How to choose and buy a men’s and women’s wallet and how it should be — choosing a good purse according to the zodiac sign

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From this article you will learn:

  • History of appearance
  • The name of the types of women’s and men’s wallets
  • We select the product according to Feng Shui
  • Tips for choosing a new wallet
  • Best surface and lining material
  • lucky purse
  • What color should the wallet be?
  • Functions of a men’s purse
  • Varieties

A wallet is a versatile accessory that every man should have. In the conditions of modern commodity-money relations, everyone, in addition to banknotes and coins, still has a lot of cards. These things should be properly dispersed and neatly stored. A wallet is a complete image item that indicates the taste, style and status of its owner. Many are interested in questions about how to choose the right men’s and women’s wallet so that it fits the zodiac sign, is universal, presentable and increases the fortune. Our article will answer all this.

How to choose a wallet

History of appearance

It is written in historical books that the first coins were small-shaped bags made of natural fabric, tied with a cord, in which the ancient Turkish inhabitants put their fortune. During the Renaissance, these items have already begun to acquire a modern look.

A similar accessory in the form of a bag assembled from above first came to Novgorod in the early 19th century. During this period, the same fabric products were used in Europe, but it was considered fashionable to attach them to the belt. The coins of the inhabitants of Japan were special — they strung a trifle on a dense leather thread, which served as a cash deposit.

What wallet should be

There are many different instances, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The preferences of ladies and young people are individual. You should select an accessory based on your type of activity and the number of things that you place inside.

The purse is distinguished by sophistication and simplicity, does not contain unnecessary and unnecessary details. This is a wallet in the form of a rectangle with a button closure, less often with a zipper. More familiar models are a book or a three-piece product that easily fits into the pocket of trousers and jackets.

A wallet is often confused with a small purse, as they are similar in structure:

  • • branch for banknotes;
  • • coin box;
  • • compartments for cards.

However, it is large in size.

The organizer is produced from various materials. This product is equipped with a small handle to wear on the wrist. The plastic accessory is slightly larger than its fabric analogues, as it is almost always equipped with a compartment for documents or a diary.

Chest wallets are not as common as the previous ones, but they are ideal for hiking and sports. In the presence of such a product, there is no need for a bag, it fits comfortably under clothes, does not interfere and leaves hands free.

The clutch is a compact and practical option, it fits everything you need: money, phone, passport and keys. It has more volume than a wallet.

A separate category is belt accessories, which were widely used by bazaar traders in the 90s. Now it is a fashionable and stylish money storage item made of durable, waterproof fabric with several compartments, which is used for excursions, dance trips and tourist outings.

We select the product according to Feng Shui

The Chinese believed that the wallet is a symbol of financial prosperity. He was carefully chosen and kept in good condition to attract money and improve his position. Untidy storage of finances, according to Chinese teachings, could drive its owner into debt pits. The choice of a purse for men and a men’s wallet must be made according to the sign of the zodiac and according to Feng Shui. Modern experts when buying a product recommend listening to the following rules:

  1. Give preference to large models where you can freely place banknotes without folding them in half.
  2. Do not store bills and coins in the same compartment;
  3. Buy leather, suede or textiles – natural fabrics have a positive impact and energy and can multiply the content.

According to Chinese scientists, it is categorically not recommended to carry photos of family members inside. It is better to put bank cards together with banknotes, but for discount and accumulative cards, get a separate business card holder.

Which wallet to choose

Tips for choosing a new wallet

To choose a good and reliable product that you will use for many years, you need to take into account not only the size and functionality, but also a number of smaller, but no less important details — the quality of the fittings, the level of tailoring, materials and the convenience of the fastener.

Choose expensive products from a trusted seller who values ​​​​his reputation. This is the Brialdi online store, which specializes in selling only high-quality men’s products made of genuine leather. The following wallet models can be found in the catalog:

When choosing an accessory, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.

How to choose the right wallet

Small change compartment

Large horizontal versions always have a compartment for coins — on a latch or a zipper. Not everything fits there, and the compartment may not close. Single and double fold models are also equipped with a snap-on compartment, usually located on the back. You can open it without revealing the main design of the accessory.

Card pockets

A modern person who actively participates in public life has several different cards at once: discount, accumulative and credit. It is very convenient when they are folded neatly in one place and are easy to access. That is why all wallets are equipped with departments for such attributes. Before buying, test each compartment — the card should enter it easily and not fall out.


It is important that the inside is strong and made of good fabric, with even stitching, no gaps, no protruding threads, defects, bends or folds anywhere.

Fittings and decor elements

A high-quality factory product has all the details of the decorative design — metal, firmly fixed on the frame of the product. The corners are additionally reinforced with iron inserts, which protects them from scuffs and prolongs the period of operation.


Purchase products from trusted companies whose reputation is confirmed by positive reviews from satisfied customers. Such firms care about the quality of their products and produce reliable products that will last for a long period.


In addition to the classic zipper, there are several other options for how to fix the accessory. The latch looks simple, but elegant at the same time. A magnetic wallet is incredibly convenient, but quickly loses its functionality and often begins to unfasten.

If you do not know how and what kind of men’s wallet to choose, then keep in mind that one of the most reliable options is considered to be a prototype on a button. It may take some effort to open it.

How to choose a wallet according to your zodiac sign

Best surface and lining material

The fabrics from which wallets are produced differ in origin, composition, weaving of threads, thickness and appearance. To choose a wear-resistant and non-staining option, you should familiarize yourself with the existing types of textiles. The silicone wallet is soft and pleasant to the touch, thin but strong enough. It does not allow moisture to pass through, it is easy to clean with a wet cloth in case of any contamination. However, it is not perfect — it is subject to mechanical stress and can be damaged by sharp objects that it accidentally comes into contact with in the bag.

Lacquer models look bright and attractive. However, the surface of such a product is fragile and unreliable; if handled carelessly, creases, cracks or scratches may appear on it. Such an item is more suitable for going out into the «light», and with everyday use it will not last long.

Suede is soft, warm and beautiful textile, resistant to mechanical stress. It will not be damaged either by sharp keys carelessly thrown into the reticule, or by temperature changes. But such matter has a drawback — soiledness. Fat from the hands, imperceptible dirt particles firmly penetrate the porous structure, clogging the fibers and making the matte surface unpresentable.

Fabric wallets are considered an inexpensive purchase. Most often, cotton fibers are used in their production. The fabric is durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Denim accessories are also common.


If you are in doubt about how to choose the right purse for a man, stop at the most purchased and popular option — made of genuine leather. For example, the TRAPANI and KOMO models, which can be purchased in the Brialdi online store. They combine practicality, elegance, look solid and serve for many years without losing their original charm. Such an object already speaks of the solvency and financial prosperity of its owner, and the design can indicate refined taste.

Nice wallet for women

lucky purse

The wallet should be divided into compartments, then it will be much more convenient to put things in order and practically put things in it. If you want to become a successful businessman or a financially independent person, buy a new model or eliminate defects in the old one.

What color should the wallet be?

When choosing a wallet, special attention is paid to the functionality and size, but there are no restrictions on color. The product, in general, may not be combined with the tone of the bag, belt, outerwear and accessories, while not spoiling your image. Choose from classic blacks, browns and blues. Their advantage is that dark models are less susceptible to pollution, often they are not visible at all. Such items are considered classics that do not go out of fashion and are neutral types.

When deciding which wallet by color is better to choose according to Feng Shui and buy, stop at a silver, brown or blue tone. Avoid blues and greens, which don’t help keep money, but instead lead to constant spending.

How to choose a men's wallet

Functions of a men’s purse

At first glance, a compact and small thing is actually a necessary and indispensable organizer, where things necessary in everyday life are neatly folded. According to stylists, this is a powerful subject for shaping the image and wardrobe.

It performs three main tasks:

  • • Convenient sorting of plastic cards and banknotes, their reliable protection against mechanical damage.
  • • Storage of driver’s license, documents and tickets.
  • • An excellent business card holder, where you can place all the necessary forms for a man.

Stylists claim that every member of the stronger sex is required to wear a purse. This will not only give completeness to the look, but also emphasize such qualities of the owner as attentiveness, rigor, organization and accuracy.

Which wallet to buy


To decide which purse to choose for a man, you need to go to the store savvy in knowledge about its varieties. They produce two main types:

  • • Vertical — a large-sized accessory that cannot be placed in a small pocket sewn onto outerwear or pants. Stylists recommend wearing it in bags or in a hidden inner section of a coat or jacket.
  • • Horizontal Bi-Fold — Thicker due to overlapping layers, but ideal for males who want to put it in a jacket or trouser pocket.

Convenient women's wallet

From classics to a riot of colors and shapes

Choosing a good, reliable and stylish wardrobe item has become a difficult task. It is worth remembering that mainly the product should be functional and practical, have enough departments for all cards, money and other attributes, and decorative design is in second place. Standard accessories in black and brown are traditional classics and will suit any role.

Having two folds

This type of three-piece is an excellent choice for those who deal with credit cards in most cases. There are several compartments for them at once, but a little space and size is allocated for paper bills and small things. With a large wad of money, the wallet may simply not close.

In one fold

This view is somewhat more practical than the previous one. This model makes it possible to fold banknotes only in half and has a lot of space for cards and business cards. The main advantage of this format is that it is produced in different sizes: from miniature to large, where you can also transfer documents.

No folds

This wallet looks the most solid. Banknotes in it lie evenly, do not crumple and do not bend, retaining their original appearance. The disadvantage of this accessory can be considered the impossibility of storing in the pockets of trousers and jackets due to large dimensions. However, for those who always walk with a bag, this fact will not seem like a minus.


The video will help you choose the best model.


Now you are aware of what a good and comfortable women’s and men’s wallet should be. To make it last for a long time — choose products from high-quality natural fabric. The main thing is that the item should be to your liking, create a good mood and meet your needs.


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