How to choose a bag for your body type

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A lot of things will fit in a women’s handbag: cosmetic bag, documents, wallet, phone. This list may increase depending on the situation for a business woman, mothers on maternity leave. In addition, a large plastic bag does not look very aesthetically pleasing. A stylish handbag, which is in harmony with the color of the clothes, will perfectly complement your look and contain everything you need. This is an accessory that performs two functions: practical and aesthetic.

Bags, like clothes, have a different purpose and style direction. Accordingly, they differ in design and form. There are universal bags that fit any outfit: tracksuits, dresses and classic jackets. There are purely evening models: elegant clutches, elegant handbags, as well as voluminous sports bags.

How to choose the right bag for your body type

A women’s handbag can perfectly complement the overall image, become its bright accent, or, conversely, ruin everything. Therefore, the choice of bag should be approached wisely.

First, analyze:

  • what bags are already in your wardrobe;

  • with what things you will carry the purchased handbag, whether they fit together.

  • then choose a bag according to your height and body type.

The harmony of proportions and sizes plays an important role in creating images. If you chose an oversized bow with balloon trousers and a voluminous shirt, then the bag should be chosen in a medium size. An oversized shopper bag will further expand the silhouette and make the look excessive. If you add short stature here, then this combination will shorten it even more. The form should be clear, frame.

For tall girls, models of medium and large sizes are suitable. Shapes and textures: soft volumetric bags with accessories of strict geometric shapes, embossed, patterned. What to Avoid: Long vertical lines. For example, a bag with a long shoulder strap will visually lengthen the silhouette. Also, an oblong rectangular bag will give tall girls a couple of centimeters in height.

Short slender girls are advised to choose medium-sized hand luggage or in a mini format. These are classic bags with a frame, miniature clutches and baguettes, crossbody. Forms and textures: any, with a predominance of vertical lines.

Puffy beauties look better with medium and large bags. Preference should be given to models with well-defined forms. Soft textures visually blur the silhouette. But here you need to look at which part is more voluminous and what type of figure.

There are 5 types of female figures: rectangle (H-silhouette), pear (A-silhouette), apple (O-silhouette), hourglass (X-silhouette), inverted triangle V-silhouette.

The H-silhouette is characterized by the same width of the shoulder girdle and hips, a softly defined waist. This figure is also called teenage. It resembles a rectangle, where there are still no clearly defined shapes. Fat deposits are distributed evenly throughout the body. This type should focus on the waist, add volume to the hips and open slender legs. A good solution for this type will be a banana waist bag, which will emphasize the waist, as well as a crossbody or baguette. Choose contrasting models, clear rounded shapes that smooth out the sharpness of proportions. What to Avoid: Rectangular elongated shapes.

The A-line is characterized by lush hips, a narrow waist and chest. Fat deposition is concentrated in the hips, the silhouette resembles a pear. Recommended models: elegant clutches, envelopes, bags with short handles worn on the elbow or on the shoulder. Accents at the top balance the proportions. Forms and textures: strict geometry, abstract patterns, quilted leather, gloss, varnish, etc.

The O-line has a slightly defined waist. Fat deposition is concentrated in the abdomen, legs are slender. In this case, you need to shift the focus from the problem area. Recommended to wear: bags with long straps, soft and semi-rigid forms. A good solution would be a vertically elongated bag, which visually corrects the geometry of the body and lengthens the silhouette at the waist.

X-silhouette or hourglass is considered the most feminine type. It has a pronounced thin waist, large breasts and lush hips. Gets fat evenly in the upper part and in the hips, while the waist remains pronounced. Almost all bags fit this type. But the most impressive look images with an accentuated waist. Therefore, you should choose medium-sized hand luggage, which is worn on the elbow, crossbody at waist level, fanny pack. Images with small clutches in hand look very elegant.

The V-silhouette has broad shoulders, large breasts, narrow hips and waist. The shoulders are noticeably wider than the hips. This type gets fat mainly in the upper part: on the stomach, chest, upper arms. The ideal bag for this silhouette would be a crossbody bag with a long handle, or a bag located at waist level and below. The sizes of bags are medium and large, soft shoppers or those that hold their shape.


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