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  1. What you need to know about New Balance sneakers
  2. New Balance sneaker collections
  3. Original or fake?

In a large sports shoe store, it is easy to get lost if you are not used to it. So many brands, models, colors at once. But sneakers with the letter N on the side are definitely not to be missed. First, a rather prominent logo. Secondly, in a good store, the New Balance brand is probably not represented in two or three model variants. And finally, if you ask a sales assistant what kind of shoes you should pay attention to, you will most likely be called this company. How little do you know about her? Let’s get acquainted.

What you need to know about New Balance sneakers

It’s worth starting with the name. Well, yes: balance, stability, balance … What is unusual in these words when it comes to shoes? And why, I wonder, New? What is fundamentally new here? Just the fact that the creator of these sneakers, William Riley, came up with the idea to give the shoe extraordinary stability. Make it so convenient that there are no precedents for this. The case, for a moment, was at the very beginning of the last century. What is taken for granted today for us, then could really be a breakthrough. And it became.

Riley embodied his idea in creating an arch support for new sneakers. It had three anchor points, like a chicken’s foot. Believe it or not, it is said that this poultry was the inspiration for the inventor’s new development. So the company gets the name New Balance and begins to manufacture sports shoes. In the following decades, the brand more than once received the recognition of famous athletes and simply an interested public.

In the 60s, the big event was the release of the Trackster line. Sneakers differed from previous models with an improved tread and heel fixation. But the main thing is that it was the first collection in which the sizes differed not only in length, but also in the fullness of the foot. «Traksters» glorified the company and remained its calling card for a long time.

The lineup of «New Balance» became more and more. Over time, not only people involved in sports became fans of the brand. Comfortable, beautiful versatile footwear attracts everyone who leads an active lifestyle. New Balance managed to be the favorite sneakers of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, and many famous people in show business. A separate line of shoes was made in the nineties for the Israeli army. Later, this model of sneakers became extremely popular, and today it is already considered a rarity.

New Balance sneaker collections

Adult models of sneakers, both for men and women, are available today in many variations. We will not list the collections, they are constantly updated. So it is difficult to study the entire range within the article. We list the types of shoes that the company produces.

Running shoes — there are a lot of such models in the assortment. If you are running, then you can choose shoes taking into account all the features of your training. The length of the distance, the running surface, the features of the foot — all this is taken into account by the developers.

Casual sneakers, classic. These are, as a rule, suede models of various colors. The design of the sole and upper in them is designed for constant wear.

Training — for practicing a variety of types of physical education and sports. For the first choice, it is better to use the advice of a consultant, because sneakers for various activities have their own characteristics.

Hiking shoes are indispensable friends of those who do not like to sit still in their free time. As a rule, these are overpriced models with a thick ribbed sole.

Walking shoes — yes, there are such. Outwardly, they differ little from everyday ones, but the design is designed specifically for walking.

Specialized lines for professional athletes — football, tennis, etc.

Separately, it is worth mentioning children’s shoes. It is available for boys and girls of all ages, starting with the smallest sizes. By the way, New Balance takes into account all orthopedic requirements, which is especially important when choosing children’s shoes. And of course, children always like bright sneakers, in which, moreover, it is convenient to run and jump.

Original or fake?

This question is a real pain for those who prefer good shoes. After all, it can be really difficult to distinguish a fake. The most skillful «pirated versions» are made just under the label of well-known companies — it is most profitable to fake them. Well, we arm ourselves with the information necessary for a successful purchase.

In fact, in this situation, we are much more fortunate than previous generations. Yes, fake products are now more skillfully. But we have the Internet. If you go to the store for a specific model of shoes, but you have doubts, check the appearance of the sneakers with those that are on the official New Balance website. Or take a photo of your favorite sneakers to compare at home, in a relaxed environment. It is better to delay the purchase a little than to regret it later. The cost, by the way, is also worth comparing. If it is lower in the store than on the website, then you have a fake. On the contrary, of course, it can be.

Another important feature of the original is the appearance of the product. Look at the photos of the shoes. All finishing — seams, inscriptions, connection of parts — are made very carefully. This, of course, is not surprising — given the reputation of the company. But still, scammers often approach the design not so scrupulously.

A distinctive signature feature of New Balance sports lines is the model number on the tongue. On the original sneakers, it is never indicated on the back or side, or somewhere else.

However, very often counterfeiters do not bother to create an exact copy of a well-known brand. They just make a similar silhouette, a logo, a similar (but different) brand name. And the mass of fakes diverges like hot cakes, due to the usual inattention of buyers. The seller is not formally to blame: he did not forge the company, but simply offered a similar product.

There is only one conclusion from this: the better you study the features of the brand, the more likely you are to buy the original model. And for complete peace of mind, choose a trouble-free way — buy shoes only in stores with a proven reputation.




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