How to choose a bag for a girl for every day

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From this article you will learn:

  • How to choose
  • Criterias of choice
  • Trend touches
  • How many accessories should be
  • Pair with casual outfits
  • Pair with vintage style
  • How to choose a comfortable bag for shoes
  • Tips for choosing from designers
  • Under what bag is selected: tips for choosing
  • Types of male models
  • Pros and cons of the presented varieties
  • How to take care of leather goods
  • Repair
  • Shopping at Brialdi

A perfectly matched accessory can transform any person. To find a suitable model, sometimes you have to spend enough time, because it is easy to get confused among modern, practical, business and other types. In this article, you will learn how to choose a beautiful fashionable bag for girls and boys for every day.

Bags for girls

How to choose

When buying, it is worth adhering to some time-tested truths that are relevant today. We will talk about them later in our review.

Criterias of choice

There are a large number of parameters that must be considered when purchasing a new reticule. Let’s take a closer look at the most important of them.

How to choose a bag

By body type

The appearance of the product plays an important role in creating the desired image. Experts recommend choosing those models whose lines are opposite to your body. For example, tall people with a slender waist should look at rounded handbags. But too small accessories are best avoided. For ladies and men with the described parameters, roomy large options are also suitable. Girls and guys with average height fit more small forms. Fat people need to look at minimalistic ones with straight lines. If you have a short stature, you should opt for small types.

How and what to choose the color and size of the bag

Universal shades should be preferred, because a casual accessory should be combined with jeans and a trouser suit and light summer sundresses. The following tones are considered the most successful:

  • • brown;
  • • black;
  • • pastel;
  • • dark blue;
  • • wine;
  • • dairy;
  • • emerald;
  • • dark grey.

As for the representatives of the stronger sex, they should choose rich dark shades of brown, blue and black. Many are interested in what the color of the bag should be combined with. When buying, rely on things from your wardrobe and select products that are in harmony with at least one of the elements of the image you have created.

Which bag to choose

Why you should avoid fakes

Everything is simple here, the quality of non-original ones is very low, and therefore such an accessory will not serve you for a long time. In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, buy goods only in specialized stores. A distinctive feature of branded bags are the following criteria.

  1. Perfectly even seams.
  2. The fittings are securely fastened and have a special marking.
  3. The lining of the product is made of durable fabric.

You can purchase high-quality men’s products made of genuine leather in the Brialdi online store.

Hardware Features

Additional elements on the accessory should be in moderation. It is better to refuse options with a lot of sparkles, rhinestones or spikes. Also, for everyday wear, models with prints are not suitable. Too much decor reduces the cost of the product. In high-quality goods, all locks and other fasteners work properly and do not jam.

An important point is the choice of the color of the metal fittings of the bag. For example, if it is a silver shade, then all jewelry should repeat this color.

How to choose a bag for every day

The form

This criterion can affect the perception of your image as a whole. Structured models are considered ideal. If in your closet most of the things have strict straight lines, then the accessory will repeat them. The material from which it is sewn must be rigid, this will allow it to keep its shape. For people who prefer less strict outfits, rounded options with rounded lines are suitable. Universal for all is the shape of a rectangle.

Which material is better

The most common and highest quality raw material is genuine leather. The advantages of leather accessories include the following points:

  1. Not afraid of sudden changes in temperature.
  2. Will not crack after prolonged use.
  3. High-quality lining provides reliable protection for personal belongings.

When choosing a leather women’s and men’s bag, you should give preference to the classic black and brown hue. It personifies the wealth of its owner and emphasizes his status.

How to choose a women's bag

Other details

It is the various little things that make the product unique, turning the everyday element of the wardrobe into something truly special. When buying, you need to pay attention to the following points.

  1. Texture. As a casual look, ladies often choose leather models, as well as options with a slight relief.
  2. Lining. Since the basic accessory is used quite often, it is important that it is made of high-quality and durable materials from the inside.

In addition, colleagues and other people around you see the inner part. If you take care of yourself and dress with a needle, then the accessory should match this image. Inside the described thing, it is necessary to maintain perfect order. Next, a photo is presented of how to choose a men’s and women’s bag for every day in a basic wardrobe.

How to choose a women's bag

Trend touches

Even a nondescript thing can be diversified with bright accents. The most important thing in this case is not to overdo it, as too many details indicate a lack of taste. One of the options below will suffice.


Suitable for extraordinary people who want to stand out from the crowd. A small amount of chrome and metal elements will add zest to the created image.

elegant jewelry

In addition to the basic components, the described accessory can be supplemented with the following details:

  • • key rings;
  • • logo;
  • • all kinds of stripes.

After you learned how to choose the right women’s and men’s bag for every day, it’s time to talk about how you can decorate it. Many young people are very fond of decorating it with soft details, adding playful notes to the created image. For the summer season, you can choose a fringe that goes well with shorts and sandals.


Another bright detail that looks quite attractive. Prints look interesting, as well as the widespread leopard, zebra and reptile skin. The cost of such models is different. They are combined with safari and military style.

How to choose a bag

How many accessories should be

Bags in the wardrobe are always not enough for modern girls. However, there is a certain minimum, which is the basic set. Let’s consider it in more detail:

  1. A casual handbag is a roomy model that can easily fit all the necessary little things.
  2. Business bag — people working in the office should take a closer look at special briefcases or totes.
  3. Items for going out — all kinds of clutches and other small models that you can take with you to special occasions.
  4. Now you know what bags should be in the wardrobe of any woman.

Pair with casual outfits

Demonstrative simplicity is in fashion today. A style of clothing that implies convenience and comfort is the best fit for everyday wear. Let’s talk about how to choose accessories for practical things from the basic wardrobe.

As well as possible, voluminous totes fit the casual style. They pair perfectly with the classic look. When choosing such models, it is worth stopping at matte options sewn from genuine leather. The proposed type of product is suitable for both winter and summer seasons.

Many are concerned about the question of how to choose the right bag for clothes and coats. In both cases, it should complement the elements of the wardrobe.

How to choose a bag

Pair with vintage style

This is perhaps one of the most difficult directions, which involves the fashion trends of the past. It is quite difficult to combine it with everyday things. However, vintage elements of the wardrobe will emphasize the unique uniqueness and femininity. As for accessories, the banana model is the best fit here. Thanks to the soft shape and the strap, this product can be used as an everyday one.

How to choose a comfortable bag for shoes

In the past, it was fashionable to have the same colors for these elements. However, the situation has changed somewhat — style directions should be in harmony.

Tips for choosing from designers

  1. Decide on the format and size of the desired accessory. Choose the color of the bag based on the everyday items in your wardrobe, as the image you create should be harmonious.
  2. Give preference to natural materials, they will last much longer.
  3. Accessories should be as durable and attractive as possible. A patch with the name of a well-known brand, original buttons and rivets will add zest to the image.

How to choose a bag for clothes

Under what bag is selected: tips for choosing

  1. Under the style of other accessories.
  2. Under one of the colors of clothes.
  3. Under skin tone.
  4. Under shoes.

Stopping the choice is on the handbag that looks the most advantageous.

Types of male models

Options for the representatives of the stronger sex should have an attractive appearance and contain everything you need: devices, a wallet, keys and other necessary things. In addition to convenience, such an element brings a finishing touch to the created image.

Messenger bag

The most capacious model that can be sewn from genuine leather or textile fabric. Inside it is a lot of different compartments for storing the necessary little things.

What bag to buy


This is a smaller version of the previous variety, which is made only from leather. Inside there are up to 3 compartments, and on the outside there is a convenient pocket.

Women's bags for every day


The most popular model, which easily accommodates everything you need: a pen, pencil, notepad, smartphone, keys, documents. Outwardly, it is a small product with comfortable handles or a loop.

What bags should be in the wardrobe


This option is suitable for carrying folders with documents, gadgets and other necessary things. The shape can be rectangular or square. On sale you can find options with comfortable handles or a belt.

Convenient bags


A small model designed to carry only the most necessary things: banknotes, bank cards, telephone. It may have a built-in belt. Wear the product should be at the waist, slightly shifting it to the side. When sewing it, genuine leather is used as a material.


It is a capacious elongated handbag for girls and boys, which has two reliable handles. Externally, the product resembles a leather bag. It can be worn both on the shoulder and in the hands.


A versatile option that can be used in everyday life. It has a large size and stylish appearance.

How to choose a leather bag for men


Outwardly, it looks like a small suitcase. This option can be used for travel. Material — genuine leather.

Now you know how to choose a quality leather men’s bag and what are the most common models for everyday use.

Basic wardrobe bags

Pros and cons of the presented varieties

The quality index is directly affected by the price of the goods. Expensive products are distinguished by a stylish and sophisticated appearance, they are made only from natural reliable materials and are able to maintain their original appearance for a long time. The only downside is their high cost.

How to take care of leather goods

During operation, any handbag needs periodic cleaning. As it gets dirty with a sponge and soapy water, clean it from accumulated dirt. For these purposes, you can also use specialized solutions. After wiping, gently wipe the reticule dry with a damp cloth. At the end of the work, treat the accessory with a special colorless cream, it will add shine and protect it from damage.


Having learned about what bag to buy for a woman and how to choose the right one for every day, let’s talk about the features of restoring the product. The fact is that with careless handling, repair work may be required, which will be discussed later.

What bag to choose for every day

Restoring skin color

Natural material perfectly absorbs coloring pigments, and therefore all scuffs and faded areas can be easily restored. The procedure is performed both independently, using a special paint, and in a specialized workshop.

We repair surface defects

Scratches can be easily removed with liquid leather. First, the area must be treated with a nail file, and then gently apply the product. After drying, remove the top layer. Then cover the treated area with paint.

We repair fittings and handles

These parts are more likely than others to become worn out. You can restore them both independently by sewing on new harnesses, and in a repair shop. An experienced specialist will repair the zipper, replace the slider and shorten the belt of the product in a short time.

Shopping at Brialdi

Many are interested in which brand of men’s bags is better to choose. The domestic brand Brialdi produces high-quality and trendy models. The products are distinguished by high functionality and stylish appearance, which will definitely add a twist to the created image.

The products are intended for people who appreciate practical and elegant accessories. You can buy products from the original manufacturer in the online store. All purchase requests are immediately processed, after which the selected product will be delivered as soon as possible.


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