), a first grader’s satchel should weigh a maximum of 2.5 kg. This is the prevention of curvature of posture and other health problems. And, in the end, I don’t want the newly-made schoolboy to get tired from physical activity, because the beginning of studies is usually not easy for any child anyway.

It turns out that you need to choose a model no heavier than a kilogram, and if you can find it easier, even better. Some moms and dads generally take things seriously: they bring already bought school supplies with them and weigh the backpack with them. This gives the most clear idea of ​​whether it is worth taking a particular model or not.

And it is also important not to forget that it is difficult for a first-grader to immediately get used to the new regimen. Often, children simply forget to remove from their satchel those things that will not be needed at school tomorrow — as a result, the bag is overloaded. Therefore, in the first weeks of study, it definitely makes sense for parents to follow such things.

The back of the orthopedic backpack is designed so as to fit snugly against the back of the owner, but not to put pressure on it. It is quite rigid, but has a special soft insert — just for the correct position on the back and shoulders.

Pay attention to how the straps are adjusted so that the first grader himself can tighten or loosen them. At the same time, the fixation must be reliable, otherwise the backpack will begin to constantly slide, and the child’s shoulders will be skewed. Comfortable shoulder straps — wide, with soft pads inside.

How to understand that the model is the right size? Very simple: the top is not higher than the line of the shoulders, and the lower part is flush with the lower back. The shape of modern backpacks and knapsacks are different, but rectangular models are considered optimal.

Compartments and pockets

As for the volume, here such a simple requirement decides a lot: the backpack must contain everything you need. So that, for example, an album for drawing does not have to be folded in half, and for books you need to take an additional bag with you. This is another reason (besides weighing, which was mentioned above) to take already purchased training supplies with you.

Actually, in the process of such a “trying on”, it also becomes clear whether there are enough compartments in the selected backpack, as well as external pockets. Most often, it is convenient for children to have several pockets: then you can put everything in its place and not later look for keys among colored pencils.

The appearance of a backpack for a first grader

Another thing that mothers of first graders have to come to terms with is that it is unlikely that a son’s or daughter’s backpack will always look perfect. For the most part, seven-year-olds are quite active, which means that the satchel will fall to the ground from time to time, move down the ice slide and participate in other exciting adventures. But you should not worry too much, because modern manufacturers take care of such things in advance. The current school backpacks do not get wet in the rain and snow, but at the same time they are quite easy to wash and clean from dirt.

As for the design, color, images on the backpack, it’s better to choose it all together with the future owner. Believe me, he is definitely aware of the modern fashion for cartoon characters, films, and most importantly, he will make a decision in accordance with his taste and hobbies. So the backpack is much more likely to become a first-grader’s favorite thing and create pleasant associations with his studies. After all, it is a great success — if your child likes to learn. And even such a simple thing as a school backpack can play a role in this for a first grader.



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