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banana bag, she is a pouch, she is a conductor over her shoulder, she is also a women’s bag-pocket … And you can also pick up at least 5 synonyms-names. But let’s not tire of it. Our main task in another is to give advice on how to properly wear a women’s banana bag for girls in a free casual style and for the office in a simple smart style.

What is a banana for? If 30 years ago (yes, friends, a whole life has already passed since 1990 …), a banana was used as a reliable store for money. Then they put it on a belt. over the shoulder (like backpack) was worn very rarely, because in this format it lost its original functionality of a portable safe for receipts and documents. Yes, and in general, there was no such question about how to carry a banana bag. After all, this thing was valued solely as a practical assistant, but in no case was it used as some kind of decoration or stylish addition. Then they didn’t think about female aesthetics, throwing a banana over their shoulder, hanging it on a belt or coming up with other forms.

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Today, the banana bag plays a completely different role. Yes, it is still ideal for storing small-sized valuables, while completely freeing up your hands. But in the first place, a banana bag is a trendy decoration, an addition to a female image, an ideal option for girls who follow their style. For the first time, the question of how to wear a banana bag was asked in late 2016 — early 2017. Then she returned to the fashion of teenagers and fitness sculptors, and then suddenly and unexpectedly she became and continues to be the queen of all evening outings. With a few exceptions … Or rather, an addition.

Can you answer a few questions? How to wear a banana in business style? Yes, it is possible and fashionable! What about casual style? How to wear a futuristic design banana? How to wear and is it worth it to combine classic things like a coat or a business suit with a banana? If so, with what? How to wear unisex sports bananas for girls?

Bananka is needed not only for hiking or sports / walking with the dog. Today, such women’s belt or shoulder bags are more diverse in design. And the updated, now moderately loyal business dress dress code, allows you to use comfortable bananas in other areas of life. Here, we will talk about how to wear banana bags of various designs today.

Shall we start?

Women’s banana bag — how to choose your perfect design

So, a banana bag for the waist and over the shoulder, a design that won women’s hearts!

Okay, how to wear and should you buy a banana-shaped women’s bag if you prefer classic things? On holiday? For a romantic look? Is it really true today that such a design is quite suitable for the vast majority of images?

  • If your wardrobe is dominated by classic things — a belt with a neat leather banana. In a business style, wearing a women’s banana bag over your shoulder is an unforgivable bad manners. And on the hips too — business style does not like open sexuality, and such a bag puts a serious emphasis. It would be right to put on a banana for girls who prefer business style, strictly on the belt. Not on the hips — again! At the same time, buy a strict classic. What kind of bag is this? For example, a strict envelope-like rectangle or a vintage-style square from the early 20th century.

And one more life hack about how easy it is to determine whether this bag is appropriate or not. If you are in doubt how to wear and whether it is possible to wear this or that banana in a business style, imagine using it as a clutch. Looks? Wear it boldly!

  • How to wear a casual style banana, for example, with millions of rhinestones or some interesting print? It can be worn both on the hips and over the shoulder. For girls, it is still preferable to wear such an ornament on the hips. Why? More on this below. The exception is women’s patchwork-style bananas. If it is in harmony with the main color scheme of the suit, then it can be worn imposingly and deliberately casually thrown over the shoulder. It is possible both on a stomach, and on a back.
  • Sports banana — well, everything is simple and accurate here, like in a pharmacy with a prescription. How to wear such a bag? Yes, how convenient! But if you decide to do a photo shoot in the gym or on a treadmill, read the tips in the next subsection on how to wear such a handbag for people with different body types.

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  • And how to wear a banana bag with a formal suit or elegant dress? It is possible on a belt, but then it should be super miniature. And you can in your hand, like a clutch. Especially if it is a leather handbag or “under the skin” in the form of a classic envelope. By the way, the latter option is much more convenient than the notorious clutch on a long chain. Bananka will be a good option as an addition to the image of the bride or the queen of the ball for the prom. How to wear? To match the dress or shoes, or jewelry.

Yes, modern bananas will look good with a business suit, as well as a romantic dress or casually ripped jeans. They fit perfectly in business and romantic style, and in already bored casual, and this design does not discord with more strict smart-casual. You won’t surprise anyone already (they say, how can you wear this at all ?!) with a combination of an original miniature, decorated with rhinestones or embroidered bananas with a festive dress. Well, or, not a solemn option, but an everyday one — a concise and discreet design, but also with a festive costume …

We correct the figure — how to wear a sports and classic banana

Not everyone can wear a classic banana in combination with an unsportsmanlike style. Therefore, we look at tips on how to wear classics.

  • How to wear a banana bag for girls? If you want to highlight the hips — on the hips. And the bag is a little on the side.
  • How to wear a banana bag to highlight your chest? Over the shoulder, like a quiver for arrows. Back bag. Just look how the figure is transformed!
  • How to wear for the waist? Of course, clearly along the line of the belt. The bag is strictly in front.

Attention! Sport!

If you only carry your keys and money with you to buy a bottle of water after your run, then you’re fine. You can wear a banana as beautiful. And how to wear if the weight of your handbag is felt? Try to put it on the line of the hips. So it will be most organic for the back. And the bag should be on the stomach strictly in the center.

Tips for girls — how to wear a banana

The fashion for children’s types of appearance has drawn with it not only changes in the actual types of makeup, but also in how to wear and wear women’s accessories. A belt bag is a youthful trend that has smoothly moved into youth fashion, and from there into office corridors.

How to wear such a handbag for girls? The silhouette can be conditionally divided into 3 levels: shoulder girdle, waist, hips and legs.

  • For the waist, a banana on the belt is beneficial. How to wear to make legs look longer? Also on the belt. And if you have voluminous hips, and the waist is graceful — also on the belt.
  • Reed body type — how to wear? On the line of the hips. So they will be more sloping.
  • Small breasts, boyish figure — how to wear? Naturally, we focus on the shoulder girdle. Or also on the hips.

A banana bag will add a certain lightness and grace to even the most strict office look. Some kind of childish playfulness or student carelessness. Try experimenting!

How to wear a banana bag for bright girls and stylish ladies-03

What banana should I buy for school or university

Immediately ideal for high school and lyceums-universities — over your shoulder! And by the way, here the banana will already serve as a wallet, a pencil case, and a place to store scarves, antiseptics, etc. You won’t have to dig for a long time in the main huge bag to get what you need.

Why over the shoulder? So it is more convenient to have everything you need at hand and at the same time it will not interfere with walking to your place along the narrow corridors between the desks. That is why — only over the shoulder!

Remember how a few years ago it was fashionable to wear backpacks with one handle over your shoulder? But if this load was heavy, the back suffered from uneven distribution of the load. But with a small banana, this does not threaten. How else to wear? Hip line. But only if your body type allows it. Let’s look at the accents.

Banana belt or shoulder bag — choose the right design, color and texture

And finally, let’s think about what type of banana bag is better to choose and buy for you. Not general advice, but for you.

  1. For teenage girls who are used to wearing such shoulder bags, semi-sports models or Casual models with prints, rhinestones, plus patchwork-style jewelry are best suited.
  2. For female athletes who will also carry such bags over their shoulders, you should choose a large, roomy model with a backing. For the summer, it is better to choose breathable bags so that it is not hot and does not leave ugly sweat stains on the T-shirt. What color and how to wear? Bags on the belt of some poisonous fluorescent shade, and calm, natural look quite organically.
  3. How to wear a waist bag for mature women? Just want to say: do not be afraid. Today, this design of a women’s bag does not vulgarize at all, but on the contrary, makes the image more sophisticated, gives it such a welcome defenselessness and playfulness. Also, a shoulder bag is very convenient.
  4. For hiking — all banana bags are unisex. How to choose and how to wear? Again, look carefully at the substrate, ideally if it will breathe. Then, pay attention to additional pockets and the number of compartments. How to wear? On the belt, so it will be most convenient.

With the help of a banana, you can completely transform your figure or completely ruin any, even the most thoughtful image. And it depends only on you what result your experiments will be attributed to by the keen eye of girlfriends and fashion stylists.

However, is it worth paying attention to them?


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