How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14? Read more

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Fashion historian Milana Abieva has prepared practical advice on choosing a gift for Valentine’s Day.

The first month of the new year has come to an end, everyone has already managed to take a breath after the New Year’s fuss and it’s time to think about what to give your beautiful half for the main holiday of all lovers — Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, a variety of women’s accessories will by no means allow you to be left without a great gift, but there is a win-win option — a new handbag.

And if you decide to demonstrate to your soulmate that you know exactly what she wants, I suggest you use this little cheat sheet, which will become your guide in the vast world of women’s accessories.

So where to start? Color, style, size? Surprisingly, all these direct characteristics are of secondary importance. The main thing to start with is to determine the style of clothing that your beloved adheres to. Then the circle of handbags-applicants will be significantly narrowed.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

If the lady of your heart is a business woman who devotes her energy and time to her beloved projects, then a shopper bag is probably perfect for her. However, with a number of reservations: such a bag should not be too large and too plastic. Businesswomen who spend a lot of time in meetings and in the office are usually forced to follow a dress code. And what if not a characteristic handbag with a clear shape complements a business look?

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

Documents, a laptop and other necessary attributes of office life will perfectly fit into such a model. And it will look appropriate and very elegant. Moreover, if in everyday life your chosen one prefers a discreet style, then such a bag model will not lose its relevance when creating more comfortable images.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

As for colors, it is better to consider universal and discreet shades — black, graphite, pearl gray, wine, emerald. When choosing a color, you should focus on your companion’s wardrobe already available.

For example, deep and mostly dark combinations should be complemented with noble shades of sapphire and bitter chocolate, while light and delicate combinations should be complemented with cream, tobacco or camel hair color. If you want to choose the most versatile shade, then look at the color of wet asphalt. As a rule, it fits perfectly into almost any color combinations and is now at the peak of its popularity.

If the lady of your heart is dynamic, mobile and lives with the motto “movement is life”, then fanny packs, backpacks and fashionable messenger bags are what you need. Absolutely any sporty look will look harmoniously with a fanny pack or with a backpack. But here, too, you have a lot of room for imagination.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

After all, all of the above models of handbags have a variety of different stylistic solutions. Backpacks can be both large and compact, and even «micro». For those who like to take everything they need with them, the first option will undoubtedly suit.

It can be made from leather or suede, as well as from canvas or nylon. If your beloved breathes unevenly towards the current street style, then pay attention to the models decorated with street graphics or conceptual inscriptions. The same can be a waist bag.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

But, unlike a backpack, a belt bag in this style will perfectly fit not only into everyday and sports looks, but will perfectly complement feminine outfits consisting of flying dresses, sundresses and oversized romantic sweaters.

By the way, about lovers of feminine and romantic style — what to give to such gentle persons? As a rule, fans of this style are rarely seen with oversized bags, backpacks or extravagant bags.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

Such young ladies, as a rule, prefer the classics that have been proven over the years, which have been an integral part of the feminine image for many decades. It can be as a multifunctional chain bag or clutch, as well as an elegant handbag with a short handle or a micro bag. The main thing you should pay attention to is whether your chosen one loves an abundance of accessories or whether she prefers more concise solutions.

The color scheme also depends on the color preferences of the future owner of the handbag. If your wardrobe is predominantly filled with dark shades, then feel free to choose classic deep colors or versatile red, which will perfectly refresh monochrome looks.

How to choose a gift for a girl on February 14?

If your chosen one prefers light shades — baked milk-colored sweaters, silk dresses with floral prints and vanilla marshmallow blouses, then opt for universal beige, pearl white or cocoa.

In a word, when choosing such a valuable and pleasant gift as a handbag, do not forget that this particular accessory reflects the essence of its mistress in the best possible way. Therefore, when choosing a handbag, think not only about what kind of lifestyle your soulmate has and what style she has, but also about what is of paramount importance for her.


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