Is it possible to take and carry a disposable razor in hand luggage on an airplane — how to transport a razor, an electric razor in luggage

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From this article you will learn:

  • Key Recommendations
  • sharp objects
  • Search for prohibited items during the search
  • Is it possible to carry a razor in hand luggage on an airplane: what are the prohibitions
  • Can I take a razor in hand luggage on an airplane?
  • Related shaving accessories
  • We collect luggage correctly
  • What items are not considered baggage
  • Parameters of transported bags without surcharges
  • What else worries passengers

Flying is the most convenient mode of travel when traveling long distances, but heavy customs and baggage checks often make travel long and stressful. In the article, we will talk about the features of transporting some things and give an answer to the question of whether it is possible to take a disposable razor in hand luggage or whether it is worth carrying a razor in the luggage of an aircraft.

Can I take a razor in hand luggage?

Key Recommendations

Requirements may vary slightly from airline to airline. Expensive companies impose few restrictions other than those provided by the transportation law. Budget low-cost airlines, on the contrary, prohibit taking food into the cabin with you, and also limit the size of bags and backpacks that you can take with you. This is due to the desire to impose additional paid services, using which, the ticket will no longer be so cheap.

Here are the classic lists of things. For a more accurate list, please visit the airline’s website.

What can you keep

Take with you:

  1. Outerwear, hat, scarf.
  2. Umbrella — folding or cane.
  3. Laptop, netbook, tablet, smartphone, player — any oversized equipment in a case or bag.
  4. Handbag, backpack or small suitcase of appropriate size.
  5. Documents, book, any printed matter.
  6. Wallet with all contents — cash, coins and bank cards.
  7. Medications are more difficult if they require a prescription. It is forbidden to transport without a doctor’s opinion.
  8. Hygiene products — you need to remember the maximum allowable amount of liquids in 100 ml. The vial itself is evaluated, not milliliters. All miniature shampoos and gels should be placed in a transparent, resealable bag.
  9. A bottle of water, juice — only if it is purchased after passing customs control and inspection, in the waiting area.
  10. Food — not in all airlines, but in practice, the presence of a chocolate bar or a sandwich is not forbidden. Only products that are not perishable can be checked into the luggage compartment.
  11. Cradle for a child if the trip is made with a baby.
  12. Crutches or other equipment for the disabled — you must first agree on this when buying a ticket.
  13. Carrying for a pet — you need to purchase a separate place for a pet, not everyone can be taken into the salon, but only small cats, puppies, dogs of miniature breeds and birds in cages.
  14. Purchases from duty free shops. All goods from Duty Free are packed in special sealed bags with receipts. Even alcohol, which is not allowed to be carried in the hands, will be allowed here.

What is prohibited

Passengers must not carry objects dangerous to the surroundings. Therefore, the transportation of a razor with an open blade in hand luggage is strictly prohibited. Also not allowed to have:

  • • Weapons and charges for him.
  • • Any flammable and explosive substances.
  • • Poisons and chemicals.
  • • Large magnets — these can affect the magnetic field of on-board devices.
  • • Items that emit radiation.

These were obvious things that not every person will find in their purse. But pointed household items must be removed from the backpack in advance, otherwise they will be seized without return.

sharp objects

It is forbidden to carry in the hands:

  • • scissors;
  • • wire cutters;
  • • tweezers for plucking hair;
  • • file;
  • • knitting and sewing accessories — knitting needles, hooks, needles;
  • • knife, fork;
  • • corkscrew.

Can a razor be carried in hand luggage?


You can not take either for manicure, or for children, or stationery. If you really need to carry it, then only in the luggage compartment. And it’s better to put them in a case first.


The bottle opener can have different configurations — classic with a wooden handle, folding, narcissus, as well as «safe» with handles. But in any case, the screw blade can harm others.

Straight razor

A product with an open point is not allowed. But men should remember that you can carry an electric razor in your hand luggage — will it replace the machine for the duration of the flight?

Nail file

The ban is only on those with a sharp end — you can take a cardboard or glass counterpart with a rounding on both sides of the product.

Razor in the luggage on the plane


For the duration of the flight, it can be hidden in a suitcase and checked in as luggage.

wire cutters

Prohibited, like the rest of the manicure set. It is used for hand skin care and for cutting nails; at the time of the flight, this hygiene procedure will have to be abandoned.


It is impossible, regardless of the variety — gift, table, folding, pen. To take it with you, issue a permit based on the rarity of the item.

Explaining the ban on sharp objects

This rule is due to the fact that any blade can be used as a cold weapon, that is, to harm yourself, flight attendants, surrounding passengers. Cases of terrorism have been documented where the threat came from a knife.

On the inspection, you should not bargain with the airport staff. If you have found something that will not be allowed on the flight, the item is subject to seizure on legal grounds. You cannot claim a refund.

The only possibility is to obtain approval for a single shipment. It is recommended to obtain it from the air carrier, for example, on the basis of high value (a rare knife) or a medical justification for the need for an injection — in a syringe.

Can I carry a razor in hand luggage?

Search for prohibited items during the search

Sometimes passengers manage to carry with them incorrectly packed or not allowed items at all. This is due to the fact that the inspectors are simply not able to check, open each handbag, so they look through them on the tape.

Factors affecting the transportation of what you can not take with you:

  • • competence of airport staff;
  • • flow of people;
  • • equipment, scanners and their capabilities;
  • • appearance of the passenger.

The last point is the human factor. If a person looks suspicious, then he will require an additional inspection of luggage. Those who seem self-confident do not cause fear at all. The well-dressed men with small Brialdi leather bags show that they often fly for work, they know exactly how to pack a suitcase. Moreover, leather bags are ergonomic inside and make it possible to conveniently pack all things.

Razor in hand luggage on the plane

Is it possible to carry a razor in hand luggage on an airplane: what are the prohibitions

All machines are divided into two categories — dangerous and safe. The former have sections of an open, usually very sharply sharpened, blade in their design. They used to be used for shaving everywhere, now — in rare exceptions. Until now, they are used in barbershops, and are also collected as antiques.

Note! They cannot be taken into the cabin of air transport. During inspection, the product, even if it is antique, will be confiscated. We strongly recommend that you put it in your suitcase and put it in the luggage compartment. If you are worried about its safety, make a deal with the insurance company at the time of the flight or arrange transportation with another company engaged in air delivery of valuable cargo.

However, all airlines must allow the transport and use of a safety razor in carry-on baggage on an aircraft. This category includes any products with removable discs or disposable personal care products. Size and brand restrictions.

What varieties are allowed

Let’s talk more about each option. Immediately pay attention to the fact that all types of products from this category can be taken with you. If flight attendants or screeners talk about the seizure of these items, you have every right to defend your point of view, and in the event of an action that has already taken place, we recommend that you contact the airline with a claim and a request for compensation for the damage caused.

Can you take a razor on a plane?

Can I take a razor in hand luggage on an airplane?

The answer is yes, moreover, it is necessary. When traveling, both men and women have to take personal hygiene products with them.

Safe reusable machine

Produced with interchangeable cassettes. The blades themselves can be left in individual packaging or put on the product. The presence or absence of a protective cap, cover does not matter. You can not only carry it on board, but also use it during a long flight.


It does not have removable heads, it is inexpensive and the good thing is that at the end of the flight, after using it and shaving in the morning, you can throw it away.

Can I take an electric shaver in hand luggage?

This electrical household item is absolutely safe. Since this is an expensive device, we recommend using some rules:

  1. Remove the device from the carton and place it, along with the rest of the hygiene items, in a transparent, hermetically sealed bag. It will need to be taken out of the bag when passing through security. So the employee will not have any questions.
  2. If this is a gift box, then let it remain unopened, however, take a receipt with you, it can come in handy to prove at the airport that it is inside.

Related shaving accessories

Shaving «dry» is not always relevant, perhaps the only exception is an electric razor. In other cases, you will need a few additional things — this is shaving foam (cream, gel), after lotion to relieve irritation. In any case, when you want to wash yourself, you will need a compact toothbrush, paste and soap. Liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml are not allowed on board the aircraft. Expensive perfume or a bottle of water — everything will equally fly into the wastebasket.

The way out of the situation is this. Buy travel shaving and hygiene kits, in which all substances are pre-packed in 50-100 ml. Often — in transparent containers. The second option is to pour all the hygiene products into pre-prepared vessels (they are also sold separately), then pack them in a transparent hermetically sealed bag.


  1. One passenger must have a total of no more than 1 liter of liquid.
  2. Some airlines impose additional requirements on the maximum size of the package, the classic parameters are 20 by 20 cm.
  3. When checking at the control, take it out of the bag and put it separately, as well as your phone, tablet and laptop.

Can I carry a razor in hand luggage?

We collect luggage correctly

The most important rule is to get a comfortable, roomy, but at the same time stylish bag. For men, Brialdi offers products made of high-quality genuine leather of various types — from backpacks to suitcases. A large selection and quality service — all this will make the preparation for the trip even more pleasant.

Our second recommendation is to make a list. At the same time, immediately note what you need during the flight, and also is of particular value (money, documents, jewelry, equipment) — you need to take it in hand. Put the rest in your travel bag.

What items are not considered baggage

There are a number of things that are transported with you in the cabin, but are not taken into account as hand luggage, that is, they are not included in the calculation of dimensions or weight:

  1. Cane, wheelchair or other accessories for moving and / or maintenance of life (oxygen cylinder) of a disabled person and a patient.
  2. Coat, fur coat, hat, gloves, scarf and everything else related to outerwear.
  3. Flowers.
  4. Items from duty-free shops — however, some airlines ask you to pay for their transportation upon boarding.
  5. Not all, but a number of air carriers do not take into account a laptop, camera and other small-sized equipment.

Razor in hand luggage

Parameters of transported bags without surcharges

There are two options for determining whether baggage is included in the free baggage allowance that can be carried without buying a seat in the baggage compartment. Some companies limit the weight, for example, 10 kg. The latter, like the Russian low-cost carrier Pobeda, put restrictions on dimensions. The backpack must fit into the calibrator — a box with specified dimensions. At the same time, in hand luggage on an airplane, there can be a shaving machine, as well as other personal hygiene products — this is important for those who do not take extra luggage at all and travel light.

How to pack for transport in the cabin

We will give some recommendations for transportation:

  1. If you do not fit into the weight, put heavy smartphones, a wallet with coins, souvenirs in the pockets of outerwear.
  2. Put down what you won’t get out, and leave equipment, a bag with hygiene items, a ticket and a passport on top.
  3. If you are carrying a tablet or laptop in a case, bag, then you will need to pull them out before checking.

Can you carry a razor in hand luggage?

What else worries passengers

In addition to the question of whether it is possible to carry a razor in hand luggage, they often find out if there are restrictions on alcoholic beverages, as well as on medicines, so that there are no problems. Let’s consider in more detail.


The answer is no, no airline allows you to bring your own alcohol in the cabin. But you can buy drinks directly from the flight attendant. Bars are usually provided in the waiting area. Of course, in both cases, prices will be several times higher.

The second possibility is a purchase in Duty Free. There is a large selection of branded goods from different countries, while trading is considered duty-free, that is, you are not required to pay duties for importing into the country. The bottles will be packed, you can get them out of the package when you leave the airport of arrival. If these options don’t work, just pack the alcohol in your travel bag.


There is only one rule here, all medicines that require a prescription can be transported only if there is a certificate that the medicine is needed during the flight.

In the article, we talked about whether it is possible to put an electric razor in hand luggage on an airplane and how to properly pack for the trip. Travel with Brialdi travel bags and watch related videos.


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