How to choose a versatile backpack for the city — manufacturer’s advice

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Each new GRIZZLY accessory is a combination of the best solutions that have proven themselves in practice. Let’s talk in detail about the novelty of our catalog. It is suitable for fashionistas, students, moms with babies, travelers and more. You will learn what to look for and how to choose a versatile city bag-backpack from the assortment of any manufacturer.

Fashionable design, relevant in 2021

Even the most practical girl wants to look attractive. But not everyone has time to follow the development of fashion.

This year, fashion catwalks were full of bright colors. Perhaps the most daring decision was Versace accessories in neon, fluorescent colors.

GRIZZLY designers follow the trends of the fashion world and reflected these trends when creating a novelty — an urban bag-backpack. All models of the line are bright, stylish and attractive. For young people, we used modern paints and graffiti in the design. For those who are inclined towards the classics, prints with bright elements were applied on a black background: dragonflies, peppers, geometric shapes.

Backpack bag - trendy design in 2021.jpg

The versatile GRIZZLY backpack is a trendy design in 2021.

Versatile backpack bag can be used in different ways

In the new model, we made shoulder straps like in a classic backpack and a shoulder strap, like in a bag. In addition, there are a number of features that make the accessory universal.

City walks

Urban accessories should be light. Often they are used on a daily basis — every gram counts. That is why we made our backpack bag as light as possible. It weighs only 498 grams. Even by the end of the day, this weight is practically not felt.

When walking around the city, an ordinary backpack is convenient because it can be carried over the shoulders — hands remain free. But on the bus, in the store, in the market, you need to take it off. First, so as not to disturb others. Secondly, so that you can get your wallet and put your purchases inside. It is in such situations that the belt comes to the rescue. We take it out and the backpack turns into a bag. It can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody. We get access to the content and still remain hands-free.

How to wear a backpack bag.jpg

Carry a bag-backpack on straps or a belt.


Less and less often, girls have to take a stack of books and notes with them to university. Gadgets have replaced them. Therefore, we did not make the bag-backpack heavier with an anatomical back and wide straps. Instead, they provided:

  • Laptop pocket up to 13″.
  • Lots of pockets for accessories.
  • Double runners (allows you to carry a rolled drawing or large format poster inside).
  • The size was made in such a way that folders up to A4 were placed inside.

You go to the university and back with a classic backpack. In the process of studying, wear it on your belt, like a bag — all the accessories are at hand — it’s convenient to get them.

Bag-backpack - youth model for teenagers.jpg

A backpack bag is a youth model for teenagers.

Walking with a pram

It is not always possible for young mothers to find a universal solution for storing children’s things while walking.

  • Usually the stroller comes with a bag. But it is inconvenient to walk alone with her. You have to move things.
  • If you take a regular backpack with you, it becomes inconvenient to get the contents on the go.
  • With a classic bag, it is convenient to walk and roll the stroller. But if you need to pick up a child, the belt often slips off the shoulder.

The GRIZZLY backpack is suitable for all these situations. They took the baby in their arms — a backpack over their shoulders. You roll your child around the city — hang the bag on your shoulder or on the handle of the stroller. The solution is universal. No need to transfer things from one accessory to another.


We have already discussed that a backpack bag is fashionable, roomy, practical and versatile. Travel lovers take it with them on tourist trips and business trips. We also made the dimensions of the accessory such that many air carriers let it in as hand luggage:

  • Aeroflot.
  • Airline Russia.
  • Utair.
  • Victory.
  • Ural Airlines.

A backpack bag should be practical

Accessory universal — used daily. In this mode, it can quickly lose its attractive appearance. The colors are starting to fade. They stretch, and then the seams diverge. The hardware is out of order. Anything can happen. But not in the case of GRIZZLY.

GRIZZLY has a three-stage quality control system in place. All seams are even, neat, durable, and the most loaded places are additionally reinforced. The material is treated with dirt and moisture-repellent impregnation. It stays like new for a long time and literally does not get dirty.

A universal bag-backpack is for sale in our online store. We deliver to any region of Russia. If you don’t like something, you can return it within 2 months. Choose the model that suits you best and add it to your shopping cart.