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It’s hard to remember how the long and successful path of Peak Design began. Now in the assortment of the brand you can find almost everything: a practical backpack for traveling, a convenient bag for photographic equipment, a sling for every day or even a smartphone mount for a bike. And when it seems to one that the company has come up with accessories for any occasion and can be content with the variety of products achieved, the brand itself does not think to stop. This time — an update on old models and a couple of new products.

Meet the new travel line, including Travel Backpack thirtyL (update on the 45-liter version), Travel Duffels 65L (larger version of the 35 liter bag), Packable tote (the brand’s first folding bag) and Small wash Pouch (a smaller version of the large travel bag). Peak Design decided on this release for one reason — numerous reviews and requests from customers. As always, the brand did not disappoint: it took into account all the wishes, used the best materials and techniques, and brought to life interesting functional elements. In this article, we will study the novelties in detail.

Travel Backpack — thirtyL

The 45 liter version of the Travel Backpack has been an absolute bestseller in the travel market since its inception. Everything is absolutely logical: it is a comfortable backpack for long trips with the possibility of ergonomic organization of all accessories. But there was one claim to him — too big. This was the reason for the appearance of the 30-liter version.

The Travel Backpack 30L features generous clothing space, a laptop compartment, pockets for small accessories and side water bottle compartments.

The volume of the backpack changes, from 27 to 33 liters and back. How? It’s simple — just open the central zipper and enjoy a comfortable volume. If there is not enough space inside the backpack, you can always arrange things on the outside thanks to the straps included.

On the back there is a special strap that can be threaded through the handle of the suitcase and, thus, remove all heavy loads from the shoulders and back. Moreover, when passing through customs control, the straps can be hidden — so that they do not hang out and do not interfere. In general, the backpack is designed for travel, as its dimensions meet the requirements for hand luggage.

The backpack is made from 100% recycled 400 denier nylon fabric with a water resistant treatment and a double layer of polypropylene. The zippers will also protect the contents from getting wet.

In the case of the 30-liter version, the Travel prefix does not mean at all that the backpack was created only for travel. The accessory is versatile and suitable for everyday commuting, for example, for daytime office work and evening football. A laptop with documents in one compartment, sportswear in another.

Travel Backpack 30L is an exemplary balance of design and functionality. 30 liters seems to be the most optimal volume for a universal backpack.

Peak Design Travel Duffel — 65L

At Peak Design already had travel bags: Travel Duffel 35L and Travel Duffelpack 65L. We connect together and get a hybrid model — Travel Duffel 65L.

The main compartment is a huge hollow space that will easily fit enough things for a two- or three-week trip. Inside the compartment are two mesh pockets. On the outside, you can also organize all the necessary accessories thanks to four zippered pockets.

The main feature is the zipper that runs along the entire length of the compartment. Thanks to her, every centimeter of the internal space, even its most hidden corners, is in sight.

We fooled you a little — Travel Duffel is not only a bag that can be carried in the hand or on the shoulder. It’s also a backpack. The handles easily convert into soft shoulder straps due to the fact that they can be pulled out to the optimal length.

The shoulder strap is made of high-strength nylon with a soft microfiber lining. UltraZip zippers are waterproof and durable thanks to special wear-resistant threads. The bag is made from 100% recycled 600 denier nylon fabric with a water resistant treatment and a double layer of polypropylene.

peak design Packable tote

A versatile foldable accessory that can be used as a stand-alone shopping shopper or as an optional travel bag to take you from your hotel to the city.

The bag is packed in a travel bag the size of a deck of cards. It weighs only 80 g, but if necessary, it can be decomposed into a full-sized shopper with a volume of 12 liters.

The main material — nylon ripstop — is waterproof and durable. Moreover, the body is made from a single piece of fabric. That is, the bag does not have seams along which it could disperse.

The shoulder strap is made of high-strength nylon with a soft microfiber lining. Thus, even when the inner compartment is fully loaded, the belt will not break and will not put much pressure on the shoulder.

Think of the Packable Tote as an equivalent replacement for a large backpack. When folded, the bag occupies only a couple of centimeters of space, while its characteristics — both in terms of water resistance, strength, and spaciousness — are not inferior to a backpack.

Small wash Pouch

«Younger brother» Peak Design Wash Pouchcreated for those who take the minimum amount of the most necessary hygiene items with them on trips.

Its small size limits the amount of content it can hold, meaning you only take what you’ll actually use on your trip. It also means that you can save space in your bag thanks to the minimalism of the travel bag.

Peak Design Small Wash Pouch is convenient to use as a portable toilet bag. You can put it on the sink next to you or hang it on a hook in the bathroom.

Four internal mesh dividers create four self-contained compartments for various hygiene items. In addition, there is a separate magnetic slot for a toothbrush and a zippered pocket for a razor. This capacity is enough for a set for a week trip.

UltraZip zippers are waterproof and durable thanks to special wear-resistant threads. The body material is made of 200 denier nylon with a water-repellent finish.

Packing Cubes and Shoe Pouch

If you have not used travel bags for clothes and shoes before, now is the time to pay attention to them. Peak Design has updated the compression sleeves with new colors (now in three different shades) and a change in material composition. New items are now stronger and lighter with 100% recycled 70 denier nylon.

Travel bags should be considered as an integral part of a travel bag or suitcase, as they save interior space. Accessories compress clothes, thereby freeing up volume for other things. A shoe cover will protect the dirty sole of your sneakers from other accessories.

The Peak Design Packing Cube has two compartments, one for clean items and one for dirty items. The travel bag expands / contracts due to a strong zipper in the middle.

Peak Design has done well with its new travel lineup, judging by the buzz it has generated in the European and US markets. There is nothing surprising in this, because the goods have become more convenient, more practical, more spacious and more aesthetically pleasing.

They fulfill the main purpose of making travel easier and making the travel experience even more enjoyable. This means that Peak Design, as always, is on top. And it remains for us to walk, travel and move even more in order to get the maximum pleasure from the brand’s products behind our backs. Or on the shoulder. Or in your hand.


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