school backpacks that make kids grow up

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The product catalog is periodically updated by many backpack manufacturers. Somewhere they develop a new design, somewhere they add or remove some options. It is extremely rare that something conceptually new appears. We decided to correct this situation and developed a series of RAp school backpacks. They are stylish and practical, and most importantly — they make children grow up, and here’s why.

In fact, a child is a small adult

We believe that children should be treated not like babies, but like small adults. Schoolchildren look at those who are older and repeat after them. That is why, when developing a new model, we began to study trends not in children’s, but in adult fashion.

In modern trends, there is a desire for minimalism and strict forms. Children’s idols are increasingly becoming not the heroes of top films, but popular bloggers.

Instead of a backpack of a classic form, we have made a more strict molded model that looks like a business backpack. Now children can try on the image of a business woman or a startup from Silicon Valley. You don’t have to wait until you grow up.


Help for the child and help for the parents

Usually a school backpack is somewhere at home on the shelves from the last call at the end of the school year until September 1st. But the RAp series backpacks are not like ordinary school backpacks either in appearance or in functionality. This means that they can be used not only at school.

Imagine you are going on vacation in the summer. Instead of testing the strength of a travel bag, you shift some of the things into a backpack. Unfasten the Velcro fasteners of the divider for books with notebooks and get a spacious compartment that opens 180 degrees, like in a classic suitcase. Organize baby items carefully. The child now wears them.


No more arguing about whether we take another toy with us or not. If the child agrees to carry one more thing with him in the backpack, let him take it.

The size of the backpack meets the requirements of popular air carriers. You can take it with you as hand luggage in the cabin of the aircraft. Even on long trips, the child himself carries things — he helps his parents.

School backpacks are not just for school

Let’s imagine another situation. The child comes home from school and says that the whole class has gathered for a hike or the teacher has announced a summer camp. How do you do?

You can give your child some old, shabby backpack with you. You can buy something new in the store — especially for hiking and trips to the country. And you can give a backpack with which the child now goes to school, but be sure to read a lecture for many hours about how things should be handled carefully and carefully.

If you give a backpack of the RAp series with you, of course, you need to say about the careful handling of things, but without fanaticism. In any case, children on a hike will put things on the ground — the fabric will become dusty. If something is spilled on a dusty surface, even water, stains will appear. But there is nothing criminal in this. We process the material with water and dirt-repellent impregnation. You can remove such dirt with a regular damp cloth.

Even when the children stuff a full backpack of some heavy equipment, nothing bad will happen. Models of the RAp series can withstand a load of up to 7 kg, we reinforced the straps with double seams, and the handle was made as a single unit with the body — it definitely won’t come off.


The question here is not even as a backpack, but in trust. You don’t give your child some old worn satchel that you don’t feel sorry for, but you tell him: “you are already an adult, we entrust you with a new backpack, we are sure that you will handle it carefully.” The GRIZZLY team, in turn, made sure that the backpack remains as good as new, even if something goes wrong for the children.

And yet, outwardly strict children’s «business backpack» in field conditions is transformed into a tourist one. With a light movement, we unzip the side and we can put something useful in the side mesh pockets, for example, a water bottle or an umbrella. Now these accessories are always at hand — no need to delve into things for a long time.


Practicality without sacrificing safety

When talking about the strength and reliability of a backpack, sometimes they forget that the children’s spine becomes the weakest link in this system. Models of the RAp series are quite voluminous and can withstand heavy loads, but we also thought about safety.

For a new series of children’s backpacks, we have developed a new anatomical back. She is completely tough. There are pillows to support the spine and lower back. The load is evenly distributed over the back — children get tired less, the risk of scoliosis is reduced.

Between the pillows on the back there is a space for air circulation. In the summer heat, the children’s back sweats less.


The straps are also anatomically shaped — they relieve the load from the shoulders. And to keep the backpack securely, we made a chest strap. By the way, they provided a whistle on it. In the campaign, the child can use it for roll call. At school, to get attention or to call adults for help.

In the new series there are models of backpacks with different designs. Browse the catalog and see what suits you best.