Men’s clothing styles: which one to choose — how to choose a modern and fashionable look for a man and a guy

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From this article you will learn:

  • Male images
  • How to choose a style for a guy
  • How to choose the perfect accessory for your menswear style
  • Fashion trends
  • Stylish images

In modern society, there are certain requirements for the appearance of people. Looking stylish and attractive is a topical issue for both sexes. Men’s wardrobe is not as diverse and rich as women’s. Therefore, the choice of outfits for the stronger sex should be approached more pragmatically and with special care. Our article will tell you about what men’s fashion styles are in clothes, and show photo examples.

Men's style

Male images

Modern fashion is a mixture of various trends that have developed over the past decades. Below are the main fashion trends that are most in demand among men.

Men's clothing stylesClothing for men style

Men's clothing styleStyle for men


Strict outfits are well suited not only for official meetings, but also for everyday wear. For proper style, restraint, elegance and high-quality tailoring are inherent. Office wardrobe involves suits of a classic cut with plain light shirts made of expensive fabrics.

Clothing styles for menClothing style for a guyModern clothing style for men

Strict / Solemn

For official ceremonies, a presentable outfit is chosen. Most often, this is a tuxedo or an elongated jacket (tailcoat), in addition to the same cut, trousers, a vest and a light shirt.

How to choose clothes for a man Selection of clothes for menHow to choose your own style of clothing for a man


A bold style decision, the hallmark of which is contrasting bright details. Outrageous predominance, no uniform or similar color suits. It is important to understand that such robes will not always and everywhere be appropriate. If you have been wondering what are the loose clothing styles for men, pay attention to the following five fashion trends.

How to choose your style in clothes for a manFashion men's stylesMen's clothing styles photo


One of the most popular bows on which the latest trends in men’s fashion are based. The main feature of the direction is the combination of various types of vestments. The basic set consists of several different colored T-shirts, jumpers or sweaters and jeans.

Loose clothing for menModern men's styleHow to choose your style of clothing for men


The style decision tops the top of universal ones and looks great on guys of different ages, builds and professions. There are no strict rules in such a wardrobe, which makes it possible to combine things of various styles and brands, profitably fitting them to your individual image.

How to choose a style for a manA selection of clothes for menFashionable clothing styles for men

smart casual

This is a smart combination of urban streetwear with official ones. The direction can be attributed to the category of office. Business jackets, holey jeans and shirts with T-shirts harmoniously look in such a bow.

Modern menswear styleClothing styles for menHow to choose a clothing style for men


Young men often prefer street-casual outfits. It is characterized by direct and rather catchy and bright things, which are complemented by practical shoes.

Fashionable men's clothing stylesFreestyle clothing for menWhat styles of men's clothing are


The image in such a fashionable trend suggests free, not restricting movement, clothes. The direction has many adherents who prefer convenience, dynamism and simplicity of decoration. Genuine leather sports bags from Brialdi are perfect for this look.

How to dress stylishlyHow to dress fashionablyHow to dress stylish for men


Provocative leather jackets or ripped jeans are the choice of many modern guys. Such things perfectly reflect the protest against established fashion trends.

How to dress stylishly and inexpensively for a manHow to dress a manHow men dress


An analogue of the brutal bow described above, which is very popular. It was based on the once well-known punk style. In this attire there are many iron elements and other non-standard accessories.

How to dress properly for menHow to dress properly for a manHow to dress stylish for a guy


This is the complete opposite of the previous style decision. It is characterized by plain classic expensive fabrics and incredible restraint. Such an image will suit both mature gentlemen and self-confident young men.

How to dress fashionably for menstylishly dressed menHow to dress fashionably for a guy


Outrageous costumes are not necessary for everyday wear. A good knitted sweater, simple pants and a pair of comfortable T-shirts are enough.

How to dress nice for a manHow to dress nice for a manNicely dressed men


This direction is an offshoot of the style described above. It is primarily associated with practical streetwear. Big pants, baseball caps, long T-shirts — these are all attributes of the American bow.

How to dress cheap and stylishHow to dress cheap and stylishHow a man should dress


Such decoration looks non-standard, and the style itself appeared as a protest against the glamorous life. Young people were uncomfortable wearing frilly costumes and began to prefer simpler things.

Stylishly dressedFashionably dressed manStylishly dressed boys


A wardrobe with an abundance of clothes in the spirit of films about Indiana Jones in urban realities looks quite extravagant. At fashion shows, you can see cotton pants, linen shorts, raincoats and khaki T-shirts.

Stylishly dressed men photoHow to dress nice for a guyStylishly dress a man photo


The name speaks for itself — the subculture of the club prefers outfits with non-standard decor and decoration in a bright color palette. You can often see patches, holes and contrasting prints.

How to dress nice for a guyFashionably dressed boysHow to dress cheap but stylish


The style direction originates from the beginning of the 19th century and literally means «dandy». People of that period spent a lot of money and time on their appearance. The main role of the image was assigned to accessories such as scarves, ties, belts and watches.

How to dress as a young guyFashionable and stylish dressHow fashionable to dress guys now


One of the most popular youth movements. These are young people who prefer spectacular products with bright vintage prints, sweatshirts with images of famous art paintings. These guys are characterized by regular jeans, plaid shirts and large backpacks.

How to dress cheap and beautifulHow do guys dress now?How to dress well for a man


The style also originates from the 19th century. Its distinguishing feature is the suits of soft colors, equipped with voluminous decorative elements. The outfits are very similar to the military style.

How fashionable to dress menwell dressed manHow to dress a man


Simplicity and sophistication. In such clothes, special attention is paid to fabrics. An elegant jacket can easily be combined with sneakers and regular jeans.

How to learn to dress stylishly for a manHow to dress cheap and stylish for a manhandsome male image


Luxurious decorations, decorated with lace collars and fringe, are inherent in this direction. Spectacular things in everyday life look outside the box.

nice picture of a guywhat to wear for a guywhat to choose from clothes for a man


The style comes from the 90s. It is characterized by the combination of simplicity of dressing with precious accessories such as chains, bracelets and watches. In today’s realities, such outfits look funny.

what to choose from clothes todaywhat to pick up todayeveryday look


Light pants made of natural fabrics, blue-and-white striped sweaters, light-colored airy shirts and other marine-themed wardrobe items are suitable for relaxing on the water.

everyday wardrobehow to learn to dress fashionably guyslearning to dress


Strict and conservative image of a business man. It is characterized only by high-quality fabrics of a simple cut, which most favorably ennoble the male figure.

we select a wardrobedress stylishly and fashionablyhow to look stylish for men


Almost the complete opposite of the above bow. Differs in democracy and simplicity. The wardrobe includes plaid shirts, patterned sweaters, classic wool suits and simple jeans.

how to look stylish for guyshow to look stylish on a datewhat to wear tonight


The fashion of individual eras is a good foundation for modern fashion trends. The sixties are distinguished by things with a combination of non-standard fabrics and minimalist cuts. Clothing becomes more practical and comfortable for everyday use.

image of a real manwhat things are in fashion fashion trends of the current season


The outfits of this era are characterized by catchy bright colors and original cut. The most famous wardrobe item of those times is flared pants in addition to a colored shirt.

mens fashion fashion trendsmen's fashion of the current season how to choose the right clothes for going out


More brightness and outrageous — this is how you can characterize the decoration from that time. Tight trousers and leather shoes in non-standard colors were in fashion.

how to choose clothes for guyshow to choose clothes for husband new clothes


During this period, things made of coarse denim were popular. Jackets, pants, shirts and shorts were made from it. Some fashionistas were completely in jeans — from head to toe.

new fashion trends for men how to look stylish and cheaphow to look stylish and cheap


In the 30s of the last century, strict men’s suits remained at the peak of popularity for a long time. People associated with crime wore black and white outfits in addition to elegant hats.

how to choose the right things how to choose clothes according to stylestreet style clothing


Variation of the above direction. He is characterized by luxury, gloss and audacity. Trousers with arrows on suspenders, a strict jacket with a vest and a white shirt will create a unique bow of a Chicago bandit.

choosing a daily wardrobechoosing an evening wardrobe what to wear on a date


This style combines brutality, courage and a certain negligence. A separate place is given to practicality things. Wardrobe items are concise and minimalistic, made in a discreet color palette. Often on clothes you can see the image of animals, a striped or checkered pattern.

male strong imagestylish look fashionable appearance


The style is similar to the country direction, it is also in demand among connoisseurs of freedom and practicality. Hats, leather boots combined with plaid shirts are its distinguishing feature.

free style clothing for guys and menhow to match clothes for men how to match clothes for guys


It is characterized by simplicity and elegance. Light-colored suits are combined with plain T-shirts of a discreet color. Such outfits are quite popular in youth circles.

how to match mens clothes what to wear on a date with a girl fashionable image of a man


Clothing in this style direction is distinguished by diversity and slight sloppiness. So, a fashionista can easily put on a shirt over a regular T-shirt and put on a short jacket on top.

fashion image of a guy fashionable and stylish male imagewhat to do to look good


This look includes pieces from world-famous 20th-century collections. These are unsurpassed outfits that were at the peak of popularity among guys of different eras — from the 20s to the 80s.

how to please a girl free wardrobe male formal style


The direction is characterized by natural fabrics and ethnic patterns with coloring. Style came from a subculture of the same name that was at its peak in the 1970s.

men's wardrobe how to choose things for a guygood masculine taste


The main feature of such a vestment is a contrasting combination of leather and iron accessories. The outfits are characterized by decorative inserts and cuts.

what clothes are suitable for men what clothes would suit a guywhat clothes are suitable for men

street style

The forefather of the style is the decoration of skateboarders of the 1970s. It is characterized by loose clothing for men — simple cut shirts, pullovers, plain T-shirts worn under a corduroy jacket or jacket, and tight pants with collars.

what clothes suit a guywhat clothes suit a man what clothes suit a guy


This direction does not have specific features. He is characterized by all the fashion of past years, in its best combinations. Soft hats, suspenders, two-tone shoes and more create a unique retro look.

collection of clothes for boys selection of clothes for menmen's selection of clothes


This is a modern elegant men’s clothing style — copies of military uniforms, ennobled by the hands of designers. It is characterized by a strict cut, functionality and reliability. The color palette is dominated by dark, brown and khaki shades.

collection of stylish clothesselection of fashionable clothesselection of casual clothes

Fashion 50+

This direction is a well-balanced harmony and balance in wardrobe items for active representatives of the stronger half over 50. There are no torn jeans and wrinkled shirts, but on the contrary, preference is given to experimental classics.

male selection of thingsselection of stylish men's clothingselection of clothes for men

How to choose a style for a guy

Choosing an individual bow is not an easy task. Most young people combine a lot of style decisions in their wardrobe, in combination of which the necessary image is created. It is important that the future appearance not only be beautiful in appearance, but also that it hides or, conversely, emphasizes the elements of the figure. Everything in the image of a man should be to the point and tasteful.

choosing the right clothes for men the right choice of clothes for guysfashion rules for men

How to determine the color type

This is a natural combination of skin color, lips, hair, eyebrows, beard and eyes in a general shade. According to the rules of stylists, according to the type of appearance, the following types of color type are distinguished:

  1. Summer — cold shades prevail (gray and blue eyes, ashy hair, etc.).
  2. Spring is mostly bright and delicate colors.
  3. Autumn — brightly saturated, muted shades of a warm color palette.
  4. Winter — cold and bright gamma prevails.

How to determine the type of figure

Knowing the features of your body, you can choose clothes so that it favorably highlights your advantages and hides your flaws. There are 4 main types of figure, from which you need to define your own:

  • • hourglass;
  • • rectangle;
  • • inverted triangle;
  • • round type.

men's clothing tipsclothing tips for menclothing tips for guys

What is your environment

Based on the lifestyle that you lead, the people around you and the goals pursued, you choose the wardrobe in which you will feel most comfortable.

20 neat tips

Below is a list of recommendations from leading experts in the fashion industry on how to choose your style of clothing for men:

  1. Choose the right size.
  2. The color of the belt, bag and shoes should be close or match. You can find briefcases, bags, clutches made of natural leather in seasoned shades on the website of the Brialdi online store.
  3. If you have a stomach, you should buy wide-cut pants.
  4. It is better when the shirt is a tone lighter than the jacket.
  5. It is categorically unacceptable to wear a belt and suspenders at the same time.
  6. For a large physique, a wide knot on a tie is better.
  7. A neutral color palette will keep you trendy for longer.
  8. Denim top should be different in tone from jeans.
  9. It is not advisable to wash jeans frequently.
  10. Sunglasses on the head are bad form and damage to the accessory itself.
  11. Socks are purchased to match the trousers.
  12. Do not wear bags that are radically different from the general style.
  13. It is preferable to wear long socks under the pants.
  14. The cuff of the shirt should peek out from under the jacket.
  15. It is better not to use white socks at all.
  16. Wear slates only for the pool and beach holidays.
  17. Loose cut in robes is not suitable for short guys.
  18. Don’t skimp on shoes.
  19. Quality items are better than quantity.
  20. Do not focus much attention on your own appearance — a minimum of effort and slight negligence make a young man irresistible.

How to choose the perfect accessory for your style of clothing for men — video
10 things you should have in your wardrobe

List of the most necessary items of clothing:

  • • winter/autumn coat;
  • • natural leather jacket;
  • • strict classic suit;
  • • trench coat covering the edges of the jacket;
  • • jeans, classic cut;
  • • a jacket of a club look, sports tailoring;
  • • gray trousers;
  • • two or three shirts;
  • • T-shirts and sweatshirt;
  • • shoes and other accessories.

Video is the perfect complement to the classic look

The main mistakes that are made when choosing clothes for men

There are a number of typical problems most often allowed by the male half when choosing their wardrobe:

  1. tie and short-sleeved shirt;
  2. incorrectly selected color of socks that stand out against the background of shoes and pants;
  3. too short trousers;
  4. poor combination of shoes and belt;
  5. belt and suspenders worn at the same time;
  6. the top button of the shirt sticks out from under the tie;
  7. jacket with short / long sleeves;
  8. things a few sizes larger or significantly smaller.

men's clothing tipstips for choosing stylish clothesfashion picking tips

A selection of bags for men to the style of clothing

Most often, the male half, when choosing such an accessory, is guided by the practicality and functionality of the product. It is important that the bag can carry daily items such as a smartphone, wallet, apartment and car keys, licenses and other documents. When choosing, be guided by such models that will most organically fit into your wardrobe and will be universal. You will find many high-quality models made of genuine leather in the catalog of the Brialdi online store.

clothing tips for guysdressing tips for men

Fashion trends

When thinking about how to choose your style of clothing so that the image of a man matches fashion, stick to the classic direction. It has been one of the most sought after and popular for many centuries. Choose the bare minimum for yourself. They should be the basic foundation that can be used in any life situation.

Stylish images

Each representative of the stronger half, having chosen things in his wardrobe favorably, can look stylish. The current and most popular fashion styles in clothing for men are presented below:

  1. Smart casual is a garment that will complement the male look, suitable for both an evening date and a business meeting. Turned-up jeans, a matching jacket, combined with brown shoes and a briefcase of the same color, is the perfect solution for a modern guy.
  2. The hipster bow is incredibly popular among young people. A red shirt with brown pants and rough boots, in addition to a voluminous backpack, will be a good option for a brave guy.
  3. Images in street decoration are the most used in life. A sweater for skinny jeans in dark blue, complemented by a thick sweatshirt — look beautiful. Also, simple and at the same time comfortable boots with a dark small backpack will fit well into such a wardrobe.

dress stylishly and properly neat appearance

how to look good and fashionable how to look expensive and stylish


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