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  1. high heel shoes
  2. Convenient platform
  3. For air walks
  4. Weave and straps
  5. Low heel shoes, flat shoes, casual shoes
  6. Photos of shoes — the most unusual and extravagant

Spring is coming — it’s time to buy new shoes! This is exactly what charming fashionistas will do in the near future. Of course, after asking what will be relevant this year, after reading the latest reviews and looking at the photos. Today we can already talk about the trends of the upcoming spring-summer season, decide on preferences and go shopping.

However, if you are not one of those who update your shoe wardrobe after every fashion show, there is good news. Most of the trends cannot be called revolutionary: they either continue or repeat the current themes of past seasons. Yes, a completely normal human desire: to wear comfortable and beautiful shoes longer — and it seems that gentlemen of the couturier understand it. So, look at the photos, read our review and draw your own conclusions.

high heel shoes

Whether we like heels or not, shoes on them still remain relevant. Particular sympathy is caused by those models that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Because, although beauty requires sacrifice, in many cases one can still not sacrifice one’s own comfort and health. For example, if you choose a wide stable heel, square or semicircular — as in the photo from the new fashion collections.

A peculiar alternative to a wedge heel is a massive beveled heel. In fact, it becomes a solid foundation that makes the shoe stable. This means that the leg is relaxed and the tension during walking is minimal.

Convenient platform

The following photos show platform shoes. Here we see both closed spring shoes, and sandals, and elegant ankle boots. The platform in the new collections is combined with both a wide heel and a stiletto heel. Both in the first and in the second case, these are the very models that make the girl taller, and her figure is visually thinner and more elegant.

The tractor sole is also relevant — it can be closed shoes with laces, as well as summer open shoes. In recent years, shoes like the one in the photo are no longer considered trendy, but they have always become the choice of those who prefer to combine modern trends with retro style. «Tractors» were indeed in fashion about forty years ago, but did not gain much popularity, remaining the favorites of young people who are not afraid of experiments. Whether it’s the case now: many women wear them with pleasure, without any regard for age.

For air walks

But what really intrigues and attracts the eye is transparent heels. This is not the first time we see them on the catwalk, but the effect of novelty and extravagance is still present. Apparently, the feeling that the model flanking, slightly rising above the ground, just needs to get used to.

No less vivid impression remains from shoes with a transparent top. In this performance, one could see shoes, ankle boots, boots and over the knee boots at the shows. Take a look at the photo — there are just a few options for such shoes. In some cases, the transparent top is combined with a transparent heel, that is, the leg is visually almost completely open.

Weave and straps

Straps are another trend that successfully passes from season to season. No, we are certainly not talking about the only clasp on summer shoes. Rather, about those models in which stripes of leather or fabric, as well as lacing, are the main style component.

The most daring and extravagant representatives are “gladiator” boots. By the way, it is not known for what reason they got this sonorous name: in fact, gladiators did not wear anything similar. The fashionable shoes that you see in the photo, rather, resemble the boots of the warriors of the ancient Roman legions.

One way or another, today it is a fashionable attribute of the female image, which has been embodied in the collections of famous designers for several years. Bold, sexy, aggressive — the very case when all the attention of others, and especially the stronger sex, will be directed at you.

Low heel shoes, flat shoes, casual shoes

Fashion designers paid a lot of attention to women’s shoes with small heels, as well as shoes without a heel at all. This pleases, because every woman must have several pairs of comfortable shoes. Moreover, someone generally selects such models for all occasions, from work in the office to evening options. Modern fashion is so democratic that there is no problem in this.

However, as a compromise, you can always choose beautiful shoes with a small stable heel. For going out, shoes with a fashionable shiny decor, golden and metallic, are suitable. In the photo, the shoes are just like that: a very small heel in combination with a “studded” shiny surface looks elegant and unusual.

Pumps and ballet shoes are a win-win option if you want to look gentle and feminine. Even if you don’t like heels. Both black and dark blue, as well as juicy spring colors are relevant.

One of the great incarnations of a laid-back youth style is slip-ons. Black, white, colored, with prints or rhinestones. Perfectly combined with jeans, shorts, long summer dress or skirt, and therefore — almost universal. For girls who are free from the office dress code, they can become best friends for the whole summer.

True, in extreme heat, something more open is relevant, and here the answer is simple — sandals. The most comfortable — flat or with a small heel. This season, we are offered both simple, concise models and interesting, more elegant options. Floral theme, glitter, pastel or, conversely, saturated colors, unusual decor have become the most noticeable accents here.

Photos of shoes — the most unusual and extravagant

If we talk about something that really captured the imagination of the public at the latest fashion shows, it was shoes combined with a sock. In past seasons, we have already seen this unusual combination.

Now the designers have gone further: in the photo you see both shoes worn over a sock, and shoes, which in itself are a combination of a shoe and a sock. To some, such an idea will seem too bold, to someone simply tasteless. The good news is that there are fewer and fewer generally accepted rules in fashion, which means that everyone can fully express their preferences. And when someone calls another innovation absurdity or bad taste, this is just a subjective opinion.

Boots and sneakers with long curved toes also caught everyone’s attention. They are called «elves» — and in fact, in such shoes you can go straight to a fairy tale. It will be appreciated by the most daring and out-of-the-box thinkers.

Fancy heels are still a favorite subject for experimentation. They are intricately bent, given the most unexpected shapes, lengthened and stretched as one pleases. You can see a good example of how shoes become an art object in the photo.

In a word, if one of the functions of beautiful women’s shoes is to amaze the imagination, then new fashion collections cope with this task with a bang. We just have to choose shoes to our taste and go shopping!



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