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  1. The secret of balance — in a century
  2. Modern sneakers New Balance
  3. New Balance Women’s Sneakers: Classic, Retrospective, Limited Editions
  4. How to recognize a fake

Standing firmly on the ground is a great feeling. And while high heel lovers are training a confident gait, we enjoy an easy, pleasant walk in comfortable shoes. Namely, in New Balance sneakers. The feeling of lightness, stability, balance are just the reasons why many girls prefer them.

The secret of balance — in a century

More than a hundred years have passed since the American New Balance brand was officially registered. More specifically, the New Balance Arch Company. That was the name at that time of the firm of a young entrepreneur William Riley. And, frankly, at first he thought about sports shoes the least. How did those very sneakers appear, which, in many times improved form, we love and wear to this day?

At the very beginning of its activity, the company of Riley and his partner Arthur Hall was engaged in the production of orthopedic shoes. A special design of the arch support was developed. It was designed for special boots — ones that would not be too tiring to walk all day on your feet. Today, such shoes would be called anti-stress, but at that time they were simply perceived as a sensation.

Although at first, young inventors simply had to travel around the cities and offer their products to potential buyers. There were no shops, no loud advertising, but success still came. The products of the new little-known brand were especially liked by the police and fire department, as well as all those who had to move and stand a lot during the day. This is how the first target audience appeared among enterprising young guys.

They say that Riley developed the first arch support by copying the anatomy of a chicken foot — and it was on this principle that he created all subsequent models. He considered this idea optimal for creating that balance, balance, stability that comfortable shoes should provide. It is not known whether this was actually the case, but a striking fact has become part of the company’s biography. And the feathered “co-author” of the inventor is a kind of face of the brand.

Sports shoes appeared at New Balance only in the forties. Businessmen made high demands on their products, and at that time it was intended only for professional athletes. These were running, basketball, tennis shoes — and even models for boxers. It will be some time before the company starts producing shoes «for everyone». But today, to the delight of brand fans, New Balance sneakers are available to everyone. And most importantly, among the models there are shoes not only for sports, but also for everyday wear.

Modern sneakers New Balance

Some of New Balance’s state-of-the-art technologies have been around for a long time and have been refined over the years. Others have appeared in recent years, successfully supplementing many years of development experience. What makes New Balance sneakers what they are? Let’s talk about several technologies.

In addition to cushioning the outsole, New Balance also uses special insoles to soften the load in their sneakers. They use an isoprene rubber compound and are indispensable for running or walking long distances. They should be chosen if the legs get tired quickly or if there is a long physical activity ahead. On such sneakers you will see the inscription ABZORB — this is the name of the described technology. An example would be the women’s New Balance 1600.

The lightness of the sole itself is one of the prerequisites in the manufacture of good sneakers. This goal is achieved through the use of EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate), elastic, porous inside and therefore having a low weight. Most of the New Balance sneakers come with these soles.

Durability is also far from the last requirement for shoes. Especially if you plan to walk or exercise a lot. For these purposes, as a rule, we buy sneakers. To ensure that the outsole does not wear out as long as possible, the base material is supplemented with carbon rubber. These inserts not only protect the shoe from rapid wear of the tread, but also make the sole more stable and safer on slippery or wet surfaces. A great addition to any running shoe, but for running shoes it’s priceless.

Lightweight training models (most often these are fitness sneakers) are available with a seamless fabric upper. The shape of the upper is supported by dense striped inserts. This combination allows you to create comfortable, almost weightless, breathable models. Exactly what you need for physical activity in the gym.

When it comes to safety, reliable support of the foot, good grip on the surface, New Balance does not deceive the trust of its fans. No wonder that for a long time they produced shoes only for professional athletes, and they gladly chose this particular brand. A few years ago, the company developed and released a new collection — for skateboarders. These are sneakers in which it is not only convenient to move, but also as safe as possible. Which, in general, is absolutely necessary in such a sport.

New Balance Women’s Sneakers: Classic, Retrospective, Limited Editions

Girls love New Balance — it’s an axiom. Leaving aside the functional features of this shoe, which we have already talked about a lot, there is one more reason. This is style. Women’s New Balance sneakers are a lifestyle style that, in most cases, fits perfectly into a casual urban look. A sole raised in the heel, a neat silhouette, a rounded toe, discreet or, conversely, juicy colors — these are the main external signs of women’s New Balance. Let’s talk about some interesting models.

Beautiful bright sneakers for the summer are in the Color Circle line. This is a «remake» of several popular models of the late nineties. Produced at one of the New Balance factories in the UK. Great sneakers for leisure and active lifestyle. The color scheme provides excellent opportunities for combinations with summer outfits.

Another retrospective model is the New Balance 1500. By the way, the series is called Retrospective. The running model is taken as a basis, but the modern version is just shoes for every day. True, it is very comfortable and gentle, because the developers have retained the best qualities of running shoes in it. For example, reinforced cushioning and a midsole that creates perfect balance. The sneakers are beautiful: the upper is made of nubuck and leather, the heel is raised. All models are made in rich noble colors.

Women’s New Balance 574 Gradient sneakers are very popular. Pay attention to them if you want to choose something special. The upper is made of beautiful genuine leather with a slight sheen. The colors are soft, they set off the main detail — a gradient pattern on the side of the sole. Unusual design and colors make the model a great addition to jeans or other casual wear. Although as an attribute of sports style, these sneakers are used remarkably.

Finally, the New Balance 574 is a timeless classic. Moreover, the line is being updated and improved, in accordance with all production innovations. However, recognizable signs of a well-known model remain. This is a combination of suede and mesh fragments in the upper, neutral color combinations, classic design.

How to recognize a fake

New Balance has so many fans that it would be simply strange if pirated versions of these sneakers were not occasionally found on sale. And, indeed, this happens quite often. But if you know your favorite brand well, it will be difficult to fool you as a buyer. The fact is that a thorough forgery of «new balances» will cost a pretty penny to the counterfeiters themselves, it is simply unprofitable. Therefore, attempts to copy the original are usually quite rude.

New Balance sneakers are made in factories in the USA, Great Britain and several Asian countries. Models from Asia are usually cheaper, but during the production process they are subject to exactly the same requirements as American or British products. Therefore, if you see a product with crookedly sewn labels or smudges of glue, nothing can justify this level of quality. The original New Balances look very neat.

If you want to buy a certain model, it makes sense to read its description on the official website in advance. What is it for? It’s simple: the name of the technology used in a particular line is always indicated on the side of the sole. For example, all New Balance 574 Classic shoes come with enhanced cushioning and support. For this, Encap technology is used, which is indicated on the sole of all the original sneakers of this line.

By the way, you should pay attention not only to the sneakers themselves, but also to the box. If the shoes are made in the USA (this is indicated on the tongue), the packaging will be red and white. Plain, unpainted cardboard is used for British models, as well as «reissued» classic lines. Products from factories in Vietnam, China, Indonesia are sold in blue-red cardboard boxes.

The barcode on the packaging and the sneakers themselves must be the same. On the box you will see a white sticker with the size, model name and barcode: check it against the number on the inside of the tongue.

And, of course, the easiest way is to check if there is an outlet where you are going to make a purchase in the list of official stores on the manufacturer’s website. All these precautions do not take much time, and New Balance sneakers are worth it to appreciate the original quality. Flip through customer reviews, and then you can verify this for yourself by choosing wonderful shoes that are perfect for you.



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