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  1. Color solutions
  2. Beautiful men’s shoes
  3. Men’s shoes for spring-summer 2017
  4. Autumn-winter 2017-2018

It is easy for beautiful ladies to be dressed and shod in fashion! They always know what’s trending these days. What is a man to do? I’m used to, say, simple, but so comfortable shoes. And suddenly it turns out that something extravagant is now in fashion. By the time you understand the terms, everything will change again.

But this year, fashion designers do not give cause for unrest to the strong half of humanity. Whether you’re interested in fashion or not at all into your hobbies, picking up a pair of shoes will not be difficult at all. Because the collections of 2017 are based on the classics well known to all of us. What is the easiest way to look good? Stick to classic style clothes and shoes.

Color solutions

The easiest thing will be with the choice of color, especially if you wear classic suits. We focus on black, different shades of brown, beige. As you can see, the color scheme is quite calm and therefore ideal for creating a business image. However, many models are perfect for adherents of a more casual style.

Of course, fashion designers have not limited their latest collections to monochrome. Two-tone shoes are also in fashion. And here, again, there is a choice. Both for conservatives and for those who want something more interesting. For example, you can choose men’s shoes with a gradual transition from one color to another. It looks discreet, calm, but still unusual.

Another incarnation of this trend looks more bold. Two different colors are combined, usually dark and light. The upper part can be two-tone, or the contrast of the upper and the sole is created. In both cases, it looks interesting, a little bold and spectacular. At the same time, oddly enough, often elegant. Similar ideas are embodied both on casual shoes — moccasins, for example, and on the good old classics — oxfords, loafers, derbies.

Beautiful men’s shoes

Let’s say right away that in many cases the simplest black shoes look interesting. It all depends on how you are dressed, where you are going and, most importantly, what exactly your heart desires at the moment. But if you want something original… Fashion collections also have options for this occasion!

For example, perforations give individuality to even the most ordinary classic boots. The most familiar model with a perforated top is brogues. But pay attention to other shoes, for which such a performance is usually not typical. It’s possible you’ll like them.

Weaving is another interesting version of the upper part. Looks good in leather models and suede shoes. It is used both as a partial decoration and as a decoration for the upper of the shoe as a whole.

Finally, there are also men’s shoes, decorated with an elegant delicate pattern, bright prints and even embroidery. Such models rarely fit into a business image. But you can attract everyone’s attention at a party, dress up for a date, and just for a walk.

Men’s shoes for spring-summer 2017

Warm days have passed, but we remember pleasant walks and exciting journeys. Light moccasins, casual loafers, cute sneakers and sneakers were in fashion.

For cool days and the beginning of autumn, classic oxfords and more informal deserts were relevant. Men’s shoes with weaving and perforation were worn this season.

Autumn-winter 2017-2018

What will men wear in the cold season? Firstly, the same oxfords remain relevant, only overpriced and with thicker soles. Secondly, look at comfortable boots with tractor soles. In such it will be not only warm, but also safe during ice.

Need something a little more elegant, but something that can be worn with jeans? Then it makes sense to try on Chelsea boots, leather or suede. The winter model closes the ankle. Traditional inserts can be plain, but elegantly decorated — as in the photo.

An interesting combination of a classic top with a tractor sole — these are men’s monk shoes. In general, in the latest collections, there is a clear tendency to combine different style elements in one model. Indeed, it turns out in many cases original. A person with good taste, having bought such shoes, will be able to combine business and looser clothes with them.

If you lead an active lifestyle, pay attention to the models of winter sneakers. In recent years, there are quite a lot of them in shoe stores. This season is no exception. Here, too, there are contrasting two-tone combinations. There are also one-color models. Both sports themes and urban casual style are in fashion.

When buying winter sneakers, do not forget that they should be well insulated, like any winter shoes. The outsole with embossed tread is the second mandatory condition. Choose models made of genuine leather or suede — in such it will be more comfortable to winter.



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