Leggings-pants — comfort, style, convenience

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Modern girls have at their disposal a huge selection of wardrobe items. There are dozens of varieties of just one pair of pants. Many ladies who value comfort and beauty choose treggings, which are also known as leggings-pants.

Features and Benefits

Treggings are special pants that combine the features of regular trousers and seductively tight leggings. Such clothes can by no means be considered a modern invention of the fashion industry — a similar little thing existed in Europe as early as the twelfth century. True, the then trousers-stockings were worn exclusively by men, and only in the 20th century did women include them in their wardrobe.

Leggings in the form of trousers have a number of undeniable advantages, which include:

  • a wide range of models, a huge selection of colors and materials for tailoring;
  • versatility — such leggings will be appropriate in images of various styles, they are suitable for everyday wear and for going out;
  • perfect fit;
  • comfort while wearing;
  • practicality of clothing and easy care for it;
  • thanks to the use of dense and elastic material, treggings have a slimming effect, which allows you to improve the figure visually;
  • the popularity of products among generally accepted style icons (leggings are worn with pleasure by Rihanna, D. Barrymore, Lady Gaga, D. Lopez, K. Kardashian, etc.).

These pants fit snugly to the body, emphasizing the dignity, have a soft belt that does not cut into the stomach. These are ideal products for pregnant women — beautiful, comfortable, safe for the baby, which can be worn after childbirth. But if leggings are a laconic model, devoid of decor, then treggings are often decorated with arrows, pockets, fasteners, rivets and other functional elements of classic trousers, embroidery, cuts, beads, prints, rhinestones. They are sewn from different materials, most often from cotton fabric with an admixture of lycra, which looks like natural leather, vinyl, leather (natural and artificial).

Do not confuse leggings with jeggings, which are made only from denim and similar fabrics, have a decor typical for jeans (rivets, patch pockets, etc.).

Leggings styles and models

Modern fashion has created a large number of models of leggings that look like trousers, so every girl can find the best option for herself.

Products differ from each other in different characteristics:

  • by season — winter models on fleece and thinner summer models are offered;
  • by style — pants can be sports (for training, products with the Push Up effect are offered), glamorous, retro, evening;
  • waist height — come with a regular, low and high waist;
  • by material — trousers are sewn from leather, cotton, latex, mixed fabrics with an admixture of lycra and elastane;
  • by color — they produce monophonic models of any color scheme (gray, black, white, blue), combined products, with a colorful print (geometric, floral, abstract), metallic effect;
  • by manufacturer.

Leather leggings-pants are the most extravagant option, which, depending on the chosen top, can be worn to work, to a date, and to social events.

Victoria Beckham became famous for her special love for such pants, who wears them with heeled shoes, wedge sneakers, boots and ankle boots. The image is complemented by a top with imitation leather, a T-shirt, a blouse, a T-shirt, stylish cardigans and jackets, a handbag.

If you combine a leather bottom with a plaid shirt, then the outfit is suitable for a city walk, family vacation or a friendly meeting.

Throwing a low-key coat over a shirt, changing sneakers / sneakers / arrowroot to shoes, and a backpack to an elegant bag, you can go to work with a non-strict dress code. Wearing a lace top and shoes with heels, you can meet with your loved one.

Combination rules

Thinking through the image to the smallest detail, it is worth remembering that leggings are derived from leggings. Of course, they go well with any clothing, even incompatible with ordinary trousers (skirts, dresses), but they look most advantageous with a top that reaches mid-thigh.

An ideal pair for treggings are elongated tops, tunics, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, jackets, vests, if the girl has a perfect figure, mini-dresses are welcome. The ensemble can be supplemented with leather jackets, fur capes and fur coats, sheepskin coats.

Of the shoes, heeled shoes with a comfortable shoe fit most harmoniously. But you can wear any pair — ankle boots, sandals, ballet flats, boots. Leggings, stylized as trousers, are also combined with various accessories — bags of different sizes, clutches, backpacks, the bow can be diluted with an interesting neckerchief or scarf. Depending on the style, jewelry is chosen, which can be both from precious materials and costume jewelry.

When creating any image, it is worth considering the main rules of color and sense of proportion. Tight-fitting trousers are worn with a more spacious top, dark clothes with light and bright ones, colorful ones with solid colors, shiny ones with matte ones.

The symbiosis of trousers and leggings is very successful in aesthetic terms, but such clothes also have a slimming effect. They are able to visually improve the figure, allowing the girl to feel more confident. But to achieve such a positive result, it is necessary to choose the right size, otherwise there is a risk of ugly body constrictions protruding from under the clothes of skin folds.

Stylish tips and images

How to wear black leggings to work? To them you can pick up a light blouse or jacket, a dark cardigan, shoes, closed sandals, low-heeled ankle boots. The cardigan is successfully replaced by an elongated jacket, short coat, vest. For office work, you can try on trousers in dark blue, brown, gray, burgundy, white. A light blouse and a contrasting jacket over it is a win-win option, which is complemented by shoes and a bag in a suitable color scheme. Insulated dark color pants can be worn with a light turtleneck and a marsh-colored bomber jacket with loafers, uggs, and low-top boots.

But for shiny black pants, you need to choose another company, for example, platform or high-heeled boots, a white mid-thigh T-shirt, a short black jacket or cardigan, a bag that matches the tone of outerwear (but without gloss). Pants look stylish and feminine with open sandals with a strap and a short top (all in black) with a short coffee-colored jacket made of suede or velvety fabric. Matte leggings can be combined with a black top, red stilettos and the same cardigan, light sandals and a white top in a floral print, a nude clutch.

In general, black trousers can be worn with any color of things — white and black, red and gray, pink and nude, yellow, green, blue.

Brown models are well complemented by a denim shirt and black pumps, gray ones — black, purple, brown and bright things. Burgundy leggings look original with a shirt that opens the stomach and long sleeves in red-burgundy tones and beige sandals. Blue pants will beautifully complement a gray shirt, a short black leather jacket and sandals.

If leggings have a combined color — two or more colors, then it is better to pick up plain things for them that repeat some shade of the bottom. In general, to create a fashionable bow, you need to connect fantasy and common sense, use things that suit your style and style, and put your own comfort in the first place.


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