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Every summer, parents are faced with the same puzzle — the choice of a children’s backpack for their schoolchildren. Many questions arise: what should be the weight, what shape of the strap, is an orthopedic backrest mandatory, etc. We have made a selection of the best GRIZZLY models — a rating of school backpacks for children of different ages: from first graders to graduates. We tell you what to pay attention to.

RAl-194-4 is the best satchel for first graders

A backpack for first grade children must be with a hard back. This is the recommendation of orthopedists, which allows you to avoid the appearance of scoliosis and maintain a healthy posture.

The bottom with sidewalls are also made rigid. On the back there are anatomical pillows — support for the spine and lower back. All this in combination reduces the load on the fragile back of the child. Children get tired less despite the huge weight of textbooks and notebooks.

We make the straps in backpacks anatomical — S-shaped. And to keep them in place even while running, a chest strap is provided. The straps do not slip off the shoulders — children are comfortable with them.

We understand that first-graders are usually carried to school by their parents. Therefore, we made a convenient carrying handle. We have provided the maximum of what will be useful for both you and the child.

Girls usually fall in love with fashionable designs at first sight. They like the pink background, stylish plaid, plush dog appliqué. In addition, we made reflectors on all sides — your safety in the dark.

Rating - the best backpack for first graders.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 26x35x16 cm.
  • Weight — 808 g.
  • Volume — 11.
  • Number of branches — 1.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 0; outside — 3.
  • No laptop compartment.


  • Weighs less than 1 kg — suitable for first class.
  • Due to the rigid frame, the corners of notebooks and books do not wrinkle.
  • The anatomical back serves as a prevention of scoliosis.

RAM-184-8 is the best backpack for elementary school

If there are no back problems, only school bags with a hard back are enough for children in grades 2 and 3. But at GRIZZLY, we pay special attention to maintaining a healthy posture in schoolchildren. We make requirements for backpacks for elementary school no lower than for models for first-graders.

RAM-184-8 is slightly lighter than the previous copy. Without exceeding the maximum allowable weight, the child can take a few extra notebooks or a book with him. To compensate for the decrease in volume, a separate bag for shoes is included. Leave a change in the locker room and it will be easier for the child to carry supplies to school.

Anatomical cushions, backrest and shoulder straps are made of perforated material. Less sweaty back. Children do not drop the satchel on one shoulder due to discomfort, but wear it on two straps.

Inside there is an organizer for books and notebooks. If you put heavy books closer to your back, the center of gravity shifts — there is less load on the spine.

rating is the best backpack for elementary school.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 25x33x13 cm.
  • Weight — 560 g.
  • Volume — 8 l.
  • Number of branches — 1.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: outside — 3; inside — 1.
  • No laptop compartment.


  • Lightweight model with a rigid frame.
  • Shoe bag included.
  • Inside there is a divider for books and notebooks.

RG-160-3 is the best backpack for high school

In children of 5-6 grades, the spine is stronger. Therefore, instead of a rigid one, we made a reinforced back. To make it more comfortable, they left anatomical pillows. They are, as you remember, ventilated — even in hyperactive children, the back remains dry.

In this backpack for teenagers, we have made two compartments. Teaching materials and accessories are located separately. Provided a separate pocket for gadgets up to 13 in size. After all, children often take a tablet with them to school, and sometimes they may need a laptop for classes. The total volume was increased to 13.5 liters. Despite the fact that there are more school things, they all fit and lie in their places.

Bright fashionable accents have been added to the classic design. For decoration, a satin ribbon bow was used. No one else in the class has such a stylish model.

rating is the best backpack for high school.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 27x40x20 cm.
  • Weight — 736 g.
  • Volume — 13.5 liters.
  • Number of branches — 2.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 5; outside — 4.
  • Laptop compartment — 13″.


  • There is a separate pocket for gadgets up to 13″.
  • The back is anatomical, despite the fact that the design is lightweight.

RU-135-2 is the best backpack for high school students

This model is suitable not only for schoolchildren, but also for adults. The volume has been increased to 17.5 liters. Not only notebooks with textbooks are placed inside, but also other accessories. For example, a form for training.

There are two spacious compartments and many pockets (including for a laptop up to 13”). All necessary accessories are placed inside. You can go with him to school, college, a walk around the city and more. Classical design — RU-135-2 looks natural in any situation. The city map on the front, by the way, glows in the dark.

We tried to lighten this model as much as possible, but left the anatomical back. While the backpack is empty, you almost do not feel its weight. If it is fully loaded, the back gets less tired.

rating is the best backpack for high school students.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 28x44x23 cm.
  • Weight — 716 g.
  • Volume — 17.5.
  • Number of branches — 1.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 5; outside — 2.
  • Laptop compartment — 13″.


  • Glowing print on the front.
  • Balance of lightness, large volume and ergonomics.
  • Two full divisions.

RAz-186-2 — the best molded backpack

Molded models are needed when, in addition to orthopedic properties, it is important for you to protect the contents. If you put a lunch box inside for a snack or gouache for a drawing class, they will not wrinkle when hit during a fall. There are no situations when books are damaged by grease or multi-colored paints. Inside is always clean.

In addition to the rigid structure, the RAz-186-2 has anatomical shoulder straps and a backrest. There is a chest strap. The child’s back is well protected.

There are two compartments inside. The main compartment has a divider for books, notebooks and other documents.

In addition to all the technical advantages, we note a fashionable stylish design. Calm colors and full-color 3D print will definitely appeal to girls.

rating - the best molded knapsack.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 28x36x20 cm.
  • Weight — 945 g.
  • Volume — 12.
  • Number of branches — 2.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 1; outside — 2.
  • No laptop compartment.


  • Fully rigid anatomical backpack that keeps the child’s posture healthy.
  • Convenient division into compartments — all accessories are in place.
  • GRIZZLY branded cardholder included.

RAn-082-6 — the best ergonomic satchel

We have developed this model for first graders and elementary school children. It has a fully rigid frame. There are anatomical pillows on the back. Comfortable wide S-shaped shoulder straps. According to the conclusion of the «National Medical Research Center for Children’s Health» of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the model is recommended as a preventive measure to prevent postural disorders and spinal deformities in younger schoolchildren.

This bag is very convenient to use. It fully unfolds — you can clean the crumbs in the most secluded corners. Inside divider for books and notebooks. There is a convenient wide carrying handle.

rating - the best ergonomic satchel.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 26x36x16 cm.
  • Weight — 781 g.
  • Volume — 11 liters.
  • Number of branches — 1.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 0; outside — 3.
  • No laptop compartment.


  • Recommended by FGAU «NMIC of Children’s Health» of the Ministry of Health of Russia.
  • Completely rigid, ergonomic.
  • The structure is fully foldable.

RQL-117-11 — the lightest school backpack

The weight of this lightweight model is only 370 g, and the volume is 15.5 liters. As the main backpack for books and notebooks, of course, it will not work. If the weight of the contents is large, there will be an increased strain on the back and shoulders. But RQL-117-11 is indispensable if you often take bulky things with you: a sports uniform for training, a warm sweater for an evening walk around the city, a raincoat in cloudy weather, etc. You take everything you need with you and your hands remain free.

The RQL-117-11 has one spacious compartment and six pockets. You can take something large with you, and put small items in your pockets.

The design is classic — wherever you go, it will look appropriate.

rating - the lightest school backpack.jpg

Main characteristics

  • Size — 30x44x15 cm.
  • Weight — 370 g.
  • Volume — 17.5 liters.
  • Number of branches — 1.
  • Holds A4.
  • Pockets: inside — 2; outside — 4.
  • Laptop compartment — 15″.


  • Lightweight and roomy.
  • Lots of pockets for accessories.

We hope that thanks to this rating it will be easier for you to choose school backpacks for children of all ages.