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Agree: the function of a leather women’s wallet is not only the storage of money. This accessory, along with an expensive leather bag and shoes, emphasizes the image of the owner. Makes it elegant or sporty, discreet or bright. But trends are fleeting. Models that were relevant last season are leaving the podium in the current one.

What to do in such a situation? Of course, time to pick up new, even more stylish accessories. We know how to choose the perfect women’s leather wallet. And we are happy to share our tips with you.

Choosing a leather wallet: women’s fashion trends 2021-2022

As soon as the girls do not choose accessories! On the Internet you can find tips on how to choose leather wallet according to the sign of the zodiac, the teachings of feng shui and even age. But we do not share this approach. And we believe that in order to buy “exactly that” accessory, you should focus on current fashion trends and your own taste.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, Illuminating (yellow) and Ultimate Gray (gray) are recognized as the main shades of 2021. Experts found such tones inspiring and hopeful. Therefore, you can safely choose a women’s wallet in yellow or gray: you will definitely not be disappointed. Also, these shades look great in tandem.

In addition to those named, there are several more actual tones of natural leather (and not only!) wallets in the 2021-2022 season:

  • Classic brown. A color that never goes out of style. Shades range from dark brown to light coffee to natural beige.
  • Red: Blood red to deep burgundy. And, of course, we do not bypass coral!
  • Light pink, almost white. In such a delicate color, both genuine leather and its substitutes will look great. Also textiles.
  • Blue — rich or even turquoise, it’s up to you to decide. According to the stylist, accessories in blue shades are especially suitable for the summer season.

The fashion industry has not bypassed such an important characteristic of women’s leather wallets as shape. The classic rectangular and square models remain relevant. But non-standard shaped wallets are considered the most trendy: oval, round. And also — you can choose models in the form of a mini-clutch or reticule.

Leather, eco-leather, textiles: the best material for a women’s wallet

Until recently, the phrase “buy a leather wallet” was synonymous with quality. Of course, leather goods are always about reliability, durability and a certain status that such accessories give to their owners. And if you ask what we think about genuine leather, the answer is simple: loves it! We have a special section with such accessories, where you can choose the option to your liking.

But natural leather wallets are far from the only ones that deserve your attention. And eco-leather, and artificial leather, and even different types of textiles perform well during operation. Yes, the leader in strength is genuine leather. But its analogues and budget substitutes serve their mistresses faithfully for many seasons.

So, what material should you buy a wallet from? It depends on your preferences:

  • Need maximum strength? Take real leather. Will not let you down. Such a wallet will serve you for several seasons: at least 4-5 years. Even if you wear it daily.
  • Are you interested in the price / quality balance? Women’s eco-leather wallet is the best fit. In appearance, it resembles leather products. It also has sufficiently high performance characteristics: it retains its shape well, does not rub off and does not lose its original color.
  • Don’t like leather and its substitutes? Textile accessories are the perfect alternative. They look very interesting and perform well in operation.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials. After all, this is how you can choose exactly the option that you like best.

What types of women’s leather wallets are optimal?

By type, the whole variety of such accessories is divided into two large groups: horizontal and vertical wallets. They differ in the way banknotes are loaded:

  1. Horizontal wallets — very roomy and quite large in size. Here the bill is placed completely, and stored evenly (does not bend). In appearance, they often resemble a clutch bag. Some models can store, in addition to banknotes and cards, additional little things. For example, a work pass, travel card or even a small mirror will fit in a horizontal leather wallet.
  2. Vertical Wallets — compact models that will fit even in the smallest women’s clutch. Despite their small size, they can carry not only money, but also business cards, bank cards. You can choose such a women’s leather wallet in order to take it with you every day to work or shopping, on trips, for walks.

In 2021-2022, both vertical and horizontal models remain equally popular. Therefore, the choice of the optimal type is up to you. If you are used to always carrying a fairly roomy bag with you, and also often use cash, choose a horizontal women’s wallet. And if you prefer the accessory to take up as much space as possible, you can choose vertical models.

How to buy a women’s wallet made of genuine leather in a store and not regret it?

The question is difficult even for us. After all, the range of women’s wallets made of genuine leather, suede, textiles, eco-leather is really huge. But any girl will agree that such an accessory is not bought “for centuries”. Still, I want to regularly update the wallet in accordance with current trends.

Therefore, in order not to regret the purchase and enjoy a truly stylish accessory, take note of our tips:

  • Quality matters. But so is the look. Look for a balance in this matter. You should not necessarily buy a natural women’s leather wallet just because it will last longer. You must like the accessory. No other way.
  • Follow current trends. Designers present interesting novelties in almost every season. Perhaps you should leaf through magazines or online catalogs more often: this will help you “fall in love” with one or another wallet model.
  • Don’t forget personal style. Fashion is important. But each accessory, be it a leather wallet or a branded bag, should express exactly your unique style.
  • One wallet is not always the right choice. You can choose for yourself several accessories: from different materials, in different colors. To choose the right option for your own mood.
  • The wallet does not have to match the bag. You can definitely play in contrast: choose products of different textures, shades and shapes. It looks very interesting, gives a special zest to the image.

And, of course, do not forget about the internal “stuffing”. Pay attention to the number of compartments, the presence of separate pockets for coins and credit cards. There are no definite rules: focus on which option you prefer.

Inspire, choose and wear with pleasure! And will make sure that new women’s leather wallets appear in the catalog regularly. We will also help you choose.


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