Men’s shoes are … We understand the terms, study the features, reacquaint ourselves with our favorite shoes

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  1. Men’s shoes and boots: what’s the difference
  2. Classic men’s shoes
  3. Men’s leisure shoes

Slippers and slip-ons, loafers, derbies, chelsea and brogues… Who will understand all this terminology? In fact, in order to distinguish one type of shoe from another, you do not need to be a fashion couturier. It is enough to love shoes and be interested in them. This hobby has pleasant side effects. For example, in a store, a quick glance will be enough for you to figure out which particular model of shoes will fit a new suit. But we will not immediately plunge into the wilds of design art. Let’s start simple.

Men’s shoes and boots: what’s the difference

Decide, for starters, whether you are interested in shoes or boots — already a success. Many people don’t know the difference. Although it is easy to understand. Here are the most important differences:

— Men’s shoes are usually more classic, formal shoes. Almost any boots can be worn with jeans, shoes — not all. Although there are models designed exclusively for casual ensembles: for example, moccasins.

— Boots, as a rule, are designed for the cold season. This is late autumn, winter, early spring.

— That’s why the boots have thicker soles. And they are always higher, at least they cover the ankle.

— The presence of laces is a classic sign of boots. However, the more fashion develops, the less clear the boundaries of differences become. You can find boots with zippers, and shoes with laces.

Classic men’s shoes

Most men have at least one pair of such shoes. And probably a few couples — those who work in the office, participate in business meetings, etc. But even if there is no dress code in your life, elegant men’s shoes are a necessary wardrobe attribute. In combination with a classic suit, they are indispensable for any special occasion. Or just when you want to impress and look amazing.

Oxfords, derbies and brogues. This wonderful English family is worth getting to know first. The listed models are perhaps the main representatives of men’s classic shoes. Outwardly, they are quite similar, especially oxfords and derbies. To easily distinguish them, pay attention to the type of lacing.

Oxfords have closed lacing: the side parts (boots) with holes for laces are completely sewn to the main part of the shoes. There is a small distance between the berets in the derby. And berets on such shoes are easy to lift with your finger. Because they are not attached to the vamp (main part) entirely. This is an open type of lacing. It’s not that hard to remember: it all depends on whether the sides of the shoes «open» or not.

Oxfords are considered the most strict business shoes. Try them on with a suit and see for yourself. Classics in their purest form are black oxfords made of matte leather with a thin sole. The option for dandies is the same model in patent leather. It looks more elegant and solemn, but also looks great with almost any costume.

Men’s shoes called «brogues» — one might say, the siblings of oxfords. They are very similar to them, especially those that also have closed lacing. In this case, they are sometimes simply referred to as Oxfords without distinction. This is perfectly acceptable. In general, lacing on brogues can be either closed or open.

There is one notable feature of such shoes as brogues. Having learned, you will immediately understand that this model is well known to you. Brogues are perforated men’s shoes. Because of this, their appearance is slightly less formal than that of Oxfords.

By the way, all the varieties listed above have long existed not only in the male version, but also in the female version. In the classic version, they differ only in size, sometimes in colors. But the main features — construction, lacing, perforation — are unchanged.

Men’s leisure shoes

Strictly speaking, who determined once and for all which shoes are suitable for leisure and which for work? If you work outside the office, there are no rules at all in this regard. But still, the models that will be discussed further look most organically in informal, informal images. Therefore, they are more associated with relaxation. Besides, if they are summer. A striking example of such shoes are moccasins.

In fact, moccasins are indoor shoes that you can walk anywhere. They look, of course, more stylish and interesting than your slippers. For example, suede, soft, the color of the top contrasts with the sole. Suitable for jeans, light trousers, shorts and other summer clothes.

But with leather — brown, beige and other soft colors — you can wear a suit. How and with what you will combine moccasins depends on the appearance of a particular model.

Loafers are light summer shoes, quite similar to moccasins. Always without laces, but often has another distinctive detail. These are leather or suede tassel straps on the instep of the shoe.

Men’s monk shoes are another type of footwear that is well known to all of us. Recognizable thanks to the buckle strap located at the top. Monks are worn with both a suit and jeans. This model has taken root among informal shoes. But it can also be called official in many versions.



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