Purse — what it is and how it differs from a wallet: the difference between men’s and women’s wallets — what does a clutch mean and what is the difference between them

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From this article you will learn:

  • Definition of all kinds
  • Comparison
  • Main differences
  • How to distinguish a classic purse
  • Purse in modern fashion
  • What is a women’s wallet: the difference from a men’s wallet
  • Main types
  • What does the purse indicate
  • Which purse is better to choose
  • What is a cardholder
  • Tips for choosing
  • Where to buy

Almost every person, leaving home, can not do without money, bank and discount plastic cards. They are needed at almost every step — without them it is impossible to make purchases and travel in public transport. However, carrying all these vital attributes in your pockets is not very convenient. It is much easier to use a special organizer for these purposes. In this article we will talk about a men’s purse, explain what it is, what to wear in it, and show photos of clutches.

purse it


When a man is faced with the choice of which accessory to purchase, fashion industry experts recommend understanding each of the terms. Only by understanding their difference in functionality, purpose and appearance, you can finally decide and not make a mistake.

What does the word «purse» mean: description and functions

This is a universal clutch that can be used equally by both women and men. Outwardly, it is a small bag for carrying money, securities and business cards, very similar to a wallet. Their main difference is that the purse involves folding the models several times and snapping them onto the button. The product is equipped with many useful departments, including a compartment for small items. This piece of clothing is very popular among men. It is made from expensive materials that emphasize the status of the owner. This organizer is usually worn in trouser or breast pockets.

What is a purse

Wallet: what is it

This is mainly an accessory for the fairer sex, which is responsible for storing money. It is a miniature handbag, of various shapes, closed with a latch or zipper. Its size varies and can be from 16 to 25 cm long and 7 to 16 cm wide. These dimensions make it possible to stack paper money without bending it in half. Due to the large volume, the wallet is difficult to carry in the pockets of clothes, so the ladies put it in their bags. Often, for women, he even replaces a clutch.

It is made from a variety of materials: synthetic fiber, natural leather, leatherette and fabric. Inside each model there are compartments for bills and coins, credit and discount cards, as well as secret pockets for other valuables.

Wallet it

Wallet: what is it

This accessory is no less popular item of clothing, but only among business men. Visually, it is very similar to a clutch and has a large size. Its main tasks are the storage of finances, business cards, discounts, checks and other documents. Wallets are made from valuable materials, usually high-quality leather. In addition to practicality, they are designed to emphasize the refined taste of the owner.

What is a wallet


After a simple comparative description, you can understand what is the difference between a purse and a purse and a wallet. All these accessories are multifunctional and are a storehouse of money and other paraphernalia of business life. But the largest of them is a wallet, followed by a wallet, and closes the list, the most compact and neat option is a purse. The latter is always produced in strict colors and from elite materials, which, most often, is genuine leather.

Main differences

All three options are designed to carry finance, but they have a number of distinctive characteristics. If you call one object another, then no one will judge you. But in order to understand how a purse differs from a wallet and a purse, it is worth considering all their features.

wallet purse

Size and shape

In this case, parameters play an important role. In modern clutches, not only banknotes, but also securities can fit. The purse is characterized by more modest parameters than its competitors. The main distinguishing feature of the latter is the ability to bend two or three times.


Each of the subjects includes many different departments. However, the wallet is characterized by a compartment for small things, which is not always observed in other products. It is also equipped with a lock and more capacious pockets for credit cards.


Another notable feature. The standard female model is equipped with a common clasp, which makes it possible to keep the contents inside. In male versions, it is not always present, and often not provided at all.


A purse and a wallet are only organizers for men, while a wallet is a women’s wardrobe item. In the color scheme of men’s clutches, a restrained palette prevails, while in women’s, on the contrary, they are made with an abundance of bright colors, textures and prints.


For the manufacture of women’s accessories, a wide range of raw materials is used, such as leather, suede, plastic, beads and textiles. With men’s — the situation is different — they are made strictly from high-quality material, to a greater extent — this is genuine leather.

Wallet it

How to distinguish a classic purse

Outwardly, it has a design inherent in men. Its main feature is the practicality and convenience of storage in all internal and external pockets of everyday clothes. Its parameters correspond to this. The shape of the products is a traditional square or an elongated rectangle. The format was chosen for a reason, it is he who is able to most accurately save valuables with any activity of their owner. The classic purse is a type of wallet for men rather than for women.

Unlike ladies’ models, gentlemen’s organizers, most often, do not close with a zipper or lock, but simply fold into two or three bends, similar to a book.

Purse in modern fashion

The latest trends in the fashion industry tell us that not only carefully selected shoes and clothes are important in creating an individual image of a person. Every detail matters — and the wallet is no exception. It is he who stores cash savings and credit cards and is the hallmark of his owner, able to emphasize his social status and refined taste.

A purse is different from a wallet

What is a women’s wallet: the difference from a men’s wallet

There is a significant difference between these wardrobe items, namely:

  • • Different sizes — the wallet is much larger.
  • • In the version for ladies, paper money is stored in an unfolded state, the male product cannot boast of this — the banknotes are in the folded position.
  • • Outwardly, the female format is much more expressive and pretentious in terms of brightness and color shades, while the representatives of the stronger sex have organizers made in strict colors, mainly in dark colors: brown, blue and traditional black.
  • • In models for the fair half there is always a compartment for coins, while the purse is usually not equipped with them.
  • • Accessories for men may not have a lock or clasps, while women’s, on the contrary, must be equipped with a fastening device.
  • • Differences in execution materials are also evident — wallets are made in most cases from genuine leather, and wallets are made from an extensive list of raw materials used.

Main types

The following types of men’s accessories are distinguished:

  • • Organizers in two additions — banknotes are folded in half.
  • • Items to wear in inside pockets. Banknotes are placed evenly in them, departments for documents and other business papers are also provided.
  • • Models of three or more additions that are not designed to move significant amounts of money in paper form. They focus on saving discount, bank, business and other types of plastic cards.

What is a men's wallet

What does the purse indicate

A person who succeeds in business can be distinguished not only by expensive and neat clothes, stylish hair, quality shoes, but also by the value of her wallet. The latter is equated by image makers with indispensable elements of a male image, like a formal suit, an elegant belt and a wrist watch mechanism.

A cardholder can be used to store credit and debit cards. It is customary to put business cards in a transparent film compartment.

Recent trends show that designers are working tirelessly to retain the classic style of the natural wallet while adding new functionality. Already, many models not only store savings, but also have compartments of various sizes in the form of mini notepads, a calculator and notebooks.

Which purse is better to choose

A wallet is not always a strict and seasoned thing. A classic purse made in dark colors will become more versatile, elegant and comfortable for men. Many of the designers are trying to modernize the traditional wallet model with a number of multifunctional compartments and other additional elements.

The main criterion that you need to build on when choosing a wallet is how it will solve the tasks assigned to it, whether it will match your image. The product must be of high quality sewn, have reliable fittings and all the necessary compartments for ease of use. Execution material – genuine leather.

Literally, this term is translated as «card holder». It is a case for standard plastic cards. It is convenient to place credit cards, discounts, passes and other similar attributes in it. Many wallets and purses also include slotted compartments. They can rightly be called cardholders. But if there are too many cards in everyday life, then it is advisable to buy a separate organizer for them.

There are models designed for 10-30 cards. The price of this accessory can vary greatly and largely depends on the brand and material of execution.

Tips for choosing

A wallet is not just a multifunctional wardrobe addition, but also a full-fledged part of a male and female image. Crumpled money taken out of a pocket does not affect the first impression of a person in the best way. It looks more solid if the banknotes are taken out of a neat and elegant purse. It can tell a lot about its owner, so you need to select it with all importance. Below is a list of recommendations on how to make the right choice and not make a mistake:

  1. Pay attention to the shape, size and design of the product — it must be practical and fully meet your needs and taste preferences.
  2. Decide on the color — in addition to the traditional black and brown classics, dark blue shades look good.
  3. Whether it is important for you to have a decorative finish — some copies are decorated with brand logos.
  4. Make sure the fittings are reliable — the quality of locks, buttons and fasteners directly affects the service life.

After you have chosen the right option, check it for compliance with quality. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Feel the product with your hands to verify the authenticity of the material.
  2. Wipe with a damp cloth — if paint remains on it — it is better not to buy a wallet.
  3. Inspect the seams — threads and especially glue should not stick out of them.
  4. Pay attention to the hardness of the surface. Too soft will wear out quickly.
  5. Evaluate the ease of use and capacity of the product;
  6. Prefer metal fittings over plastic ones.



Where to buy

The Brialdi online store has a large assortment of quality men’s accessories made of genuine leather. On the site, you can choose a product, slowly and delving into the characteristics of each model, and consider all the suitable options.


Now you know what is the difference between a purse and a wallet and how they differ from a clutch and an organizer. Their main purpose is to store money. Therefore, it is very important that your «portable bank» is easy to use. The right accessory is a guarantee that society will perceive you as a successful and business person.


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