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  1. Birth of a healthy spirit
  2. Everything for speed and achievements
  3. How to choose the right
  4. ASICS shoe sizes

Bright, light, elastic: you put it on and you want to take off. This is what many people have the first impression of ASICS running shoes. And yes, they have a life-affirming name. However, more on that later.

Birth of a healthy spirit

In addition to the bright “appearance”, Asics sneakers have a couple more characteristic features. They are well known to those who have ever bought or even tried on these shoes. This is, firstly, their lightness: manufacturers are constantly working to reduce the weight of new models. Secondly, it is the feeling of being ready to jump. And then fly. It is typical, first of all, for running and training models, and is explained by the reinforced depreciation of the sole.

And all this is very symbolic if you know the history of ASICS. The company was founded by the Japanese Kihachiro Onitsuka shortly after World War II. It is said that he was inspired by the idea of ​​cheering up his countrymen, especially the youth. Actually, the basis of the philosophical concept was the call to educate young people, instilling in them an interest and love for sports.

At the beginning, the company was called Onitsuka Tiger. The most popular sneakers at that time were with the image of a tiger. It was this animal, as the personification of strength and fast movements, that became the “face” of the brand for a long time. And in combination with the name of the founder — also the name of the company.

A recognizable detail was inherited from that same tiger. It can still be seen today on any pair of Asics sneakers. These are four intersecting lines. The hint of tiger stripes was, in fact, due to practical necessity. The leather strips provided support for the foot, which was already making the new Japanese sneakers a sensation. And all the more successful was the choice of these stripes as a logo.

In general, the example of the company’s developments has repeatedly shown the love of the Japanese for nature and all living things. For example, sneakers were produced with a sole pattern, in which the outlines of an octopus were clearly discerned. And the idea of ​​​​the popular model Kayano was born in the head of the fashion designer when he looked at a beetle crawling on the grass.

In a word, the idea of ​​spirituality was present in all Onitsuka’s design decisions. Combining with the original concept — to captivate young people with sports — she gave her a new impetus to development. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” – this is how the indefatigable Japanese expressed their appeal. And in the late seventies, the name of the company became an abbreviation of the letters of this saying in Latin — ASICS.

Everything for speed and achievements

Olympic champion Lasse Viren with sneakers in his hands. In 1976, this picture was in all the newspapers. The Finnish runner rejoiced at his victory and showed the fans the shoes that helped him on the course. This is perhaps the most famous photo of Asics sneakers. And it provided the brand with worldwide fame. And great success. How else, if these shoes are recommended by champions?

Today, ASICS sneakers are not only worn by professional athletes. But sporting achievements, albeit at their own, sometimes amateur level, are available to everyone. For this, a lot has been done by the company’s technologists. Let’s talk a little about the most important features.

— Gel filling soles.

For better cushioning, ASICS Gel tabs are placed in the toe and heel of the shoe. The load on the legs and spine becomes less, as does the risk of injuring the joints. This outsole absorbs shock well. Especially when paired with a special shock-absorbing insole.

— The structure of the sole, which allows you to distribute the load evenly.

— Special support of the foot is achieved through the last of the shoe and asymmetrical lacing. The heel is supported by an exoskeleton heel counter.

— The upper of the shoe is made of waterproof fabric with a membrane, which allows you to train in any weather.

— Magic Sole Effect: Ventilation that makes shoes lighter and improves breathability.

— Special materials for the manifestation of the «strong» qualities of a particular model. For example, rubber, characterized by enhanced grip on wet surfaces. Or finishing sneakers with “rhinoceros skin”. This name was given to a protective synthetic material, often used in the manufacture of training models.

How to choose the right

Wandering in confusion for about forty minutes among the shelves of a sports store is so-so entertainment. But this inevitably happens if a person does not know what exactly he needs. And the hardest thing in this regard is for those who are just going to play sports. What exactly will it be? Fitness, football, tennis, running? Only go shopping for sneakers when you already know the answer.

For those who prefer running to other physical activities, ASICS has a lot of options. But, again, the circle must be narrowed. Running on asphalt, on dirt, off-road — all these activities require the choice of sneakers with different soles. Distance length also matters.

The type of pronation of the foot is another thing that is better to find out before going to the store. In a nutshell, pronation is the position of your foot during movement. Most often, a regular sheet of paper is used to determine it. Lay it on a flat surface. Wet your foot and step on the paper. Now look at the remaining trace and compare it with the drawing.

The first image is an illustration of neutral pronation, the second is overpronation, and the third is underpronation. For each type, certain characteristics of sports shoes are important. For example, a neutral runner does not need additional sole cushioning. For a runner with hypopronation, on the contrary, it is important. An athlete with overpronation needs special foot support.

Of course, without experience, it is difficult to choose running shoes on your own. But this will be easily done by the sales assistant if you tell him all the parameters listed above. At the same time, ask him to explain which characteristics meet your requirements. Chances are, next time you’ll be able to choose your running shoes without help.

ASICS shoe sizes

So, you have definitely decided on the purpose of the purchase and are ready to choose a model. But what if the box only shows the European size? Dimensional grid of other manufacturers should not be used. They are different for different brands. In addition, for female and male models, the values ​​\u200b\u200bare also slightly different.

It is best to familiarize yourself with the dimensional grid of a particular brand, in this case Asics. You will see that Russian sizes are noticeably different from American and European ones. That is why a special table contains information about their correspondence to each other.

This information becomes especially relevant if you choose sneakers in an online store. Just because of the danger of making a mistake with the size, many avoid online shopping. Just carefully compare your size with European to choose the right shoes.

If you still have doubts, you can measure the length of the foot — from the big toe to the heel. The consultants of the online store will tell you whether a pair of the intended size suits you or not.



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