Rating of the best running shoes of famous brands in 2017

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  1. Best sneakers among Nike
  2. Running shoes by Adidas
  3. Asics are the best running shoes of 2017
  4. Mizuno running shoes 2017

Running is a great way to combine fun with health benefits. All you need is some free time, the right terrain, and the right running shoes.

If you already run or are even a little interested in this topic, then you know that not all running shoes are suitable for running. And even running models differ in terms of stiffness, degree of fixation of the foot, breathability, type of pronation. Sometimes shoes with the same characteristics feel completely different on the foot. Just because they are made by different companies.

The fact is that each manufacturer pays special attention and focuses on different things. Reading the reviews of different people and getting your own impression based on them is a good opportunity to look at the problem of choice from all sides. So what sports shoes get the most accolades? Get acquainted with our rating and make your own top running shoes.

Best sneakers among Nike

It is clear that the Nike brand needs no introduction. Because of this, sometimes people think that this brand should be fine by default. The truth is that every purchase requires prior research to see if the item is right for you. Some Nike models are liked by a particular person, others are not. There are those that are praised by many, now — about them.

The Nike Pegasus line is almost as well known as the manufacturing company itself. If only because many very successful models were produced in it. This year, the brand delighted fans with a new product — the Nike Zoom Pegasus 33. These lightweight shoes are great for running on hard surfaces, such as asphalt.

The shock absorbing Zoom technology is also applied here in the forefoot, and not just in the heel, as in previous models. The heel of the sneakers is complemented by reflective particles, so you can safely run at any convenient time of the day.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 3 is a relatively inexpensive model. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. Unlike the Nike Zoom Pegasus 33, these shoes only have cushioning in the heel. Among the advantages can be called lightness, good breathability, versatility.

Nike Zoom Streak 6 Flyknit — the so-called marathon shoes, running shoes for long distances. Cushioning cushion in the sole reduces stress on the knees.

The developers paid special attention to the quality of the grip of the sole with asphalt. But please note: this model is only suitable for light to medium weight runners.

Running shoes by Adidas

Another star sports brand also did not stand aside this year. For example, the Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged model is often the talking point for amateur runners. However, it may be of interest to those involved in race walking. The innovative woven Primeknit upper provides both good foothold and lightweight running shoe. The outsole tread has good grip and does not slip at all, even on wet surfaces.

The Adidas Supernova is an upgraded version of the shoe many athletes love. These sneakers even received a sports award precisely for the improvement of an existing model. They have increased cushioning, and the upper and sole are softer.

Adidas Ultra Boost ST are good for long workouts and even marathons. Lightweight «knitted» upper tightly fits the foot and fixes it well with the help of laces. Best suited for running on pavement, both dry and wet.

Asics are the best running shoes of 2017

This brand occupies a special place in our review, because running models make up the majority of the Asics range. The iconic gel shoe has been a hit with runners for decades. This year, the brand also offered fans a lot of interesting models. One of them is GEL-QUANTUM 360 2 KNIT. Well suited for tall athletes in heavy weight.

The sneakers themselves are as light as possible due to the woven upper and complemented by reinforced cushioning of the sole. They are currently considered one of the most advanced «gel» models.

The Asics FuzeX Lyte is a sneaker for short workouts, as well as gym sessions and just walking. The sole is filled with a combination of foam and gel. Another feature is a lightweight, breathable upper.

Asics Gel-Fuji Trabuco 6for those who, on the contrary, are not looking for easy ways, but are engaged in the forest, parks, off-road. Equipped with everything you need just for such conditions. For example, a protective insert in the sole, a waterproof upper and a massive relief tread. Able to protect themselves, and most importantly, your legs.

Mizuno running shoes 2017

This year, Mizuno has released a new collection of Sky. Actually, the name speaks — the sneakers turned out to be very light and bouncy. So, the Mizuno Wave Sky model has a massive sole made of several layers, providing both cushioning and durability of the sneaker.

Flexible, yet well-locked, this shoe is suitable not only for experienced runners, but also for beginners. At the same time, the sneakers have a soft heel, which makes long training sessions close in time to a marathon distance possible.

Mizuno Wave Paradox 4 is a shoe with reinforced foot support. It is provided largely thanks to the innovative airmesh material, the overlays from which tightly fix the foot inside. The sole uses a new foam material of two types: increasing the resistance of the shoe to wear and improving its grip on the soil.

The new Mizuno model in the well-known Rider series is already the twentieth update. But the manufacturer again found something to improve. For example, the sole is supplemented with a special plate that makes the movement from toe to heel softer and smoother. The same innovation correctly distributes the shock load on the foot during the run. The shoe is made to last in cold weather with a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane on the upper.



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