How to determine the size and choose the right shoes for a child

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  1. Choosing children’s shoes
  2. Determining the size of the child’s shoes
  3. What is the difference between Russian, English and American shoe sizes for children
  4. What else is important to consider when buying children’s shoes

Buying the first shoes for a child is a real event. Especially if the baby has already taken the first steps, and parents choose shoes so that he begins to slowly walk on his own feet. How many more rides he has to go! How much he will run, dance, walk, travel! All these thoughts could be enjoyed by happy moms and dads, if their heads were not busy with other things. How to choose the right shoes for the size of the child?

Choosing children’s shoes

The simplest and most accurate way to choose is to try on. But in the case of young children, it is far from always suitable. It is good if there is an opportunity to come with your son or daughter to the store and make a purchase before the child gets tired or starts to act up. And if it doesn’t work? Or, for example, do you plan to buy in an online store. There is only one option left — to determine the size of the legs yourself. Many parents do this. And if you measure correctly, then there is nothing to worry about — the shoes will fit the baby.

Determining the size of the child’s shoes

The first thing to do is to measure the length of your child’s foot. Many parents of young children try to do this while the baby is sleeping or in bed. The results will not be wrong, but inaccurate.

The ideal option is to lay a sheet of paper on the floor. The child needs to stand on it, fully leaning on their legs. With crumbs, of course, this method will not work. It is suitable if the child is already walking or at least standing on his own. The foot should stand straight, the toes should be in a natural position, not compressed.

The child’s leg should be circled on paper with a pencil. Now take a ruler or tape measure and measure the contour from the big toe to the heel. It is better to circle and measure both feet, and for calculations, take the result that will be more. Round it (let’s say it turned out 179 mm — round up to 180) so that the result is divided by 5. Keep in mind that when walking (if the child is already walking), the length of the foot increases slightly, so it makes sense to add another 10 mm. Now correlate the figure with the size table data. Please note that here the length of the foot is already indicated in centimeters.

What is the difference between Russian, English and American shoe sizes for children

When choosing children’s shoes, it is important to pay attention to the designation system in which the size is indicated. Metric is indicated in millimeters. The European one is measured in shtihs (1 shtich is equal to 6.67 mm) and is therefore called shtichmass. English and US sizes are in inches.

For American sizes, there is also a division by age. Therefore, on the box you can see the inscriptions new borinfant, toddler, youth. What do they mean? The first category — shoes for babies from 0 to two years, the second — from two to five. The third includes sizes for schoolchildren and teenagers, from six to sixteen years old.

What else is important to consider when buying children’s shoes

If, when buying shoes for ourselves, we expect to wear them for at least a couple of seasons, then, alas, this will not work with children’s shoes. The child grows quickly, and the size of the foot changes accordingly. Therefore, both for kids and for schoolchildren, the rule is the same. If you are not planning a fitting in the store, but want to determine the size of the house, do it right before buying.

If you plan to try on, then, as in the case of adult shoes, it is better to do this at the end of the day. For winter boots, you should immediately put on a sock of about the thickness that the child will wear. Warm shoes should not be tight: a small distance between the foot and the insulation is necessary to ensure a normal microclimate. However, do not buy children’s shoes for growth. Walking in shoes that are not the right size is a real torment, and you definitely shouldn’t subject your baby to such experiments.



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