How to dress stylishly, inexpensively and beautifully for men and young guys — how to learn to be fashionable, cheap and look good

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From this article you will learn:

  • Fashionable image
  • How to look expensive without spending extra money
  • Options to look expensive without spending a lot of money: ready-made bows from stylists
  • How to dress beautifully, stylishly and cheaply for a man
  • How can men and boys dress now

It is not only women who have to look spectacular and attractive in the modern world. Some males develop skills from early childhood, while others have to learn them from scratch. How to learn to dress stylishly and correctly, beautifully and cheaply for men or young guys, we will tell in this article.

How to dress stylishlyHow to dress fashionably

Fashionable image

There are several universal rules, following which you can learn to look good. They are easy to perform, so that all males can master them.

Don’t forget about shoes

This is the basis of any wardrobe and you will have to spend a lot of money on it. But good shoes made of quality leather will instantly change any look for the better. In addition, with proper care, such an investment will last for many years.

Try to look older

Youth sweatshirts, T-shirts, baseball caps turn even the most fashionably dressed guys into ordinary schoolchildren. Therefore, change your wardrobe by adding classic shirts and formal suits to it.

How do guys dress now?How to dress well for a man

Avoid popular trends

New items from the catwalks often serve only one purpose — to attract attention, and not always in a good sense of the word. Fashion trends are enough for a maximum of a season, and then you have to chase the next collection. To save on appearance, create a basic wardrobe consisting of must-have items that allow you to dress fashionably and stylishly at any time of the year.

Take care of your clothes

Even expensive things in the closet of a sloppy person will lose their appearance. Learn not only to wear them correctly, but also to wash, iron, care for them. A couple of mastery lessons can be taught to you by your beloved women. They know exactly what all the labels on shirts mean and which washing program is right for their favorite trousers.

How fashionable to dress men

Get a good suit

Even if it seems to you that there is nowhere to put it on, or its cost overlaps several salaries at once. Believe me, such an investment will not be superfluous. If you look at how men who are at the top of their success dress, you will surely find them in this particular piece of clothing. Well, for those to whom the dress code at work dictates the mandatory wearing of suits, it is better to buy several of them at once or sew them to order.

White and blue shirt — the basis of everything

They are suitable for any representative of the stronger sex, regardless of his physique, height and complexion. You can literally wear them for any occasion: for a celebration, a party, a work meeting and a date.

How to dress stylish for menHow to dress stylishly and inexpensively for a man

Buy the perfect fit jeans

Every year, the fashion for this element of clothing changes, but it is rather difficult to imagine a wardrobe of a fashionable and well-dressed man without a classic version. Wear them not every day, but for certain events. Decide in advance where you can wear jeans instead of trousers, and where it will be inappropriate.


Choose well-fitting options with a standard fit. As for the color, it is better to let it be classic denim or slightly darker shades. See how you can stylishly dress a man in the photo below.

well dressed man

Don’t limit yourself to jeans

Of course, they are the most comfortable, but modern casual trousers will not only diversify the wardrobe, but also make it more spectacular. They are similar in shape and fit to denim, but are made from other materials and come in a wide variety of colors.

How to dress a manHow men dress

Polo shirts

You should not refuse all simple things and switch exclusively to classic models. No less presentable will look polo or shirts, more related to sports style. True, you will have to learn how to correctly combine them with other elements of the wardrobe.

Pick cool accessories

Stylishly dressed guys know that men’s bags made of quality leather can be not only a functional assistant, but also a bright addition to the image. You can buy them from Brialdi, a company that specializes in creating comfortable and fashionable accessories. Pick a couple of options and alternate them, adding to your look even more attractive.

How to dress properly for men

How to look expensive without spending extra money

An attractive appearance does not always require huge investments. There are several tricks on how to dress cheaply but stylishly for a man. Here are the main secrets:

  1. Do not allow yourself to wear clothes that already show signs of wear. Faded color, spools, stretched and washed fabric cannot look presentable.
  2. After washing, do not forget to steam and iron things. Clear arrows on trousers and straight collars on shirts in themselves give success and solidity.
  3. Take care of your shoes. Even expensive material will be hopelessly damaged if not properly cleaned and dried. Wear boots according to the season.
  4. Avoid items with large logos or flashy trim. They always make it cheaper.

Following these simple rules is easy even for a young guy.

How to dress properly for a man

Options to look expensive without spending a lot of money: ready-made bows from stylists

To have an attractive image, it is not necessary to invent something yourself. Take advantage of already developed options from professionals and embody them in your wardrobe. Stylishly and beautifully dressed men in the photo below will always be at the height of fashion.

casual bow

This is the case when you can get jeans out of the closet. Pair them with a simple T-shirt or sports shirt. As shoes, your favorite sneakers or sneakers in the summer, or boots — when you need to warm up, are suitable. In the cool season, add a coat or leather jacket to your look. Just do not forget that in this form you can go for a walk around the city, and not to work or a party.

How to dress stylish for a guyHow to dress fashionably for men

How to properly, stylishly and inexpensively dress a man in casual style

In this image, jeans will have to be replaced with trousers, and a T-shirt with a shirt. And don’t forget the jacket! Better different in color from everything else, but harmoniously combined with them. As shoes, you can not do without shoes or low shoes. In the cool season, the shirt can be replaced with a thin knitted sweater or a simple jacket can be added to it. And be sure to think about accessories, for example, put on a scarf.


This combination is generally characteristic of the casual style. A shirt does not have to be classic, like jeans. Can conduct an experiment, replacing the usual cut with the original. Combine different textures and colors, but make sure they complement each other.

Stylishly dressed menHow to dress fashionably for a guy

Classic style

The formal image in execution is much simpler than all the others. It is enough to match a shirt with trousers, add a belt, put on shoes, and here it is — the image of a business man rushing to a work meeting. The main thing is that it all looks neat, cleaned and ironed. The color scheme is not so important. A white or blue shirt is equally effective with both dark and light bottoms.

Official style

If you can’t do without a suit, then it’s time to get that luxurious, tailored piece of clothing. A plain light shirt, dark jacket and trousers, polished shoes and, of course, a tie. Avoid extra accessories. A functional clutch or briefcase purchased from the Brialdi online store will suffice.

How to dress nice for a manHow to dress nice for a man

How to dress beautifully, stylishly and cheaply for a man

You do not need to deeply understand the intricacies of fashion. The approach should be somewhat different. You will have to accept yourself, stop being shy and not think about what people around you will say.

Start from scratch

This means that the existing wardrobe will have to be carefully reviewed and most of the things abandoned. Leave the little that can fit into your new image, and boldly take the rest to the trash — without regrets. Even if it’s your favorite t-shirt given to you by your girlfriend on your anniversary or the very happy shirt you wore for exams and interviews. New things will bring no less benefit and good luck!

Nicely dressed menHow to dress cheap and stylish

Forget ideas about how a man should dress

Your new goal is to always look stylish and successful, and not follow blind fashion. Therefore, learn everything from the very beginning. Take a couple of lessons from professional stylists to learn the basics.

Assemble the Foundation

Women call it the «basic kit». It consists of things that never go out of fashion, but at the same time they are easily combined with each other and with new things. It includes white shirts, dress pants and jeans, gray sweaters and a few more items.

Strive for simplicity

A complex image is not easy for beginners. The result is an overly extravagant appearance that attracts not admiring glances, but bewilderment. You don’t have to complicate your style with a lot of accessories, ruffles and other little things.

How to dress cheap and stylishHow a man should dress

“The main thing is that the suit sits”

A simple truth known since ancient times. That is why it is customary to sew expensive suits for men to order, ideally observing the proportions of the body. So, you will be able to emphasize the dignity of your figure, eliminating the shortcomings.

Downsize your wardrobe

Let the key be not the number of things, but their functionality. That is why, when buying new clothes, first think about what you can wear from the old one.


As mentioned above, if there are traces of old age on the clothes, then it’s time to get rid of it. Instead, buy something new, otherwise, in the end, the closet will be completely empty. Make it a rule: instead of one old thing, no more than two new ones should be purchased. So, you save your budget.

Stylishly dressedFashionably dressed man

Use layering

To learn how to dress well and beautifully, men and boys will have to correctly combine what is available. The main thing is not to overdo it, remember that simplicity in this case is better than complexity.

Design your own style

Let it not correspond to the latest global trends, but you can feel comfortable and confident in your image. And already to this style you can add a couple of fashionable accents from time to time.

Naturalness above all

Appearance should say to others: «I spent almost no effort to look like this.» People don’t like upstarts and being too self-centered.

Stylishly dressed boys

Try new things

Do not be afraid to experiment and change established combinations, but not too drastically. Replacing shoes with bright moccasins is sometimes very interesting.

love the colors

Yes, the basis of the classic men’s wardrobe is rather faded things, if you look at how guys are dressing now, you can also find a lot of bright things. You should not interfere with them, but it is quite possible to add one color accent to the image. So, you pay attention to yourself. Most importantly, do not forget to correctly combine.


When you start to change, others will notice it and will definitely react. Stand your ground and be confident. You will not notice how they will begin to follow you to the world of style and fashion.

Stylishly dressed men photoHow to dress nice for a guy

Be open to feedback

Objective criticism can be helpful. Pay attention to it, think it over and, perhaps, you yourself will notice that something needs to be corrected. But accept such comments from people whose appearance you like.

Be honest with yourself

Do not imitate idols. Be yourself and then you can feel comfortable in any clothes.

Don’t expect quick results

Change must be done carefully and gradually. In the end, you will find your style and stick with it.

Stylishly dress a man photo

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

This is normal for any person. It is by making mistakes that we learn and become better.

You will learn how to dress fashionably

Be attentive to the little things and eventually you will understand all the intricacies of the art of style and fashion.

How to dress nice for a guyFashionably dressed boys

How can men and boys dress now

Compliance with your age category is one of the key rules in choosing things. What suits a student looks funny on a respectable businessman and vice versa.

How to dress nice for a guy in his 20s

Adapt current trends to fit your budget. Don’t try to look too presentable. Now your age is an unconditional advantage.


The rules are simple:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. Watch your hair.
  3. Add accessories. Even though you can’t afford expensive branded watches yet, a student can afford to buy a good bag.
  4. Buy a couple of shirts.

How to dress cheap but stylishHow to dress as a young guy

How to dress a man in his 30s

At this age, it’s time to pay attention to the classics. The main thing is that all parts of the wardrobe fit well on your figure.


There are only two of them: put suits at the head of your wardrobe and don’t hesitate to spend money on expensive things. These investments will generate income in the future.

Fashionable and stylish dressHow fashionable to dress guys now

How to dress at 40

At this age, following fashion trends is already moving away. Pay more attention to your own style. Be more conservative.


Stick to the key rules:

  1. Pay attention not to tight-fitting, but to fitted things, unless, of course, your figure is still not as slim as it was 20 years ago.
  2. Give preference to light tones, because dark colors age the already often pale skin.

How to dress cheap and beautiful

How to dress at 50

In general, the appearance at this age is not much different from the previous one. All the same, you should pay attention to the color of clothes and your own figure. Although a couple of rules still exist.


Try not to forget about accessories. Watches, bags, belts, ties perfectly add presentability. Another important point is the hairstyle. She needs to be watched and cared for.

Men can learn how to be stylish, although this will require the acquisition of some new skills. The admiring glances of others will be a reward for the spent strength. In this article, we told everything about the male image and showed many stylish examples in photographs.



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