Nike women’s sneakers as a stylish detail and an attribute of a healthy lifestyle

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  1. Those who choose sporty style
  2. Nike Women’s Running Shoes
  3. For fitness

A modern girl carefully thinks through every detail of her image. Comfortable and practical shoes are the finishing touch. Smooth, swift and beautiful — like the Nike logo. If you love sneakers, you probably already have a favorite model of this trendy, well-known brand. And if there isn’t one yet, then it’s time to choose it.

Those who choose sporty style

Sport and physical activity prolong life and give health, it’s a fact. Yet they take up only a fraction of our time. And you want to feel cheerfulness, ease of movement and a surge of strength not only during fitness or running. Beautiful and comfortable shoes, clothes, sports-style paraphernalia create just the mood in which you feel good. In addition, the appearance, one way or another, reflects the internal state, isn’t it?

For several decades on the world market, Nike has studied the preferences of its audience quite well. Therefore, it pays attention not only to the production of training models of shoes, but also to the production of lines for an active lifestyle, recreation and just everyday wear. Well, the sales numbers speak volumes about how grateful the fans are for that.

Signature sporty style is recognizable in all Nike sneakers. However, some models are suitable for comfortable everyday wear very well.

The Air Max line is well known to everyone who has at least once looked at the model range of the Nike brand. In addition, it is in these sneakers that you can often see girls who love comfortable sports shoes. Nike Air Max is considered to go well with any style of clothing, as it has already become a classic and is not perceived as a sneaker for sports. However, the air shock-absorbing cushion — the hallmark of airmaxes — makes them very comfortable for both walking and running.

The most sought after and popular is the 90th Air Max model. Characteristic features of these sneakers: a comfortable anatomical insole, proprietary cushioning system, breathable upper, raised heel with a lock that ensures the safety of the foot while walking or running.

Another legendary line, Nike Cortez has also gone through a whole evolution and many design rebirths. The Cortes were Nike’s first running shoe in the 1970s with the best cushioning system at the time. Their release was one of the first significant bursts of fame and success for the company. Modern models are designed not only for sports, but also for everyday wear. For example, the Nike Classic Cortez SE Premium Nocturne is a lightweight women’s sneaker with a zigzag outsole characteristic of the entire series.

Nike Women’s Running Shoes

When it comes to the development of all kinds of modern technologies in the production of sports shoes, there are few who can compete with Nike. Consider, for example, one of the popular running lines — Nike Air Huarache. Appearing in the early 90s, they made a splash, because at that time no one knew shoes in which it would be so easy and free to train. True, success came after a grand failure — at first, few people liked the shoes because of their unusual appearance.

The designer of the series wanted to create sneakers that sensitively repeat every curve, every movement of the foot. It turned out, in fact, the exoskeleton of the human foot. In many ways, the designer was inspired by the look of Mexican huarache sandals, which subsequently gave the name to the new line.

A stylish modern version for girls — Nike Air Huarache. It already, of course, uses an innovative shock-absorbing insert, hence the word Air in the name. Leather sneakers in white are just what you need for great performance on every run. And, of course, a stunning appearance: after all, they are really unusual and very beautiful.

Zoom technology is an entire page in Nike’s biography. It is used in the best lines of running shoes, including women’s. What is Zoom? In fact, this is an instant «return» to the runner of the energy just expended. The shock-absorbing insert inside the sole consists of a combination of interwoven polyurethane fibers and compressed air. Due to this cushion, the sole instantly restores its shape and absorbs shock. Here is one of the women’s models using this technology — Nike Zoom All Out Low 2.

Another reason to choose these shoes for running is enhanced heel stabilization. That is, additional protection against injuries and a fixed comfortable position during movement. Excellent breathability is achieved thanks to the elastic mesh upper. The model is presented in several colors, among which you will certainly find your own.

For fitness

The requirements for such sneakers are due to the specifics of classes in the hall. Shoes should breathe and at the same time fix the foot and ankle well. It is worth paying attention to the Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit series. These are sneakers with an interesting history: the first models were developed in order to get shoes that would become a “second skin” for an athlete. Very comfortable, light, flexible, but at the same time protecting against injury. As a result of long research, the Free technology was created, embodied in a special design of the forefoot and a special outsole tread.

The outsole pattern is formed by hexagonal grooves. It is this tread that provides the very flexibility that allows you to move naturally and freely. The Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit series also features a seamless stretch upper that makes the shoe not only lightweight, but also breathable. All models are of beautiful bright colors, which inspire sports achievements, and simply cheer up.

In our short review, we only talked about a few cool models, but this is just an introduction. After buying your first Nikes, you will surely be happy to choose the next ones for yourself.



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